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VOTE! The first ever contest!
The submissions are in and reviewed, and now it's your chance to vote and pick a winner!

Which of the submitted HUDs tickles your fancy the most? Who do you want to see be the winner of the top prize?

Just as a brief reminder, let's go over what voting means and what you get out of voting:

Quote:"What's up for grabs, omnibombulator? How do I even win? Explain yourself!"

Submission to this contest is absolutely free, let's clear that up first. So, you'll be happy to know that by submitting a HUD, you're in for the chance of winning 15 keys for First Place. 15 entire keys! Woah there! Second Place gets 10 keys and Third Place gets you 5 keys. If you want to win big, put some effort in!

The winner is decided by the community as a whole. At the end of the submission deadline (check below), all the submitted HUDs will be thrown into a poll for the community to vote on. It's down to your awesome design or how many friends you have that will help you win this contest!

"Why should the community vote? What do they get out of it?"
Here's the deal: by voting, you're automatically thrown into a raffle to win 5 keys. Let me repeat that: you get the chance to win 5 keys for simply voting for your favorite submission. One voter will be chosen at random, and that voter takes it all! So it's vital that you vote.

You don't even have to vote for the eventual winner to win the voting prize either. All voters will be put into the raffle, regardless of the outcome.

Want to win those 5 keys? Sign into the Forums with Steam and get voting on your favorite HUD!

Also, just to remind ourselves of the rules surrounding the voting phase:


1) You CAN vote on your own HUD.
Voting on your own HUD is allowed. However, your participation in the vote will not render you viable to win the voting raffle.

2) You cannot use Alternate Steam Accounts to vote on your HUD.
Although this will be hard to manage, we highly discourage this activity. We can check Alternate Accounts on our back end, so if we feel that suspicious activity is in play, we will do our checks. If you are found to have voted on your own HUD using an Alternate Account, your submission will be considered null and you will be banned from the forums.

3) You are free to use other sites, such as Reddit, TFTV, etc. to promote your HUD for votes.
You can use external sources to let users know your HUD is in the voting stage and that you would appreciate votes. It's best to avoid begging in these instances.

4) You cannot offer voters an incentive, such as items or money, to vote.
Bribing other members of the community, even with false promises, to vote for your HUD is not allowed. This covers anything that may gain voters a small prize for voting for your HUD.

Here's a quick rundown of the HUDs you can vote on (in alphabetical order):

BelleHUD - Submitted by Kermit
View the HUD Submission Thread | Download the HUD

Carrot HUD - Submitted by J_ͣ_ͬ_ͣ_ͭ_ͤ King
View the HUD Submission Thread | Download the HUD

cliphud - Submitted by flatline
View the HUD Submission Thread | Download the HUD

edisHud - Submitted by FireStarш
View the HUD Submission Thread | Download the HUD

FKHud - Submitted by colly
View the HUD Submission Thread | Download the HUD

mHUD - Submitted by Marblr
View the HUD Submission Thread | Download the HUD

MonoHUD - Submitted by tnm
View the HUD Submission Thread | Download the HUD

OrigamiHUD - Submitted by Rawrsor
View the HUD Submission Thread | Download the HUD

The best of luck to all entrants, as well as all voters!

Voting phase will be closed on 6/30/2015 (June 30th) at 11:59pm Greenwich Mean Time. Spread the word if you want to win!
Go ClipHud yea Smile
Lots of gr8 huds, nice Initiative to force colly to actually do something omni :^)
Nice contest onni and may the best hud win! Smile

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