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Completed mHUD
[Image: Q83KGui.png]

Hello. This HUD uses translucent black boxes around in-game elements, with a contrasting black/white colour scheme.
This HUD was made for 16:9 resolutions. It does work on 16:10 and 4:3, but there are a few alignment issues which detract from the look.
This HUD is untested on Mac and Linux OS's



I'm looking to finish the HUD after the voting period so I appreciate any feedback being left here or in a TeamFortressTV PM.
Really nice HUD. When it's updated a bit more I'll definitely use this full time.
This. Looks. Amazing!
I've been using this hud ever since I found it. The boxed ammo/hp are a great hud element that i wish more huds used, and I loom forward to seeing it finished - keyboard controls for the inventory would be nice.

One small issue I have though, is the scoreboard. it *looks* fantastic, I gotta say, but the score/streak/ping could use some work - having them as one long string can get incredibly confusing.

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