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Downtime and what we're doing about it
[Image: downtime.png]

Sometimes has it's fair share of problems. Although they don't usually persist for more than a couple of days, I still don't think this is good enough.

If you've tried to view the site within the past day (as of this post), you've probably seen the daunting This Account Has Been Suspended page. Don't worry, this has nothing to do with your account. I'd never make a page that ugly. But you can bet your lucky stars I'd make the above SFM that ugly.

This page usually shows up if I forget to pay the bills. However, this can't happen because I auto-renew the payments. That, and I already paid for the site this month. So what gives? Turns out our host did a migration recently that didn't go particularly well on our end, but it was to no fault of ours. However, it makes me very wary of how fragile our site is, and how it going down for a few hours really does impact the community more than I ever actually expected. I mean, a Reddit thread appeared about it. That much I'd never have expected.

So, where do we go from here? Myself and tsc from fwdcp are working on a better solution to the hosting issues that plague from time to time. We'll have a lot more freedom to do what we want to achieve, and we'll bring a better experience to all. It's in early works, but hopefully we can get a full site migration with no hiccups done relatively soon. As they say, the sooner, the better.

If for any reason isn't available or you're having issues, it's worth checking out our Twitter, @hudstf. It auto-updates whenever I post one of these fancy news threads, and I'll be using it to notify followers of any new happenings with the site. I'm fairly active on Twitter, so if you're after a response from me for something, it's worth sending a tweet to that account. It's pretty darn useful.

So for now, all is good. But in the future, all will be better.
Thanks for sticking with us.

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