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Last Updated: 20-03-2020

HUD Information


Check out the file over at GitHub for all the information you need.

This HUD uses cl_hud_minmode 1 to display a mode called "Streamer Mode". This hides all player names from various panels throughout the HUD. There is an Enable/Disable Streamer Mode button on the Main Menu, so if you're not seeing player names when you use this HUD, press that button and it'll sort you out.

Additionally, I'd recommend putting "cl_hud_minmode" "0" into your autoexec.cfg file (if you have one).

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


rawrsor/extracrispy - Material Buttons/Images (I'm sorry, I don't know exactly who to credit here).
Quartz/Sir Villeta - Class Icons Font.
Colly - Help with various small HUD and Material issues.
Broesel/Fog/Knuckles/Griever/Whahay - Crosshairs from the Easy TF2 Crosshairs pack.


Version 1.1.3 Wrote:Forgot to push a few update files from a while ago.


  • Updated BLU and RED Team Menu Buttons to better highlight which is being selected.
  • Reduced Chatbox size to better avoid clashing with other HUD elements.
  • Medic: Vaccinator Charge Bar has been significantly redesigned.


  • Various Menu elements updated.

Version 1.1.2 Wrote:IN-GAME

  • Removed Spectator and Spectators In Queue List on Scoreboard while in Streamer Mode.
  • Added Engineer Build/Destroy/Eureka Effect Panels.
    • Pip-Boy Menus also fully supported.

Payload Race:
  • Fixed capture point material from going back to default texture in sv_pure 2.

Mann Vs. Machine:
  • Added Power Up Canteen Panel.
  • Fixed MvM Scoreboard Stats.
  • Added Kills, Deaths, Healing and Damage stats to MvM Scoreboard.

  • Added Stopwatch panel for competitive modes.


  • Fixed missing font file for Class Icons.

Version 1.1.1 Wrote:IN-GAME

  • Fixed Class Image appearing on Scoreboard.
  • Fixed Class Image being in a horrible position in game.
  • Resized Chat Box as it was bleeding over into health for 4:3 users.
  • Repositioned optional Health Cross.
  • Resized Scoreboard font for 4:3 users.
  • Repositioned Killfeed to avoid clash with player panel respawn timer.


Main Menu:
  • Fixed Main Menu images from appearing pixelated at lower graphical settings.
  • Added "Streamer Mode" button, which toggles player name appearances in-game.


  • Added clearer descriptions to Color Scheme and Animation files.
  • Added a README file.
  • Removed meme font lmao.

Version 1.1 Wrote:IN-GAME:
  • Item Inspect Panel has been designed to fit the rest of the HUD.
  • Respawn Timer on Tournament Spectator has been repositioned to mirror the location of other modes.
  • Chat Box moved back to the left hand side.
  • In relation to the above, Engineer Building Status and Spy Sapper Status has been moved up to clear space for the chat box.

  • Payload Status now displays Recede Time and Arrows that display when the cart is going backwards.

  • Team Class panel designed and repositioned.
  • Arena Winpanel designed and repositioned.

  • Wheel of Doom status supported.
  • Halloween Spells supported.

Streamer Mode:
(Remember, Streamer Mode is enabled by using minmode!)
  • More instances of names in Minmode have been hidden.
    • Over spectated/friendly targets
    • Item Inspect Panels
    • Arena Winpanel MVPs
    • MvM Player Ready panels
    • MvM Scoreboard

  • Added support for default font for ETF2L Status Screenshots.
    • To disable custom console font, go into resource/sourcescheme.res and add comment lines // to #base "sourcescheme_custom.res"
    • Instructions are also within the file itself.
    • Small Note: You'll need to restart the game if you edit the above while in game.

User Comments

I like the way this hud looks like It looks clean and modern also i like the fonts and the bright RED and BLU colors!

Good and transparent

This is incredible omni, you're fantastic

sooo good great job dude

Please make it compatible for arena mode

JumberLack, I’m in the process of doing so. Hopefully will be done sooner rather than later.

I like how you put the server browser button in there because when i'm in 1280 x 720 (yes my pc is bad) it wont let me open the server browser on any hud except for this one ,I like it!! Big Grin

Very neat!

