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Hypnotize Hud

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Last Updated: 24-03-2020

HUD Information


Material TF2 Hud that aims to keep a really simple in-game ui and modern menus.

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HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


m0re: Starting base
Extracrispy,Rawsor : Material VTF
whayay and Marblr: Classes and Ready Icons
Broesel, Knuckles, Seeker: Crosshairs Fonts
Colly: Killfeed icons help
bLa: Huge help on finding bugs and fixes

Special Thanks

Omni, Doodle, Wiet, Flame, Rays: Infinitely useful Hud Guides and posts on updates


No Changelog has been submitted.

User Comments

YAY Hypnotize its me daniel! You finally posted this hud on ! Yass! It's great btw!

looks good man - good job Big Grin


If this isn't proof that we're in the Golden Age of HUD creating/editing then idk what is
amazing job once again Hypno, you never disappoint

hello, just asking where the quake font is? it's not in the files


@Paks - the Quake font is HANDGOTN.ttf

the best hud

Can't click on ConTracker on Main Menu only, hard to read some of the names of items/cosmetics in the loadout customization/inventory menus and the skinned weapons have a graphical bug when selecting weapons on the loadout customizer menu (not directly on the loadout, but when you select it). Oh, and 1 suggestion I have that's pretty minor. The capture point counter numbers should be smaller. Great HUD!

I already helped you on steam but just in case someone else has the same problem, the font is changeable from the ClientScheme.res

I was aware of the skins problem and now is fixed, I'm still working on the items colors and stuff so this will come soon I guess. About the ConTracker, it works fine for me in both main menu and pause menu so I don't know what the problem can be sorry! Sad And thanks for the suggestions!

This is beautiful! Love the clean design and the placement.
One question, how do I enable the casual badge on scoreboard? It's intended to leave it blank?

I kinda forgot about the badges, I'll add them back the next update for sure

god this is sexy...

The hud is now fixed for the new competitive update!

Is working fine for me, I don't know why for some people crashes and for other don't

I'm using a mac, like 99% of the stuff works except:
1. Text is a bit bigger
2. Where it tells you your level, the " : " is merged with the level value
Also I don't think this is a bug but the backpack icon is a shopping cart?

Just downloaded the latest version.
Casual badges in scoreboard still don't appear.

sexiest hud

I have no idea about the text being bigger but the level thing can be fixed by installing the nexa numbers.otf font in your system I think.
And yeah the backpack icon is a shopping cart cause I didn't have a better icon rofl

Oh on I forgot my bad, it will be a thing as soon as I upload the new version with some fixes I'm working on

any chance you could make an option for a scoreboard with full details?
also i wish there was a way to put other info like killstreaks and heads/organs in a more centered location.
also i don't know why but my objective icons aren't always stylized

one more things is the highest killstreak panel at the end of the round is missing


very clean and simple hud, i love it. one change that would be great is if the killstreak counter was placed maybe below your health or just anywhere on the screen where it is easily visible.

Can't wait for it! Thanks for the response Smile

Tbh, KS counter at top right was a great placement because I don't want to see/know what my killstreak at, it will make me paranoid. lol

I will make a full stats scoreboard options whenever I can, about everything else I like the way things are at the moment!

it doesnt work for me i dont have any mods or anything installed so i dont know why it doesnt work btw i use windows

@Hypnotize sounds good, i'm loving your hud so far!

Can you give me more infos? like is the hud crashing or you are getting the default hud instead? Also Have you already tried following the "Quick installation Guide" file?

The casual badges UI on scoreboard is bugged

I've tried both 1440p and 1080p. Same result

I can't find a way to fix that scoreboard medals bug :\ I guess is because i pinned most stuff in my scoreboard or something idk. I'm just gonna leave them off until i find and actual fix.

@Hypnotize, I really enjoy this hud its great voor comp, casual and more, but I think it has one Major flaw, you can't really use the hud if you want to play MvM, the hud only says which classes there will be, but doesn't show with borders or background colors if it is critted or a giant etc. and that is really annoying if you are playing MvM, I hope you can add this and just use the default colors. Keep up the great work!

