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Download ahud (521.51 KB)Last Updated: 11-11-2020


A custom HUD for Team Fortress 2.
Inspired from various HUDs, including, but not limited to, rayshud, yahud, and omphud.

ahud GitHub

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Streamer Mode  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  
- Updated the main menu
- Resized health, ammo and medic charge numbers (smaller)
- Resized spectator healths slightly (smaller)
- Resized vaccatinor charge meter
- Resized the control points (smaller and slighly more spaced)
- Updated customization files to work with new changes
- Updated the Twitch button to the site's current logo
- Added fix for moving chat window to animations
- Added and updated colors
- Added new font definitions
- Minor size and position changes

Thanks to CriticalFlaw for these changes and fixes:

- Added the missing Smissmas tag for workshop item submissions.
- Fixed RichText overlapping item descriptions in the Armory.
- Fixed a crash on the team selection screen in Arena Mode. The Fight and Spectate buttons were still referencing models that are not present in the file, causing a crash.
- Fixed the achievement tracker overlapping with the Engineer's building menu.
- Fixed the control point icons not appearing properly when being captured. (#121)
- Fixed the killstreak icon not appearing on the TargetID.
- Fixed the organ counter when using the Vita-Saw.
- Labels are now visible for all item effect meters. (#106)
- Updated the Mute Player button to use the new dialog panel added in the July 3rd, Update.
- Updated the Destruction PDA to use #base just like the Build PDA.
- Cleaned up the files, removed whitespace and unused elements.
- Removed odd numbered crosshair sizes, because too many clientscheme entries for custom fonts cause slower load times.
- Removed the dashboard dimmer remover because it does not work consistently.
- Removed unused Twitch panels since they are no longer being used.

Thanks to CriticalFlaw for these changes:

- Fixed custom control point icons not working on sv_pure servers.
- Fixed the PDA/Disguise menus not displaying properly if a controller is connected
- Miscellaneous tweaks and improvements.
- Pinned player status effects and shadow labels to parent elements.
- Removed the background dimmer on the main menu.
- Removed unused files and code.
- Updated PDA/Disguise and Item Effect meters to use #base
- Updated items to use higher quality images.

- Fixed alignment issue with Competitive MMR on the main menu
- Removed forced capitalization of team names on various HUD panels

- Fixed custom materials

- Added border and resized the global chat
- Updated the tabs on the Inventory, Store, and Replay pages to be more
- Updated friend's status to be smaller on the Friend's list
- Updated Join/Abandon match panel
- Updated No GC message on the main menu
- Updated and cleaned up materials
- Minor additions to the client scheme

- Updated for 20180328 TF2 update

- Updated the scoreboard's stats panel (slightly smaller)
- Updated inspection panels to have a consistent uniform style
- Updated the tournament setup panel
- Added a shadow to the target data
- Added a couple of font definitions
- Cleaned up several animations
- Minor font, position, and color changes

- Added blurred shadows to team score labels in various places
- Added blurred shadows to a few tournament spectator panel labels
- Added blurred shadows to killer's name in target ID and freezecam
- Added clickable TF button on the queued panel
- Changed "Resume Game" and Fine a Game" to "Resume" and "Play"
- Fixed broken competitive access information panel
- Fixed a few button alignment issues on the main menu
- Moved notification panel to the middle left of the main menu
- Moved notification alert slightly higher
- Moved map name and map type slightly lower on loading screen
- Minor position and color changes

- Removed main menu Jungle Inferno background and character images
- Updated font naming scheme for clarity (aRegular and aBold)
- Updated every HUD file with old naming scheme to the new one
- Updated various HUD panels to utilize pinning for convenient positioning
- Updated most label shadows to be pinned to the main label for convenient positioning
- Updated most team panels from ImagePanels to an EditablePanels
- Updated most team panels to be one control instead of two separate controls
- Updated health buff and low health boxes from ImageButtons to EditablePanels
- Added shadows to Target ID, Tournament Spectator, and Freeezcam names
- Fixed alignment issue with Freezecam labels
- Removed several obsolete files
- Minor color, positioning, animiation changes

