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Download PeachHUD (10.47 MB)Last Updated: 15-08-2022


A Team Fortress 2 HUD made by Peaches and streamlined for competitive, while maintaining a clean and minimalistic look.
Based on SunsetHUD, by Hypnotize.

More Info & Installation

Frequently Asked Questions:
Where's the friends-list?
Known source of FPS drops. Re-enable it in customizations/FriendsList.res.
Why can't I join my friend's party?
That's a Steam API bug unrelated to custom HUDs.
Where's the little person in the bottom left?
Known source of FPS drops. Re-enable it in customizations/ClassModel.res.
Does this work on Linux/Mac?
Rename the downloaded folder to be lowercase, then yes.
I almost never answer questions in comments or PMs, Discord link on GitHub.


Everything: Hypnotize
Inspiration: BudHUD, RaysHUD, 7HUD, m0reHUD, HypnotizeHUD, and ToonHUD
Material Design VTFs: extracrispy and Rawsor
Crosshairs: Broesel, Knuckles, Seeker, and m0re

Special Thanks

To Hypnotize for mentoring me throughout my HUD development process.

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Streamer Mode  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  
Update 1.0.0 - Customization Animations Overhaul & Crosshair Overhaul - November 7, 2020
Update 2.0.0 - Streamer Mode & Easier Installation - December 20, 2020
Update 3.0.0 - Pause Menu Rework - January 3, 2022
Update 3.1.0 - XP Bar & Class Limits - May 3, 2022
Update 3.2.0 - Match Hud Names & Scoreboard Medals Customizations - May 7, 2022
Update 3.3.0 - Improved Class Model Customization - June 30, 2022
Update 3.3.1 - Improved Material Compression & Bug Fixes - August 14, 2022

User Comments


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ArchFps HUD Developer

I would love this but the crosshair settings are confusing as hell to config unlike sunset's hud
If someone can tell me how to do it I would be happy cause this hud looks cleaner compared to sunset's
Posted 07-10-2020, 06:52 AM
HurricanePootis HUD Developer

I love this hud! It's so much more modern, in my opinion, to sunset hud. Plus, the icons aren't broken on Linux.
Posted 07-10-2020, 02:08 PM
Wand HUD Developer

Nice looking HUD. Modern and very clean. Definitely a competitive focus. Good customization. I personally would like to see a smaller, centered medic ubercharge as a alternative customization .
Posted 07-10-2020, 03:50 PM
ahox HUD Developer

I like this a lot but the one thing thats bugging me is when using dark mode the inventory buttons are still sky blue and it looks out of place with the dark background
Posted 08-10-2020, 03:25 AM
Ettiaaroni HUD Developer

Very beautiful and clean hud I must say, but I think you've messed up the crosshair customization. For example, where the .res file says "dot", the label text is lowercase K, but in the crosshairs.png you've offered with it, has a large, solid black circle, and the dot crosshair is next to it with a lowercase L as it's label text. Many of the offered crosshairs have the same issue, and I'm very confused as to what i should pick then. Anyone else noticed, or is it meant to be and I'm just dumb? :D
Posted 08-10-2020, 09:10 PM

Man, I love this HUD. Thanks for Linux support.
Posted 08-10-2020, 10:48 PM

I love this hud, it looks great and pretty easily customizable, though it sounds like I'm not the only one with an issue with customizing the crosshair.
Posted 09-10-2020, 07:55 AM
kajew HUD Developer

thats hud what i am searching for years, thanks brother <3
Posted 09-10-2020, 08:15 PM
Uefa41 HUD Developer

It looks really nice. The only problem is the crosshair customization is kinda confusing, but it's not a big deal
Posted 11-10-2020, 01:19 AM
ozen HUD Developer

is really nice this HUD, but where i am aviable to do one like this? :(
Posted 12-10-2020, 07:41 AM

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