@Hypnotize, I tried to change the colors of huddmgacc.res by going into cheme and change "Damage Numbers" to 255 255 0 255, instead of 255 0 0 255, but it didn't change anything, after that I tried to change it in the huddmgacc.res itself and also doesn't give any result. any idea?

@Snorry I'll check for mvm, and you can change the damage numbers color from the advanced options!

Whats the font of the health, ammo, killstreak // the in-server stuff

@Lightning Strike the font used by default is NexaBold

Hey the 5cp custom control points seem to be broken and showing me the default ones instead. Only thing I did with the hud was change the font so was wondering if i may have broke something


Custom control points don't work in sv_pure enabled servers.

hud beatiful but the background and need a loadscreen for the buildings when are buildings but everything is beatiful (i love the SPY, MEDIC, DEMO, ENGI huds)

I found almost no problems with the hud, but 1 thing i would suggest, is adding a "Find Game" to the top right tf logo, and "Disconnect" with the other logo, since it'll make it easier to find/disconnect thru casual servers. thanks

some kill icons dont appear, most notably the market gardener

i was wondering how to install fonts i love the look of the cursive one Big Grin

Very nice HUD. I had no issues Smile

the kill icon some of them doesn't show up. Still great hud! Hope u fix it! And can u make when i press escape while in game.. But still make it transperant to see my game and also add "Resume Game" at the top left so i don't have to press my escape button again. Thank you! Big GrinD

I like the looks. Material design is one of my soft spots. Is there any way you could release a version with the stats a little bit more to the sides of the screen? While i'm at it, is there any way to change the fonts of the HUD?

I mean top right**

@pyroman50 @[✖‿✖]Mëllø[✖‿✖]
I removed the custom killfeed icons because they are kind inconsistant, that bug shouldn't happen anymore now.

@Lightning Strike @[✖‿✖]Mëllø[✖‿✖]
About the menu and buttons i like how everything looks right now, I think the resume button is not really essential and i like to keep it as clean as possible.

@T. Hanos @NGS | Lightning
You can change the fonts from the ClientScheme.res, you can read the f.a.q about it here:

Sokay.. Thanks for replying and new update! Big Grin b


I'm having a few problems with the hud, namely that the round time doesn't show up on my screen. The killfeed also doesn't show the names of the players, meaning I can't see who killed who.

Edit: Nvm, I fixed it

I love this HUD,the only thing i don't like is that the BG is not transparent when pausing in-match Smile

Yea i agree ^

@Nautek you can change the BG to be transparent in the MainMenuOverride.res at resource\ui
just find
"ControlName" "ImagePanel"
"fieldName" "BackgroundCustom"
"xpos" "0"
"ypos" "0"
"zpos" "-1"
"wide" "f0"
"tall" "f0"
"autoResize" "0"
"pinCorner" "0"
"visible" "0"
"enabled" "1"
"fillcolor" "Background"
and change the fillcolor to something like 0 0 0 100

Also, the build and destroy menu is misaligned for me.

Sweet hud, just one thing, i dont know if its just me but i can open the vote menu but i cant click the call vote button to kick them

@McBox @Mr.Turtle
Fixed both ty for letting me know!


Can u do a customization for building status panel for engineer to upper or down a bit its overlapping the radio commands.Ty

Can u make a YouTube video on how to change font on this hud.. Ever time i do.. It just completely blank.. Nothing. That would be much appreciate! Smile

How can i change the overheal color and the ammo to green? one that's a bit whiter?

U can change the color at color.res if im not wrong.

Copied from the on Github:
My Fonts are looking weird/different from the screenshots how can I fix it?
Go to resource/scheme/fontfiles and install all the fonts (right click on the font file and select install)

How can I change the font?
Go to resource/clientescheme.res and uncomment (remove the //) the font you want to use. Be sure to comment the font no longer in use!

What about Avenir?

A majority of the important HUD aspects work fine on Mac. (HP, Ammo, Main menu etc) It's just a couple details with the font and text in some areas. I'll take a few screenshots and send em to you when I can.

