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Welcome to the new!
So this has been in development for a little while, and although it's not fully completed, it's done enough to launch.

As you can see, has been revamped completely, and with revamps, come changes. Let's go through them.

The HUD Directory is now on it's own separate page of the site. The reasoning for this is that we're going to have more emphasis on updates on the main page, kind of like a blog. But instead of eliminating HUDs from the front page entirely, a small section to the right of the main page has been dedicated to 3 randomly selected featured HUDs. Each refresh should show a new HUD. Don't worry, there's no paying for a featured slot here.

The Directory has 4 sections to it. Random, Alphabetical, Top Ten and Outdated. These are quite self explanatory, but the way the Top Ten HUDs are selected are by the amount of views the HUD Page has had overall since their inclusion. This always has the option of changing. And although there are no outdated HUDs on the site just yet, that tab will be ready for action once HUDs start to show inactivity with updates.

HUD Submissions and Update a HUD Submissions now require users to Log In to the site via the forums. You're able to do so by clicking the link at the top, or by visiting the forums and doing it there. This'll hopefully reduce the amount of spam messages I receive from this form. This also allows for an easier platform of communication for HUD Developers.

Submissions now have more details to fill in too! You can credit way more people with the development of the HUD, add a description about your HUD, and you can even include more ways for users to get in Contact with you about your HUD.

Users with HUDs on the site can use the new Update a HUD form to update their HUD's current details, as they could before. I've made as much effort as I could to include descriptions and credits to the HUDs submitted, but I couldn't get everything. So, if your HUD is on the site, let me know if you want any details updated or included.

A slightly new backend has been implemented with the revamp, so adding new HUDs is a lot easier for me to accomplish. However, with this new system, I had to port over existing HUDs, which was quite tedious. In doing so, I decided not to port over HUDs that hadn't been updated or HUDs that hadn't been notified towards myself as updated.

Previous featured HUDs are more than welcome back to the site, so if you wish to have your HUD back on, just shoot over a new Submission.

This may seem like a bit of a controversial move, but advertisements have been implemented within the revamp. There's not really a lot I can say about advertisements really, you'll either support the site by keeping them on, or you'll run Adblock. There's obviously no penalization for enabling Adblock, but if you find useful, your support would be greatly appreciated by disabling it for us.

Hopefully you'll enjoy the revamp of the site a lot more than the previous version. has been live for just over a year (we properly launched on August 10th, 2014!) and we've had an insane growth of viewers each month for the last 12 months.

We've got more features planned (working on that HUD rating/comment system that everyone seems to want), and the design of the site may change slightly in some areas throughout the next few weeks.

So thanks for sticking with us, I hope we've been useful to you for the last year, and we hope to continue being useful for as long as TF2 keeps going. Or until custom HUDs stop working.


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