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Attention! Restricted Accounts
[Image: restricted.png]

Ever since the latest version of was released, users are now required to sign in through Steam to submit HUD Submissions and Updates to us. This seemed like a great idea at the time, possibly lowering the amount of spam that comes through our system.

However, we still receive some submissions that are blank, pointless or just plain trolling. So, we're tackling that, and we wanted to inform you of how. works in quite a cruel way. If you're banned from the forums, you're banned from the entire site. So unless you sign out of your account, you can't view any of our featured HUDs or pages. Getting some harmless, yet pointless submissions through our system isn't worth a ban (unless of course you're trying to send us malicious links and the like), so, this is where the restricted accounts system comes into play.

It works like this; if you send us a submission/update form that is not deemed suitable (be it blank, a troll submission and so on), your account will be marked as restricted. This mark isn't shown publicly, but if you wish to appeal your mark, you will have to post into our public forums.

This doesn't stop you from viewing our site or taking part in our forums. This simply stops you from using the Submit a HUD and Update a HUD forms. A lot of the submissions we get are from people who don't quite understand how these forms are used. So, rather than let them waste our time more than once, we'll leave them to think about it and restrict their access from doing so again.

That's it for now.

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