You're clientescheme.res file should look like this if you want Avenir.
#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Default.res"
#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Icons.res"
#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Crosshairs.res"
#base "../resource/scheme/Colors.res"
#base "../resource/scheme/Borders.res"


//#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Game_Nexa.res"
#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Game_Avenir.res"
//#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Game_Neutra.res"
//#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Game_Quake.res"
//#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Game_Roboto.res"
//#base "../resource/scheme/Fonts_Game_Surface.res"

Aight.. I'll try that.. Thanks Smile


Found a small issue with engineer teleporter status:

@bLa Fixed
@S8mmy sure ty!

I assume the change was preload was added to have CP icons work on Valve servers, but in that case it doesn't seem to work.

Yeah the hud had a small typo that didn't make the preload actually work, I still have no idea if it works now tho I'll have to test it.

It's very good but it lacks things to the scoreboard like healing damage

You think you can have a customization that puts the Vaccinator resistance right under your crosshair or above your charge meter? I know it's a really widespread setting, I just thought it would be a tad more convinient.

I finally have switched my mac for a windows and have started using this hud and its absolutely amazing! I love huds that have a clean material look. Although there is one thing that kinda bugs me, the other little bits that don't really fit in the hud like the community servers screen, the little loading box and the chat. Idk what it is I just see it not fitting with the hud. Despite those things, I think I have found my new hud!

top bar with all the player names and class icons is a bit iffy but otherwise this hud is fantastic

Pretty clean and nice looking HUD, thanks for creating this, but still want to ask, is there anyway to make main page background transparent? I wish i can see through the background when opening the console.

Look at McBox's comment.. Where he replied to Nautek

Seem I am blind, thanks anyway.

YW Smile b

I use Linux and my kill feed icons have error textures on them. Is there anyway to fix this?

Team status on top of the screen is kinda ehhh.. I hope u change to something simple.. Great example like m0rehud.. Simple and the respawn time is inside the player.. And this status is important to me if u tell me to just turn if off.. Big Grin

I feel like this HUD should show what server you're in and show the rounds each team has won in the middle of the player menu on the top of the screen. Thanks.

YAY new update!!! (=^.^=)

Damn!! this hud is really impressive. How did you do the names on the player status?

Your HUD is awesome but I don't like the new Class Select Menu Sad
The old one was way better Wink

I also prefer the old class select menu and the old map select menu. Also the payload tracker on the bottom seems to be broken where the cap points are; they're just skinny lines that seem to be just the middle section of the full square.

Thats how i want the pl hud to look, the thin lines are the cap points. I don't really like having big squares in it.

I don't know if it's just this hud or not (doesn't happen on other huds for me so I'm quite sure it's only this), but sometimes when I get a new item it doesn't let me click on any buttons. So, if I go to the main menu and look at the new item notification, I will be forced to restart TF2 because I can't use any buttons on screen.
Could you please look into this?

How do you change the top bar to not make whatever team your on to be green?
Oh and make the chat bigger.

I don't think its a hud problem sadly since i know it happens with different huds even if they don't have a custom *new item found* menu, so there isn't much i can do about it :\
Btw if you press enter it goes away without any problems, no need to restart the game every time you get the bug.

@Sylv (2)
Last version doesn't have the green bg anymore by default so redownload the hud i guess. But just in case you need it the file is HudmatchStatus.res and edit "TeamStatus"
If you make the chat bigger is going to overlap with some other elemets.

I have this overlapping with the class selection screen, I tried using the resolution overrides but it didn't fix it; any way to fix this?

Ok, I have a slight issue. I have installed the HUD however it doesn't work in-game. I have done everything right and it doesn't seem to work. I read the quick installation guides you put into the HUD master and everything should work. I saw what you put in Step 4, but I am not using either of those aspect ratios. I am using 16:9. Should I switch to 16:10 and THEN replace all the files in that one folder? I don't know if that is the problem or not. Now that I think of it, it could be because Scream Fortress dropped. I'm not sure if that is why it's not working or not.

Hey, I'm loving the hud in minmode. Is there a way you could add buttons to the pause menu to fix sound/hud/etc? Kinda like what C Sharp HUD has here: where it says "Fix". I think thery're simple binds to snd_restart, stopdemo, hud_reloadscheme but I find them extremely useful. Otherwise I'd like to add them myself to the menu but I don't know how to customize the hud to that extent. Thank you.