Very neat!

why doesn't it show any player names tho not even on the scoreboard and killfeed, I can't see player names (Latest version of this hud)

✪ ᴄʏᴀɴɪᴅᴇ, you've got minmode enabled. Disable minmode by putting cl_hud_minmode 0 in your console, and possibly in your autoexec.cfg if you have one.

thank you, fixed the problem <3

I get some intense lags when i try to press find game. And when i search.

Glad to see you back omnibombulator!!! I remember your notohud quite fondly nice work

omni, If you can update other huds like sels, please do it.

and another question: does the creator need to update it himself or can admins/owners do it too like wiet

the hud is really sleek, simplistic clean and modern, i might love it if i could see the chat and the names of other plays i.e the crosshair info, the leaderboard and killfeed

lukkaezio, you need to turn off Streamer Mode. You can do this by pressing the Enable/Disable Streamer Mode button on the Main Menu.

This is really one of the best HUDs I've ever seen. I love the simplistic and clean look. This HUD is simply amazing. Thanks for making this!

I get some intense lags when i try to press find game. And when i search.

It has clipping issues in MvM and Engie doesn't have the PDA modified...Other than that I like it.

is it possible to fix the pl stopwatch timer? the point cap number and the word "points" overlaps

thank you, didn't see that, sorry for the dumb comment :d

I must say that this hud is one of my favorites, I really love it and it has many good points, minimalist, useful, and well thought out but it has certain points that I want to highlight so that you have it in mind and see if they require a correction, because I want see the completion of this project in its splendor:
1. the pda of the enguie, it looks somewhat coarse, as incomplete dislodges with the well done style of the rest of the hud, you should see that
2. the hud of the constructions of the enguie is very small, but not small of minimalist, but it is too small and in the middle of a battle costaria to see the state of the constructions, I think you should make it a little bit bigger
3. The state of the improvements of the constructions is not totally visible because although the sentry changes the drawing, the dispenser and the teleport not, so it occurred to me that the bar next to it should show the status of upgrade with colors coming from the yellow for level 1, orange level 2 (which is an intense color) and green for level 3 and so will not be confused when the sentry takes damage
4. spy disguise hud, suffer from the same problem of enguie
5. I do not know what you think but I think it would be better if the vacccinator of the medic had a different hud as it happens in the toonhud or hud default, it is a complex weapon and needs to provide information in the right way
6. the achievements that are marked to see their progress cover the clock of the game I do not know if that can be modified but it is very annoying

I am a competitive player and I will follow this hud very closely because I love it and I will continue to give you annotations for its improvement

i love this hud it's very clean, but is there any way to show the top scorers and the highest killstreak in pubs?

(NWA) Beyonder, cheers for the feedback. I'll look into making some changes in the near future to certain elements for sure.

When in streamer mode it still shows the name of the person who killed you on the item inspect screen. i.e. "Mr. Random dude is carrying Strange Knife" etc.

10/10 best hud for me

Great hud but is there any way to enable avatars near playernames on the freezecam?

how do i get the chat box, overall its a amazing hud but i really want that chat box

1 star. No chat box, no team names in kill feed, no team names when you hold tab.

Bleezy, you need to turn off minmode. It's explained in the readme included with the file. 1 star comment.

If i recall correctly, this used to be available for mac. I would like to see this again as this is one of my favorite HUDS.

Great HUD, but I'm having the same issue as slezig where opening the find a game menu is really laggy. Otherwise great HUD though, would love to see linux support in the future!

Hey omnibobulator,nice job on the hud man
I really like it! but theres a problem while viewing the names of my team mates
The full name is stalky frost,would really appreciate if you can fix this.

I LOVE this hud! It's very well designed and modern. While there are things I can nitpick at, it is AMAZING. Although, I have the same problem as Iamsleepless as the name glitches out while I view the names of my teammates. Besides that bug, I would say this is one of the best HUDs out there. Thanks for making this!

I would really like this available on MAC because it's such a nice hud.

How can i get these custom crosshairs?

really love the way this one looks, but man i get bad lag when i click find game and when i get a party message my whole games freezes for a good second

same kaleb but thats with every hud for me

This Hud is amazing looks great and clean 10/10

Same problem as @Iamsleepless

Love the HUD, but how come I can't see all the players on the scoreboard, or is this question already answered?

