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Current Site Issues

As many of you noticed and pointed out on the Discord server, the site went down for roughly about 4 days. This was due to a DNS issue as the server host updated some IP address nonsense but didn't reflect those changes within the DNS settings.

A side effect of that whole situation was that the site's database has, for some reason unbeknownst to me, has reverted back to roughly around October 2020. I'm currently looking into recovery methods to get the site back to a more recent timeframe.

For the time being, to save anybody wasting their time in case of a successful recovery, I have disabled all submissions to the site. Any HUDs or Hitsounds that were uploaded recently, any comments, changes to profiles, new member registrations, donations and messages are currently lost to the aether. Hopefully not forever.

I'll make another post if recovery methods are successful. However, if I cannot find a way of recovering more recent changes (my last copy of a database backup on my own PC is September), then I will make a follow up post regarding this as well.


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