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The Mannterface - Directory Update #4
We've got another HUD for you today folks, The Mannterface. I don't have much to say about it. I believe someone else does thou...


[Image: saxton.jpg]


"Listen up, you little anklebiters, for Mann Co. has a relatively new product soon coming to your screen if it is not there already.

We reviewed the original heads up display that we gave to our mercs nearly eight years ago to the day and, through new eyes, we simply thought it did not cut the mustard of today’s standards. It needed to be more MANNLY.

There are some truly incredible HUDs out there that figured out what makes the original interface tick, and we studied them and found the best innovations throughout the ages and fiddled and diddled with them until it fit our vision.

We wanted to make a custom HUD that had some things that were not ever seen before, but we wanted to keep that Mann Co. je ne sais quois that we are renowned globally for.

Do you want to be immersed in your experience of a war over gravel that ended long ago? Do you want to feel real pain when you are damaged in the game? Do you want to raise the stakes so when you die in the game you also die for real? Well, we don’t have that yet, but we do have a health readout that JUMPS out at you when you are damaged!

On the other side of the coin, when your lovely Medic decides to heal you with his state-of-the-art Mann Co. Heal-o-metron (now in fun new colors!), your overhealed health now bounces gently and happily, telling you that you are fit to fight. As my old pappy Bilious Hale used to say, “Son, tough Scouts are buffed Scouts.”

We have menus that are different from the stock ones, but still retain that good ol’ feel that drew us all to the game in the first place.

But let me stop my blabbering on, and why don’t you try this absolutely RIPPER project out for yourself!

A blend of modern innovation and classic aesthetic: frame it in your game!

[Image: 1BHctlq.png]

Be sure to check out The Mannterface, or suffer the wrath of Saxton Hale.
(Huge thanks to Saxton Hale, developer of The Mannterface, for the guest news post!)

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