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New Stuff!


I've currently been having a little mess around with the site, and you'll notice a few new things, so I thought I'd make a post highlighting the new additions.

New Home Page
First up, the Home Page looks way nicer now. More of the most recently uploaded HUDs show on the homepage, and News has been delegated to a smaller size. The site isn't just a wall of text when you visit!

New HUD Directories
If you check out the Navigation bar now, you'll notice the HUDs button is now a dropdown. You can find the usual HUD Directory here, but also an Outdated HUDs Directory, and 2 HUDs Megalists (ported over from Hypnotize's super useful Github lists).

Anything Else?
I'm hoping to add a few new features, mostly making it easier to find external HUD resources. I'm not going to promise any timeframe on anything, but I'm definitely working on some stuff.

Don't forget we've got an Official Discord Server! We just surpassed 500 members recently and we're still growing. You can get involved with our community by clicking here!

That's it for now.

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