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WINNERS! The first ever contest!
Well, here we are folks! The winners of the first ever contest are announced!

A huge well done to all who participated, thanks for getting involved and making some awesome looking HUDs. Let's get straight to it.

We'll start with Number 1, the winner of 15 keys:
mHUD by Marblr!
With a staggering 103 votes, a fair jump over the rest of the competition. Well done!

In second place, the winner of 10 keys:
Carrot HUD by J_ͣ_ͬ_ͣ_ͭ_ͤ King!
With 80 votes, he'll also win himself a carrot based item because I said I would if someone made a HUD with a carrot in it somewhere. Top stuff!

In third place, the winner of 5 keys:
cliphud by flatline!
With 67 votes, I really enjoyed watching flatline develop this HUD live on stream. A brilliant entry.

To all other entrants, unfortunately your entries didn't capture the love of the community as the others! However, all entries were fantastic to try out and use, and you should all be proud. Even though you're losers.

But they're not the only winners today. We've still got to announce the winner of the voting phase! A little something-something for the community for getting involved.

We've grabbed all the names of all the voters, put them all together and scrambled them about. The winner has been picked by random, and the winner of the 5 keys is:
Congratulations on the lucky win! Better luck next time everybody else, but don't you worry, we'll be hosting more contests in the future, so you can try your luck at winning in the future.

All the winners will be getting their prizes in the form of trade offers real soon.

I want to give a HUGE thanks to all those involved. This has been way more successful than I could have imagined, and I hope that the forums become useful to you at some point, instead of you all just joining for a contest. I can only hope!

Cheers everyone, until next time.
Kinda ironic that mHud won and clipHud came in 3rd when so many people complained so much about boxes on Congrats to marblr for winning with a hud outta nowhere!

I'm not offended my hud came in dead last since it was the least complete, but hopefully that gives me some motivation to properly complete it eventually.
Thank you so much for the keys! Congrats to carrot hud, it's who got my vote!
Congrats to all the winners! I wonder when the next one will be... :p

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