Is there any way to change the leaderboard it's so tiny

Also I'd be cool if you could set up a steam group so we get notified when you uodate the HUD

Its a Pretty good HUD but could you remove huditemeffectmeter.res Cuz spy has his watch On his wist that shows the meter im just sayin its gonna more immersive dat way ;3

Hud doesn't work with jungle inferno

love this HUD but for some reason, players turn invisible from time to time. any way to fix this?

I had the same problem as other people: the names disappearing so, I just decided to use another hud. I liked this hud in all aspects but there were no names. I was messing around with the TF2 text files at the time, so I double checked all my files, reinstalled the game, and some other things. I realized it was the hud. I checked the comments for a solution and boy, you delivered. In a kind manner, too, not calling them retarded. Quick, simple nice explanations. 10/10 For the contemporary and monochromatic style of the hud, and 10/10 for the wonderful 'customer service'.

Absoultely amazing HUD. If I could improve one thing about it it would be to clean up the as it looks sloppy and would generally turn off players from actually reading the readme.

can you make it so you can see where the server is being hosted like the normal hud if the server is being hosted in the USA it will say it's being hosted there plz notice?

With so many new Player Destruction maps added, making it work for PD is probably a good thing. Awesome HUD nonetheless.

The HUD is broken for some reason, the player names when you hover over them don't display people's names in full. Also, I don't know whether it's because you need the mouse scoreboard on, but it only shows 10 players. Not the full 12 in a casual match. Preferably, I would like to see everyone including me on the scoreboard at the start of a round lol.

Just thought I'd let you know since I really like using this HUD, it's very clean.

I absolutely love this HUD, probably my favorite because of the style, ESPECIALLY the menu.
But it is a little slow, like after a game ends, hitting "esc" to disconnect takes a few seconds to go through, and while I am sure its just my PC being stupid, It doesn't happen with other huds :/

@Chippu - I'm pretty sure that's just the general optimisation of the game. I have it on an SSD, I use 3.60 Ghz quad and a 1080, I have well more than necessary ram allotted to the game. But it still lags. I swear I remember a command for the backpack items to preload earlier, but I'm not sure anymore.

The hud is great, but i swear, this causes way too much lag! i have been trying 3 hours to join a casual match (not stuck in the queue) and when i closed tf2 and used another hud i joined in like 2 minutes! Man, can is something wrong with my pc, or just the hud?

Some feedback:
1. There's a weird lag when you type something in Party Chat, hope this will get fixed. I don't have this issue with other huds, just this one.

2. Party Chat text is white and not green (in game, not in menu) and it's sometimes super confusing. Definitely should be changed to green.

3. Chat font is too small. Should be a little bit bigger.

4. Scoreboard should be reworked imo. All players should be visible on the scoreboard (so I don't have to scroll down, which is sometimes a bit annoying)

Hope you'll read this, those are some small things that will make the hud better.

I can't see names on the killfeed, chat log and voice chat, other than that it's clean, modern, straightforward and one of the best HUDs out there

friend, can you tell me how to solve that when playing where they should appear who kills who only appears the cause of death and dificulat amucho know when to attack or not or if the best member of the other team died, you understand?

man, are you alive?

Game crashes when I queue for any gamemode.

Is it possible to remove the player/class you are playing as from the HUD? It's the only thing that keeps me from using it.

Timmy, that's a really easy fix. cl_hud_playerclass_use_playermodel 0 in your console

if this showed ping, class, and player ranks, it would be perfect

Out of curiosity, are the end-of-round MVPs hidden by design, or is that a bug on my end? Haven't seen anyone mention it, nor do I see anything in the readme about it.

I am not at all keen on the main menu. I find it really hard to navigate and would honestly rather just have that all disabled instead.

do you have any tips on fixing health or ammo color? no matter what i set the color to it's always the default white, no matter if im overhealed or really low on health.

I absolutely love this hud and it's been my favorite for as long as I can remember! Perfect hud, 5 stars.

A lot of unfinished stuff and clipping. However, this is a very good looking hud. I like it.

Very nice hud

I get random lag when I press Find Game but only happens when I launch TF2 for the first time, but this will happen every time when I relaunch TF2 for the first time.




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