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Changing the overheal hp color and the damage text outline
Hello, just wanna make a few changes to the hud I'm using to fit my personal preferences more.
1. The overheal/low hp color
I've already found the "things" in the (event HudHealthBonusPulse), changed the numbers, but nothing in-game changed. I wanna change it to blue, which is currently green. There are also these "Accel" and "Linear" things, I don't know what they mean.
2. The damage text outline
I just wanna remove it, I don't like the look of it.
1) be sure to change both the start and end animations fgcolors! "Accel" and "Linear" are commands used to set the way the buff/hurt animation is, like you can use them to set the buff animation to be a loop between 2 or more colors and stuff like that. You can probably keep them the same as they are if you only want to change the colors.

2) first check inside the huddamageaccount file what font the damage is using ("delta_item_font") then look for it inside the clientscheme and remove the outline "1" line from the font code

(its not the cleanest way to do it but its the easiest, the better way is to create a new font definition called for example damage with the same tall and name but without outline "1" in it)

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