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Not a Sniper Main


That guy who was really good maybe even the best... Sniper cfg and more: -full -novid -high -threads 8 -dxlevel 81 (remove dx 81 command after once game lauching) Sensitivity 2.50 ~ (600-800 DPI or 400-600 DPI + 1.10 Mouse acceleration) St. Ревез (Welcome to my new Profile) VK : @thethree3six6mafia Вконтакте: @thethree3six6mafia (Максим Ревез)


Submission Name Category
Ownage Bonk killsound Hitsound
Epic gamer coin killsound Hitsound
Meowhook killsound by Wheaties Hitsound
Cartoon(100%) Bonk hitsound Hitsound
Heavy hitsound by Wheaties Hitsound
Q says ding! hitsound Hitsound
Just a success hitsound Hitsound
FNF Beep hitsound Hitsound
[2] Its yours my friend! (Morshu) killsound Hitsound
[1] You want it? (Morshu) hitsound Hitsound
Harry Poter - Ho-ho killsound Hitsound
DED killsound Hitsound
Single hitsound Hitsound
Some short hitsound for every class #2 Hitsound
Shy hitsound Hitsound
Some hitsound for soldier Hitsound
Some short hitsound for every class #1 Hitsound
Cell phone hitsound (low & high damage pitch) Hitsound
Niko Bellic says MotherFuckers killsound Hitsound
Accomplished (Chill) killsound Hitsound
Ehrmahgerd! Hitsound
Snkneo Geo killsound Hitsound
Kadabra killsound Hitsound
Omega Good Job! killsound Hitsound
Bell Ring killsound Hitsound
Undertakers Bell killsound Hitsound
Speedhook hit 2 Hitsound
Bokudan hitsound Hitsound
Wheaties bell hitsound Hitsound
Undertale hitsound Hitsound
Speedhook's Rocket Launcher hitsound Hitsound
Ultra Instinct Hitsound Hitsound
Speedhook Hitsound Hitsound
"The sad hitsound" Hitsound
[Demoknight] Sword Killsound Hitsound
Weak Punch Killsound Hitsound
pee Hitsound
Excellent Snake! Killsound Hitsound
Door Close hitsound Hitsound
Bow hitsound Hitsound
Button 2 Cut Version Hitsound Hitsound
Blip1 Hitsound Hitsound
Button 18 Hitsound Hitsound
Button 17 Hitsound Hitsound
Damso Oh Bah Oui Killsound Hitsound
My Hitsound Hitsound
[Backstab Sound] Уклоняться Запрещается ost Postal 3 Hitsound
[Backstab Sound] Bottom Feeder (Female) ost UT Hitsound
Citizen Beaten 5 Hitsound
Drip 4 Hitsound
Drip 3 Hitsound
Drip 2 Hitsound
Drip 1 Hitsound
UT3 Rus Killsound by Not a Sniper Main Hitsound
Pop 2 Hitsound Hitsound
Pop 1 Hitsound Hitsound
Chillout Hitsound Hitsound
Gay Killsound Hitsound
Cartoon Cowbell Hitsound Hitsound
SKRRR Killsound Hitsound
Go Fuck Yourself Killsound Hitsound
Overwatch Killsound Hitsound
Bubble Pop Hitsound Hitsound
Metall Hitsound Hitsound
Boop Hitsound Hitsound
Very Fast Poop Hitsound Ever! Hitsound
Uruha Rushia - Bruh Killsound Hitsound
Are You Retarded? Killsound Hitsound
Throwing Killsound Hitsound
Katana Killsound Hitsound
Facebook Killsound Hitsound
Boner Killsound Hitsound
MONKEY Killsound Hitsound
Splat Killsound Hitsound
Loli Says Bye Hitsound
I Like Ya Cut G (second) "Scream'n'Slapp'd" Hitsound
I Like Ya Cut G (1st) Hitsound
Pop Cat Meme Hitsound Hitsound
Slap by Not a Sniper Main Killsound Hitsound
Braap Killsound Hitsound
Hastad - Nhaaa~~~ Killsound Hitsound
Engineer Says Nope Killsound Hitsound
Kid Says Poggers Killsound Hitsound
Kid Says Pussy Killsound Hitsound
Default Punch Killsound Hitsound
Pumpkin Meme Killsound Hitsound
Pantherk Killsound Hitsound
Ping Killsound Hitsound
Oh Shit I'am Sorry! Killsound Hitsound
Lego Yoda Death Killsound Hitsound
Gnome Killsound Hitsound
That's a Huge Bitch Killsound Hitsound
Rust Headshot Sound Full Killsound Hitsound
Clang Berserk Killsound Hitsound
CS:GO - Headshot Killsound Hitsound
TF2 Bat Hit Hitsound
Bamboo Hit Killsound/Hitsound Hitsound
Gachi - Spank Killsound Hitsound
Su-uck Ma-ah Dick! Killsound Hitsound
Amogus Exposed Killsound Hitsound

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