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More New Features & Donator Benefits

You may have noticed a few more new changes to the site over the last week or two. Motivation to update the site has been at an all time high so more new stuff has been added. I'm sure you've all already noticed all the changes recently, like the new dropdown bars on the navigation, for example. Fancy stuff.

I want to go over the major thing, which is the Resources section. I've basically compiled a list of useful HUD development links to made by Hypnotize on our Discord Server and popped it onto the site for those of you who are not part of our Discord community. It has everything from How-To guides, Ready-To-Go HUD files and a list of programs that are useful for HUD development. You can view the Resources list here. The Guides section has been severely under-supported, and have also been lumped into the Resources list for the time being. I'm looking at ways to motivate people to create Guides for the site, but I'm not going to force people away from using platforms they're already comfortable with.

Also in the future, we will have a HUD Lint page on site. This is still actively in development, but it will prove useful for those who want to find out if there are any errors in their HUD code. No ETA, but we're hoping that "soon" isn't "Valve Time soon".

Users of the site are now able to change thier Username once every 3 months (90 days), and Donators are able to change their Username once every 2 months (60 days). This change has been made to benefit all members, as online personas tend to change a lot, especially if you're in the younger demographic. If you're still trying to identify your online self, it's easier to give you the freedom to do so (in moderation), rather than me get messaged about it constantly and having to manually change Usernames.

If a user has change their Username, you will be able to view their previous Usernames via a link found on their profile pages. The Username change system may be toned back in the future however, if identifying people becomes too much of a problem.

Donators now have new customization features at their disposal for supporting the site! They are the following:

Custom User Titles: You can now set a Custom User Title, which will display on your profile and any HUDs you submit (as well as Hitsounds when those pages get revamped). It will replace the usual "Donator" title that Donators are given.

Custom Profile Image Background: You're also able to set an image as your background on your profile for everyone to see.

More Themes: We've got a few more on the way, but we've just added Deep Purple and Orange (a few days late from Halloween, whoops).

Donators can edit these features by going to their User Settings.

On top of that, we've added a disclaimer to donating, which can be found on the Donation Page. This has been added to cover a few rules about using the customization options available to Donators, and what may happen to your Donator status or account if there is any abuse of these features.

While changes get made to the site, we tend to get a good amount of feedback afterwards. Be it new features entirely or extentions to features already added, the community making suggestions is a brilliant way to make HUDS.TF a better experience overall. There have been a few changes and fixes made over the last week or so that have been made thanks to suggestions from the community. Most suggestions are made via the #suggestions channel in Discord, which is where we'll most likely see them. If you have any suggestions for the site, please feel free to put them in that channel. Suggestions can be for the site or the Discord server.

I've also set up a "Suggestions Spreadsheet" for my own sake, so I don't lose track of suggestions. I've made it publicly visible so the community can see what has already been suggested, and what is currently being worked on. You can view that here!

I say this a lot, but if you're interested in HUD development at all, or want to keep up with updates for HUDS.TF, please join the Discord Server! Announcements about site changes tend to be made there first, with these update posts coming in a few days afterwards. It's also the best way for Donators to keep up-to-date on new perks.

Thanks for using HUDS.TF!

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