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Hi... I don't know what and why you're doing here, but I don't know what to say... I basically make hit and kill sounds since I don't know how to make a hud. I also play Gmod and TF2 (Mostly TF2). And I would usually (try to) make a short sfm film, but I'm absolutely shite at sfm. So expect the SFM Video to be crappy and shitty. I also have a (dead) youtube channel... You can check it out I guess, but I don't know why you would. And I'm not that active on steam because of school, etc. You can also look at my steam profile and once again, I don't know why you would even look at it... that's all I have to say and I have no life and I go fucking braindead most of the time. Yeah, that's all... And yes, I change my name every now and then when I go braindead or when I just get bored and feel like a retard (Dead) Youtube Channel Steam Profile


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