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Download KBNHud (2.26 MB)Last Updated: 19-02-2021


Made by a sniper main, for sniper mains.
Nine long years. Thanks everyone!
v502 is the first update to this HUD made after the catastrophic loss of the data on my storage drive, including the archives of this HUD. I have had to completely rebuild my workflow, but I am getting there.

I made this HUD from the bones of KNHUD when I was a Sniper in UGC, and decided to share it. The main theme is transparency and lack of backgrounds, with secondary importance placed on being in the focus area for snipers, at the center of the screen, as well as lots of included customization and easily edited colors.

Loads of customization, from colors to overrides, alternate main menus, hitmarkers, crosshairs, scoreboard, and if you have an idea for a new one, please do tell me.

Discord Server, the best place to get help quickly or to share and idea with me.


Thanks to: Chippy (for creating KNHUD), Quartz (for spending months helping me get the hang of this), Garm3n, Sinders, rays, OMP, Hypnotize, and the HUDS.TF Discord crew for many many HUD elements and developement help. Major shoutout to Sunflower for giving me some great ideas during development, along with many others who helped me in closed testing of v5.

Thanks to Clovervidia for the closed captions.

Special Thanks

Further thanks to Joe Prince for the creation of Maven Pro, the core font of this HUD, and making the font available to all for free.

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KBNHud v502 (18/2/21)
-Changed TargetID to use a centered placement system a la MagnumHUD at the request of several users

-Moved disguise status to sit just next to the player model/icon

-Removed disguise health indicator

-Fixed issues with custom color settings

-Due to the jankiness of getting centered health working, the floating health no longer works and is disabled by way of an autoexec file in the HUD.

-ID for buildings and healer/heal target are all off center, slightly to the left. I have tried fixing this and it causes placement issues when you change resolution in game, so this will simply have to be.

-Another issue with the centered targetID is the data label, which if you were to look at a level 2 dispenser, and then at a teammate that isn't a medic, the data label will show the dispenser's level still. This applies to looking at a medic and then another player. No clue how to fix this as of yet.

KBNHud v501 (29/12/20)
-Added the "Call Vote" button back to the main menu after I removed it during the final rework of the menu, and subsquently forgot to add it back before releasing v5. Sorry about that!

KBNHud v5 (11/12/20)

-Added a "knedit" mode, with health and ammo displays (and their hangers-on) moved to be more widely spaced out on the horizonal axis; this mimics the KN Edit HUD often used by 6s players. - b1_rc7

-Added a fully functional set of replacement files to fix the loadout menus for 4:3 aspect ratios - b1_rc7

-Added a streaming mode similar to FlawHUD, budhud, flarepunch, and sunsetHUD - b1_rc4

-Added a whole new menu UI, main menu, backpack, loadout, store, and everything in between. - b1_rc1, finished v5_final

-Added color customization back to the new crosshair and hitmarker system - v5_final

-Added custom CP icons - b1_rc1

-Added custom chat_english.txt file that makes several game messages more concise - b1_rc10

-Added custom player panels for the match status panel - b1_rc3

-Added custom targetID health value color customization line - b2_r1

-Added customization that disables the black background on the targetID - b1_rc7

-Added customized SourceScheme file, now the menu windows will match the overall theme - b1_rc6

-Added dropshadows to team names in all scoreboards - b1_rc11

-Added health value shadow color customization - b2_r1

-Added new mini Ubercharge bar customization - b1_rc4

-Added new, super minimal Payload and Payload Race progress bars - b1_rc6

-Added opaque killfeed background customization - b1_rc4

-Added override that moves the killstreak counter to the popular spot of over the killfeed, works with or without the kn edit mode. - b1_rc11


-Adjusted Spy disguise status for better visibility of information as well as not overlapping with gravelpit C point icons - b1_rc6

-Adjusted TargetID elements for easier readability and better use of screen space - b1_rc6

-Changed CP icons to a flat color, in line with the new pastel shades - b1_rc9

-Changed CTF HUD to be more minimal, with new flag icons and more - b1_rc1

-Changed MvM sapper meter from the broesel meter style to the kn style (finally) - b1_rc9

-Changed Special Delivery HUD to be in line with the new CTF HUD - b1_rc1

-Changed most/all team colored panels to use new pastel shades of blue and red - b1_rc9

-Cleaned up MvM elements as a whole - b1_rc6, b2_r2, v5_final

-Cleaned up look of player health elements - b1_rc7
└──Changed max health customization to read vertically and moved it to sit just right of the main health value
└──Moved status effect icons, resistance icons, and mannpower powerup icons to sit below the health value
└──Switched default states of the health meters across the board to not having crosses, just text. Player health cross can be re-enabled with a customization file.

