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Download voidHUD (5.42 MB)Last Updated: 12-03-2021


This initially started off as a rewrite for my older HUD, but branched off into basically it's own thing. This HUD comes pretty much fully finished, there are plenty of customization options, such as changing up your colors, transparent viewmodels, HUD crosshairs etc.

I highly recommend checking out the Screenshot Album over on imgur, there are plenty of UI elements I could not show due to limited screenshot space on this page. Link is in the button above.

If you are looking for the older design of voidHUD, it can be found under the name "VoidHUD Classic" now here:


collycat - black and white killfeed

Special Thanks

HUDS.TF Discord Community
broesel - Inspiring voidHUD since 2014

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Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
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Territorial Control  
Release 03.12.2021
+ Added color back to the "Find a Game" and quit buttons on the main menu. It's much more muted this time around
- Removed the screenshot reminder panel from the killer freeze panel
~ Adjusted player panels for spectator tournament HUD to be side-aligned rather than in the middle
~ Removed the background from flag pickup notices and adjusted their position to be less intrusive ( this ones for the BBallers :] )
~ Adjusted the centering of the CTF score labels
~ Adjusted the tournament setup HUD to be smaller, and adjusted the centering of team name labels
~ Fixed the ubercharge % shadow still being visible while using the crosshairmediccharge customization
~ Fixed the killstreak icon in the targetID overlapping the actual number value
~ Fixed the MvM Scoreboard being broken from the 6v6 minmode scoreboard update
~ Fixed the MvM spectator tournament HUD (this may need more testing, it is fairly difficult to test offline)

Release 02.10.2021
~ Slightly reduced the time damage numbers stay visible for
~ Overhauled the team status at the top of the screen for the 6v6 toggle mode

Release 02.01.2021
+ Added dropshadow to the medi gun Ubercharge label. This will cause issues if you plan to use the Vaccinator often. If you'd rather not have the dropshadow and avoid the vaccinator issue, I added a customization to remove it called 'nomedigundropshadow'
+ Added Spongebob (for you meme lords) font override. Check wiki for how to enable
+ Added Bebas Neue font override. Check wiki for how to enable
+ Added The Bold Font (staticHUD font) override. Check wiki for how to enable
+ Added Blue Highway (boredHUD font) font override. Check wiki for how to enable

Release 01.29.2021
~ Fixed the XP bar not appearing at the end screen of casual mode
~ Updated the color of the play button and quit game button to match the gray scheme of the rest of the main menu
+ Added an HP Cross customization to re-add the player health cross
- Removed some material files from the old main menu that I forgot to delete

Release 01.16.2021
+ New main menu design
+ New defualt font (Product Sans), old font can be accessed through customizations (check wiki)
~ Fixed loose cannon, shield overlap
~ Fixed party chat not working properly

Release 12.06.2020
~ Fixed preloading errors for some materials
~ Fixed the 6s scoreboard not moving the team names correctly

Release 11.24.2020
+ Overhauled the 6s Scoreboard toggle. Check the Imgur Album for a screenshot
+ Added Montserrat font override, check wiki for installation
~ Fixed item inspection panel having low-res item models
~ Fixed the ammo icon in the targetID being overlapped with certain font overrides
~ Fixed KOTH timers being cut off with the Quake font override
~ Fixed kill icons being broken on Linux
- Removed the increased boldness on the Quake font override and the TF2 font override to improve quality, check wiki for how they look now

Release 11.15.2020
+ Added the following fonts as customizations (check out the Wiki for how to change to them): Days, Sansation, TF2 fonts, Surface, Product Sans, Quake font, and Comic Sans MS.

Release 11.06.2020
+ Added a customization to move the killstreak amount to the voidHUD Classic position
+ Added tournament stopwatch HUD
~ Fixed team indicator for target IDs overlapping the player's health

-=-=-=-=-= INITIAL RELEASE =-=-=-=-=-



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exile :heart: HUD Developer

i personally think the numbers are too big, but its a pretty good HUD.
Posted 05-11-2020, 05:04 AM
aefra HUD Developer

Longtime fan of the HUD, really happy to see it updated
Posted 05-11-2020, 06:59 AM
MeatballsAreGreat HUD Developer

shrek hud is better
Posted 19-11-2020, 11:26 PM
StaticVoid HUD Developer

there is no greater
Posted 20-11-2020, 05:16 PM
Joshyboy70 HUD Developer

is there a way to change the main menu backround pic
Posted 04-12-2020, 03:04 AM
camouflagez HUD Developer

love it
Posted 22-12-2020, 10:49 AM
hlp me HUD Developer

i loved the hud but there are a few problems the hp bar shows red sometimes even when you are at full hp second the loose cannon and any sheild their charger bar are in each other other than that i love the hud
Posted 06-01-2021, 02:38 PM
Apegard HUD Developer

i dont like background this hud
Posted 08-01-2021, 03:11 PM
madhead200 HUD Developer

love the hud just wish it had the health image on, tried editing it but nothing i try works :/
Posted 16-01-2021, 04:45 PM
StaticVoid HUD Developer

I could add that as a customization option in the future

Maybe the new one is more to your liking?
Posted 17-01-2021, 01:57 AM

By submitting a comment, you agree to adhere to our Comment Section Rules.

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