- Moved the magic spells HUD elements to the right of the ammo
- Updated the end-of-match summary page
- Updated the next map vote and map winner panels to be opaque again
- Fixed rank badge partially obscuring rank level and current level xp

- Added Scream Fortress IX character and background images to main menu

- Fixed Phlog and The Gas Passer meters overlapping
- Updated inspection panel (War Paints preview)
- Disabled max health number below normal health
- Changed name size and max width on main menu
- Updated chat button for party chat
- Added War Paints checkbox to Steam Workshop
- Minor fixes and changes

- Updated for Jungle Inferno
- Updated and redesigned the main menu
- Added name, level, rank badge and progress bar to new main menu
- Added and redesigned Friend's list
- Added and redesigned the Thermal Thruster meter
- Updated Contracts Drawer button to a new ConTracker button
- Updated animations for box and no-box versions
- Updated and modularized other animations
- Added possible animation fix for remaining overhealed/low health after respawn
- Updated scheme files (colors, fonts, borders, etc.)
- Updated various menu elements' font sizes, positions, and colors

- Replaced font symbol with VTF images
- Made Casual map voting panels transparent in order to see team scores and player stats
- Cleaned up lobby panels for Casual and MvM
- Cleaned up panel and buttons on right side of the main menu
- Changed tournament team status buttons
- Centered Store's front page panel
- Added Killstreak icon to Target ID
- Fixed text clipping in Backpack
- Minor font, color, and position changes

- Updated for new Casual and Comp. features
- Added new Options button to lobby pages
- Added new clientscheme font and border definitions
- Removed old MYM backgrounds
- Minor color and position changes

- Updated for Scream Fortress VIII
- Added new Load Saved Settings and Save Current Settings buttons to Casual matchmaking lobby
- Updated the animations for crosshair damage flash due to possible FPS drops
- Fixed missing background/border for the survey panel
- Fixed missing background/border for a couple of tooltips
- Minor realignment for item names in class loadout

- Updated for tonight's casual and competitive updates
- Moved to using #base for the clientscheme*
- Removed Meet Your Match promo and backgrounds
- Added some PASSTIME support (mostly repositioned alerts)
- Moved the A and D buttons in the backpack to the top

-Updated for new map selection in casual matchmaking lobby

-Updated match summary team banners and player lists
-Updated casual and competitive welcome dialogs
-Removed game mode background from casual matchmaking
-Fixed broken tooltip for the casual, competitive, and mvm main menu
-Removed unused button and panel from main menu
-Removed unused .res files
-Minor position and font changes

-Updated the Main and I-game menus (text and image buttons)
-Added in the new lobby pages for Casual and Competitive
-Added welcome dialogues for Casual and Competitive
-Added panel for Competitive info access
-Updated the lobby page for Mann vs. Machine
-Added the Heavy vs. Pyro event promo
-Updated Competitive HUD-related elements
-Updated the Store page
-Minor position changes

- Fixed broken winpanel
- Fixed stopwatch for matchmaking
- Minor color, border, and positioning changes

- Updated for 20160425 TF2 update
- Minor border and position changes

- Changed main menu background (end of Tough Break campaign)
- Changed stream button and stream panel header color
- Changed in-game report player button
- Added borders to various panels throughout the HUD
- Minor position, font size, and color changes

- Updated look of main menu panels (streams, motd, contracts drawer)
- Moved engineer building status to default position (top left)
- Switched blue and red team spectator panels to avoid clipping with
engineer building status
- Removed obsolete customization for engineer building status
- Updated clientscheme (font definition)
- Minor color changes and code cleanup

- Added stream button and panel to main menu
- Updated matchmaking timers, team status, and stat summary screen
- Fixed 6-player stack matchmaking HUD-related elements
- Added Buff/Low Health BG to freeze cam