-Compressed and simplified the player destruction and robot destruction objective meters to no more than 40px tall to fit new height restrictions due to the timers being on the bottom. - b1_rc9

-Increased size of canel labels in the engy build/destroy menus - b3_rc2

-Made the code of several files make more sense - all, finished v5_final

-Moved all timers to the bottom of the screen above the objective meters, shrank them to not interfere with scoped view as sniper - b1_rc3
└──Increased size of timer per request of a user - b1_rc5
└──KOTH timers now look more like evehud in design, which KBN had years ago - b1_rc5
└──Round counter lights are above the KOTH timers and the CP icons - b1_rc5
└──Shifted C objective of Gravelpit and Degroot Keep to above the timer, janky but works. Plus, only three maps use this setup. - b1_rc5

-Moved comp/casual player panels to the bottom of the screen - b1_rc3
└──Added override that puts them back at the top of the screen - b1_rc3
└──Changed health bars for friendly team to be the full height of the panel - v5_final

-Moved HUD crosshairs to use Hypnotize's updated crosshair font, which has the best of the crosshair packs KBN was already using. - b3

-Moved vaccinator resistance icons next to the crosshair for Medic - b1_rc4

-Overhauled Disguise menu to a far more minimal style - b1_rc10

-Overhauled Engy build, destroy, and eureka effect menus into the hyperminimal style. Pip boy stuff is still there though. - b1_rc10

-Overhauled many customization systems: -b1_rc6, finished v5_final
└──All customization options are now in the ^customizations directory, including the ones below
└──Color customizations are now in the "Colors" directory
└──Crosshairs are simplified and now, guide images are in the directory with the crosshairs file to help you choose the one you want, all in the eponymous directory
└──Hitmarkers now use a material file, which should save on some framerate for the game. Borrowed from Hypnotize; the file to edit these as well as a guide is in the eponymous directory
└──The old hitmarker/aim guide is now off by default, and can be enabled with the file in the "Aim Guide" directory, though this can also be accomplished with the included KonrWings crosshairs
└──Unified the directory naming scheme. # directories are actively read by the game, _ directories are for bulk overrides, those being knedit mode and streamer mode. Updated the basefiles directory to be unique against those two other types.
└──Updated directory names to better describe what the contained overrides actually do - b1_rc11

-Overhauled taunt menu alongside the build, destroy, and disguise menus. - b1_rc10

-Reduced opacity of engy and spy building panels and meters - b3_rc2

-Reduced opacity of metal meter and moved it closer to the crosshair, added custom color customization to it - b2_r3

-Reduced size of disguise status team color BG - b2_r3

-Reduced height of both the regular and arena winpanels - v5_final

-Removed the animated doors from the beginning and ending of matches - b1_rc3

-Set all Halloween minigames to consistent style - b1_rc9

-Set closed captions to disabled by default - b3_rc2

-Set TargetID to not have a background - v5_final
└──Added customization for full BG and BG for the health only - v5_final

-Shrank some parts of the building panels, as well as added color customization to them - b2_r3

-Simplified the team selection menu - b1_rc9

-Updated Arena mode player counters for you deathrun nerds - b1_rc4

-Updated chat to use larger font and have a generally more modern look - b1_rc9

-Updated match summary screen to be more consistent - b1_rc2

-Updated readme files for both the GitHub and GB mirrors to be more in line with each other, and with informtation that has changed since they were last edited. - b1_rc5, finished v5_final


-Fixed added time popup to not overlap with the main timer value - b2_r1

-Fixed custom health base colors in the animations files - b2_r1

-Fixed game crashing when changing classes with the closed captions disabled - b3_rc2

-Fixed issues with symbol and low weight fonts between Linux and Windows; KBN is authored in Linux and as such, I had it configured for Linux's janky font system. I have added flags for the game to use different files between both versions and separate size and weight for certain fonts. - b2_r2 (linux), b2_r3 (OSX)

-Fixed map voting panel on the end of round screen - b1_rc2

-Fixed numerous small tournament/pro league and comp MM issues - b1_rc3

-Fixed overlapping money and canteen elements - b1_rc9

-Fixed overlapping of charge meters for the Loose Cannon and demo shield charges - b1_rc1

-Fixed overtime line overlapping certain round timers. - b2_r2

-Fixed uncountable general font errors caused by me being lazy about adding fonts to clientscheme for previous updates. Also fixed a bunch of font weights and scoreboard fonts. -b1_rc1, b1_rc10


-Removed old, now unused HUD crosshair fonts - b3_rc1

-Removed some unnecessary main menu buttons - b1_rc1

-Removed spy disguise outline animation - b2_r3


-Post-mortem freezeframe not showing data properly on first death after joining game/server, works on second death



Verified HUD Developer

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Wheatley HUD Developer

It not working
Posted 09-07-2016, 06:03 AM
Wheatley HUD Developer

It not working
Posted 09-07-2016, 06:03 AM
Jötunn HUD Developer

How is it not working. I can't help if you don't provide details.
Posted 09-07-2016, 03:03 PM
Nipy. HUD Developer

I can't see health and ammo
Posted 09-07-2016, 03:16 PM
Jötunn HUD Developer

I am aware of the bug, I asked Sinders about it. He says that it is a random bug that comes and goes, and is basically impossible to be recreated on the developer's end. I would say try a total HUD reinstall, failing that, redownload, failing that, I will roll back to v412A2 and try to fix A3.
Posted 09-07-2016, 03:30 PM
Stako HUD Developer

How do I get rid of the crosshair around the crosshair?
Posted 09-07-2016, 06:40 PM
Jötunn HUD Developer

There is an override for it. In overrides/hitmarker/Without Hit Marker/scripts, you will find a copy of hudlayout.res. Replace the installed copy of the file in tf/custom/KBNHud/scripts with the override and restart the game.
Posted 09-07-2016, 07:51 PM
Nipy. HUD Developer

Thanks !
Posted 09-07-2016, 08:21 PM
Wheatley HUD Developer

Posted 10-07-2016, 01:04 AM
Jötunn HUD Developer

No problem.
Posted 10-07-2016, 01:56 AM

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