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Updates to site URLs

Hi all,

Quick little update here, as of today many of the site's URLs have been updated to be Search Engine Friendly. This means old URLs that look like this:
Now look like this:

You may also notice a small change in the site's main directory. It used to be /forum/ for the longest time, as we used to have a forum here. We still use the forum software for the majority of the site's functionality, but having everything be under "forum" was a bit... weird. So, you'll find the directory is now /site/. So most URLs will be

What about the old URLs though? Will they be broken!?
Not at all! Any old URLs such as will automatically redirect to the new ones, so you shouldn't need to change any URLs you have on external websites.

If there are any issues, please send me a message on the HUDS.TF Discord Server.


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