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Update on Site Issues

So as a follow up from my update post the other day, I regret to announce that I have been unsuccessful in recovering the site's database from the last 4 or so months.

So what happens now?
Unfortunately, all HUDs, Hitsounds, Guides, Donations, Comments, Ratings, Profile Changes, New Member Sign Ups, and any other small submissions or changes to the site made after October 2020 have been lost.

What we plan to do from this point on is to make sure a database backup is made on the 1st of every month, so we have something more recent to go back to. It's a shame that this has happened (and completely out of our control), but now that it has, we can work forward in making sure this type of thing doesn't happen again (and if it does, it'll be less impactful).

To anybody who donated in the last 4 months, please get in contact with me and we will work out reinstating donator status.

Huge apologies for any inconveniences caused.

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