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RietHUD Remastered






Download RietHUD Remastered (696.84 KB)Last Updated: 08-04-2018


Credits to The Riet/Rezulux for originally making the HUD, and giving me rights to keep this HUD updated.

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Streamer Mode  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  
quick fix for the blue moon update

User Comments


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Pepiew HUD Developer

Could you make the medic's ubercharge % number the same green as the bar when "Fully Charged" so you can read it in the 70% and up? And if you want, you can change the number back to white when "Fully Charged," you don't need to. I'm A Medic main that Off-Classes Engie, so if you put this in then I'll probably keep this hud. also the "Team Fortress 2" is cut off at "ss 2":
And I couldn't get a screenshot, but when I join a map the name of the map overlaps with: "LOADING". My screen resolution is 1600 x 900 if that matters.
Posted 02-08-2017, 05:42 PM
svoshdeman HUD Developer

made the changes just like you wanted, and the 100% being cut off. also fixed the teamfortress 2 being cut off, but unfortunately since i wasn't able to duplicate your experience with the loading overlapping i'm not able to fix it.
Posted 05-08-2017, 02:09 AM
Pootismancer HUD Developer

Hey, there's this bug that occurs whenever I use the bow for Sniper. There's another meter called "Bomb" which is above the bow meter. It perfectly matches up the meter fill-up for the bow.
Posted 08-08-2017, 04:51 PM
svoshdeman HUD Developer

bug is now fixed (kinda). There is no longer 2 bars atleast.
Posted 08-08-2017, 06:33 PM
Pootismancer HUD Developer

Thanks dude!
Posted 08-08-2017, 09:22 PM
OzZy HUD Developer

How do you make the tr_walkway and the tr_arena button work?
Posted 09-08-2017, 01:54 AM
svoshdeman HUD Developer

you have to have the right versions of the maps downloaded, the right version of tr_walkway is: tr_walkway_fix and the right version of tr_arena is tr_arena_rc1
Posted 15-08-2017, 01:34 PM
Pepiew HUD Developer

where's the file that makes the tr_walkway button work? I want to have it open the tr_walkway_rc2 version. I already have notepad++ and am competent with it so I just need to know what to change.
Posted 28-09-2017, 04:30 AM
Pepiew HUD Developer

Or can I just rename the map file?
Posted 28-09-2017, 11:22 PM
Pepiew HUD Developer

renaming the map file doesn't work. It breaks the map.
Posted 30-09-2017, 11:48 PM
svoshdeman HUD Developer

the file containing the tr_walkway button is named gamemenu and is found in the resource folder i believe. To change the map you simply switch out the tr_walkway_fix behind "command" to your desired map.
Posted 06-10-2017, 02:57 PM

By submitting a comment, you agree to adhere to our Comment Section Rules.

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