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After having a look at minHUD and checking the default files I found a neat trick:
- Using #base for hud files

With this trick you can 'include' other hud files and 'extend' on those by adding your own elements, appending to existing ones or simply changing values of existing elements to move them around on screen.

If you do this for crucial files that are always needed such as clientscheme or hudlayout.res they are easy to update.
Including custom fonts, crosshairs is also much easier.

It also makes for a lot less clutter in hud files you're changing or when just moving elements declared in the default hud file.

Most important HUD features:
- Consistency + easy customizable background colors/tabs/bars in store/co-op/inventory
- Reworked Backpack/Loadout Screen/Item Selection
- 1 HUD file to change all charge bars!
- Increased Killfeed count (20) + reduced size
- Easy to update when Valve makes changes to hud files (extract default hud to stay updated)
- Extending + fixes of the default hud elements and files
- More centered hud elements (health/ammo/charge bars/counters)
- High quality item images in backpack/loadout panels (TFTV thread)
- Thin 'square' boxes instead of fat round bordered boxes
- Mouse over item panel fixes (less useless space around attributes/names)

A small selection of screenshots of what I changed:
[Image: medium.jpg] [Image: medium.jpg] [Image: medium.jpg] [Image: medium.jpg]
[Image: medium.jpg] [Image: medium.jpg] [Image: medium.jpg]

Quick and dirty download link, because atm too many files to sort through for github to not have horrible commits.

Disclaimer: Lots of things are still broken/being fixed!
Nothing is documented, but should be because this is a revolution in hud development!

- Github repo :/
- Proper documentation explaining #base + extending on default hud files
- Team selection screen
- Hud Counters (heads collected/revenge crits)
- Screenshots of store page/cart fixes
I quite like the hud, but I don't really understand your tip to "use #base for hud files".
Could you explain that?
(17-06-2015, 02:17 AM)Commander Keroro Wrote: I quite like the hud, but I don't really understand your tip to "use #base for hud files".
Could you explain that?

When a hud config file is loaded it will also call the file directed to with #base. For example, in the stock dispenser_active.res file, #base points to base_active.res and the rest of the file simply changes labels and icons.

Using #base, you can shrink your file down to a bare diff from stock. For some patches, all you might need to do for an update is replace the stock files. One could even use it for their mod of another person's custom HUD. Personally, I used it to consolidate the disguise menu, engineer menu and some item meter files, each group containing what amounts to copies of each other.

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