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Download omphud-redux (7.97 MB)Last Updated: 29-05-2020


classic omphud, updated to 2020 with all sorts of new goodies tacked on


zimmy - the control point icons
hypnotize - the hud fixes :)

Special Thanks

omp - for omphud
omni - for being my hud guru
doodle - for his hud guide
rays - for being rays

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Streamer Mode  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  
May 28, 2020
- added console and demoui buttons to main menu

May 17, 2020
- updated with hypnotize's fixes

December 28, 2016
- twitchified stream panel

December 21, 2016
- added options button to lobby frame

October 16, 2016
- stylized for new matchmaking popups
- removed tournament elements from casual/MM pregame readymodes
- fixed damagedplayer event lag (thanks sigsegv)

September 28, 2016
- updated hud for new matchmaking system

August 25, 2016
- added playlist-closing animation upon selecting a game
- re-added sliding animation of main menu buttons

August 24, 2016
- added fancy new animations to the playlist menu

update 2

- fixed main menu buttons disappearing after joining a game

August 15, 2016
- restyled training and replay browser windows
- adjusted location/size of casual/comp/mvm labels to align them with the main omphud label
- fixed keyvalues error in clientscheme
- fixed positions of casual player panels
- adjusted position of names in ready-up panels
- fixed crosshairs not showing properly
- added a secret

July 31, 2016
- added new ready-up panels

July 30, 2016
- fixed casual team status panels overlapping

July 27, 2016
- adds new store panel

July 21, 2016
- adds new BGs to main menu (process, sunshine, metalworks, and viaduct)

July 19, 2016
- adds find-a-game button to ingame menu
- adds report player button

July 12, 2016
- updated for matchmaking

June 22, 2016
- added new comp popup

June 7, 2016
- updated store to new style
- other color changes to panels, buttons, et cetera
- other things I forgot

June 2, 2016
- widened quickplay results panel

May 29, 2016
- updated to fog xhairs 3.0

May 28, 2016
- re-added create party button in MM
- updated vote hud
- update teamselect menu

May 27, 2016



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Nah (5) HUD Developer

there's a bug in the HUD with the hunstman if you load the arrow the arrow bar and a pipe bar fill up at the same time
Posted 13-08-2020, 05:12 AM
JimJam HUD Developer

great HUD,but there is a problem for people that dont use 1920*1080 (or for me atleast) i cant even see the statstics or time even hope you could fix that to be below
Posted 17-08-2020, 11:21 AM
edog HUD Developer

such a sick hud
Posted 11-09-2020, 01:04 AM
DARN. HUD Developer

Dude in the materials/console you have to make all the vtf files have no mipmap and no level of detail CHECKED this makes sure that the background never looks low quality
Posted 26-11-2020, 07:31 AM
Zinsh 愛 HUD Developer

How can i small the fonts just like in the pic help please its a good hud
Posted 28-01-2021, 05:04 PM
P0T8T03™ HUD Developer

could you pls make a 4:3 version pls love the hud
Posted 05-02-2021, 09:27 PM
unixu 雨尼徐 HUD Developer

Wish that the blank space on the game menu tab could be fixed somehow, even if you have to stray from the original hud
Posted 20-03-2022, 08:18 AM
helmet HUD Developer

For me when I click on "find a game" it just crashes the game
Posted 18-05-2020, 06:30 PM
flatline HUD Developer
Posted 14-04-2022, 06:28 AM

By submitting a comment, you agree to adhere to our Comment Section Rules.

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