- Switched to new customization set up
- Removed old alternative files
- Switched to hudanimations_manifest for animations

- Fixed several incorrectly positioned timers
- Cleaned up competitive HUD related elements
- Cleaned up sourcescheme

- Updated hudlayout and animations for newest TF2 update
- Minor cosmetic changes to competitive HUD

- Redesigned tournament spectator panels to better fit the look of the
- Repositioned the Engineer building status to the right side of the
- Removed unused custom VTFs and added new ones
- Updated clientscheme (border definitions)
- Fixed broken Report Player button
- Minor redesign to competitive match starting and summary screens
- Minor font size and position changes

- Fixed broken competitive matchmaking lobby
- Added friends and global leaderboard
- Added Repot Player button next to Mute Players
- Updated competitive match starting screen
- Updated competitive match summary screen
- Updated player panels
- Updated animations and clientscheme
- Fixed team labels not appearing on scoreboard
- Minor positioning changes

- Added Beta and Stress Test notifications to main menu
- Updated competitive player panels
- Updated competitive match starting screen
- Minor adjustments to competitive lobby

- Updated the competitive lobby
- Updated competitive and readymode player panels
- Added new competitive related animations
- Added avatar to vote kick
- Added Reload HUD button
- Updated scoreboards
- Updated store pages and panels
- Updated clientscheme
- Updated sourcescheme
- Various font, position, and color changes

- Updated clientscheme
- Moved and fixed Server Time label clipping
- Added a bottom-positioned scoreboard
- Changed 6v6 scoreboard appearance
- Changed meter bar color and transparency
- Changed angle of Soldier 3D player model
- Readded stats to Loading screen
- Cleaned up a lot of code, which resulted in:
- Various font, size, color, and position changes

-Updated for The Tough Break Update
-Fixed contracts
-Updated main menu
-Updated quickplay panels
-Updated loading screen
-Updated clientscheme
-Updated sourcescheme
-Adjusted scoreboard for new player list layout
-Adjusted scoreboard stats panel
-Adjusted server time
-Various font, color, and position changes



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Max the Squid HUD Developer

Gr8 hud i r8 8/8 m8
Posted 18-06-2016, 11:39 AM
indigo HUD Developer

Amazing hud but can we get some Pass Time compatability? I mean pass time update will be coming out soon. ;)
Posted 19-06-2016, 07:41 AM
Wolf #TeamPyro HUD Developer

How do I disable the "combat text" on the bottom left of the screen?
Posted 09-07-2016, 03:06 AM
MemeDippin HUD Developer

The hud looks great but one problem is that i cant play the drop down menu never shows up i dont know if I messed up the download but otherwise great hud m8.
Posted 14-07-2016, 03:01 AM
Thiago Plays HUD Developer

Dont work for my i need help plis i love this hud ;-;
Posted 15-07-2016, 11:03 PM
Lukey Pooky | HUD Developer

I've tried dozens of huds over the years, but I must say there's something really special about this one. Absolutely love everything about it! :D
Posted 19-08-2016, 06:33 PM
nekro | TML HUD Developer

When i play spy, i am sometimes unable to see the enemy health. It is really important that this works perfectly, so if someone know how to fix this, please let me know
Posted 11-10-2016, 09:05 AM
OpticSkies HUD Developer

When I die, sometimes I respond with red boxes around ammo and health when there at full.
Posted 15-10-2016, 08:32 PM
Meer Sarwat HUD Developer

great hud but can you make the spys disguise menu be in icons and not text i always get confused when i want to disguise also can you make the choosing classes be in icons as well that would be really cool, one more thing there is a glitch that sometimes when you respawn there is a red box near your ammo and your health
Posted 21-10-2016, 03:34 PM
chitego HUD Developer

i guess you could say it's just a hud
Posted 25-10-2016, 06:34 AM

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