Not sure is this is an issue on my end or not. when in the main menu and I start the queue for casual the window that comes down from the top of my screen overlaps with the level and level progress bar. res: 1440x1080

I'll try to fix it for sure in the next update

@Dat Memelord
Well if you are using a 16:9 resolution then all you need to do is copy the Hypnotize Hud folder and put it into custom no need to do anything else. I'm not sure why it is not working, I mean there are multiple reasons. Are you getting the default hud instead of mine when you launch the game?

Not a bad idea I can add them I just need a good idea on where to put them etc Big Grin

Since it doesn't happen on full hd i forgot to check if it was a problem in any other resolution my bad. I'll see if i can adjust it in any way

I'll work on the next update whenever I have time and good ideas.

Yes I am still getting the normal HUD. The Hypnotize HUD is in my custom folder for TF2 as well, so I don't know what the problem is.

Forgot one tiny thing, before selecting teams I usually hold tab to see who's playing on each team but it doesn't seem to work with this hud. Is it expected? Thank you for the efforts, this is my favorite hud.

Its hard to tell the difference between the loadout for the class.. can u highlight the letter 'A,B,C or D' for the current loadout please.. thank you! Smile ??

can you change the main menu please? the hud is fine but the menu is somewhat ugly (no offense)



What did u change Hypnotize? Changelog is empty tho Sad

I like it as it is right now, it's pretty clean and easy to use so i'm probably not gonna change it anytime soon.

Oh yeah i actually didn't i forgot, I didn't change much just a couple of minor things plus i highlighted again the loadout letters like u said and added some useful tools to the pause menu.

Yay! Thanks Hypnotize! Appreciate it alot!

you are a son of a bitch face dick that fuck hahaha trash

Thank you so much for the support skiwror!


the truth desía a joke but seeing your answer I fell out of laughter jajajajjaja equal good hud

is it possible to change the way the payload caps look? i dont like the little sliver, any help would be appreciated

Hey, hypnotize. Could you add the meet you match stats onto the front page?

Sorry for the late answers, i forgot to check this for a while.

It is possible yeah, the file is ObjectiveStatusEscort.res and I was thinking about reworking it but for now you could use the older version the hud used to have. Just download this version, take the ObjectiveStatusEscort.res file and replace it in the last version of the hud!

I don't really like having them there so probably no sry

This hud is very well made, congratulations!

What's the changelog Hypnotize? Big Grin

Was just 2 or 3 fixes nothing noticeable. When i don't even release a changelog is because is very minor stuff most of the time.

can you make menu transparent while in-game?

hey umm i need some help apprently when i install it and evrything and i load into tf2 i wont work any ideas?


Is there a fix to the thin lines that show up at around the border of the basechat after it has been resized?

I just added a customization for that!

@gamer bro 854
Follow the installation guide file included in the hud if you didn't already, if you did then I'm not sure are you on windows?

I'm not sure what you are talking about there sorry, can you try to provide a screenshot or something maybe?

Alright.. noted.. sorry if I was abit irritated for you. :')

um... HUD doesn't work or is it just me?

great hud! would you consider changing the console and server browser fonts as well? I find the default ones hard to read...

Hey, in mvm as medic, if you get the projectile shield the energy bar is on the same spot as the uber bar. Would you mind fixing that?

how to change background, because i want to use the jojo background

Very good hud but I suggest you move the spy disguise kit menu to the center of the screen, same goes to the engineer buildings menu Smile

help when i download it it dosent appear

This hud is amazing I being using it for 3 months now

this hud is amazing but the clock, soooo small on upper left it's annoying and prevents me to use it

Hi, first I am really happy with this hud, it's simple, effective, light and clean.
Yet I have one thing that annoys me when I am playing MvM : when I am disguised I can't see the number that tells me how much money is left on the ground.

Last point I want to make is about the shield bar in MvM as @lromixl said it.

I'm aware about the medic shield meter overlap problem but I'm yet to find a solution that I actualy like since just moving the shield meter will cause other problems itself. I'll be doing some positioning tests to see how I can adjust it!




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