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Flamehud - Directory Update #3
Seeing as we're only adding the one HUD today, thought it'd be appropriate to make a news post just about it.

[Image: flamehud.png]

Flamehud is a beautifully crafted HUD by flame (author of the infamous "Flame's Guide to HUDs"). It primarily uses all the assets included within TF2 by default, adding next-to-nothing in terms of custom fonts or materials.

Needless to say, it's an expertly crafted HUD and you should definitely check it out if you're bored of all these new fangled, modern styled HUDs. Flamehud takes it back to how custom HUDs used to be; in recognition of TF2's unique style.

[Image: flamehud2.png]

Be sure to check out Flamehud for yourselves.

The full Directory update is as follows:

Added: Updated:

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