C Sharp 1.12 Final

HUD Information


This project was made for BLUE MOON and will no longer be functional past October 2018
Thanks to everyone who used and supported this HUD during development

Minimum resolution: 640x480
Maximum resolution: 1920x1080

• Minimalist in-game HUD with clear and legible font
• Custom menus with added functionality
• Scoreboards (32p + competitive)
• Close captions
• Crosshair packs
• Transparent viewmodel support

HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


Vernon Adams - Oxygen font designer
raysfire, creator of rayshud - Main inspiration
Wiethoofd, creator of WietHUD - Main influence
leth - VTF Crosshair pack
Mush. - Quake Crosshairs on TF2
Quik - CPMA crosshairs
Robot - Reworked standard crosshairs pack
Knuckles - KnucklesCrosses
Fog - Fog's Crosshairs v3

Special Thanks

JarateKing - Method to safely override localization files
mastercoms - Script to reduce lingering animations upon death
Zatemedek - Swanky desert road map used in loading screen
clovervidia - Close Captions in TF2 guide


1.12 (FINAL RELEASE 2018-09-29)
• Realigned scoreboard
• Realigned taunt menu

1.11 (UPDATE 2018-09-27)
• Recolored and realigned various VGUI menu elements
• Added missing border in match summary
• Re-enabled character backgrounds on main menu
• Fixed and realigned MvM revive panel
• Defined missing captions

1.10 (UPDATE 2018-09-19)
• Customized VGUI menus
• Improved layout of disguise status "glitched state"
• Resized and realigned heads and killstreak counters
• Realigned arena player count; fixed bug where player count was stuck behind TeamStatus
• Re-enabled replay saved/downloading notifications
• Fixed erroneous captions for engineer moving buildings
• Updated localization file overrides
• Disabled startup video
• Cleaned up code

1.09 (UPDATE 2018-08-09)
• Resized and realigned timepanel in some lower resolutions
• Resized respawntime for 32p servers
• Round indicators slightly resized
• Freezepanel moved to bottom center
• Quest Alert woosh sound (from Pauline's Incoming Message...) replaced with a blank file
• Pauline's "Give Contract" voiceover lines redefined to null.mp3 to avoid error in console
• Unused captions defined to null to avoid errors spamming the console

1.08 (UPDATE 2018-07-31)
• Compacted and adjusted transparency of teamstatus and roundcounter
• Properly centered timepanel labels in all resolutions
• Centered conditions label for 16:9 users in tournament readymode
• Fixed medals and avatars on scoreboard
• Removed Pauline's "Give Contract" lines
• Removed "Incoming Message" panel
• Updated notifications
• Updated training mode

1.07 (UPDATE 2018-07-27)
• Redesigned tournament HUD to align with roundcounter
• Redesigned tournament setup
• Reduced transparency of shadows to prevent looking faded on some setups
• Prevented medic chargeamount sometimes appearing on tournament ready mode
• Increased max. players on competitive scoreboard to 32
• Realigned damage account (last hit)
• Realigned numplayers on control point capture
• Lowered spectator targetid
• Decreased font size of scores on CTF, PASS Time and halloween mini-games
• Recolored disguise numbers to match rest of in-game menus
• Prevented winpanel details ("Winning capture:") from occasionally cutting off
• Re-enabled "killed by the Sentry Gun of (the late)" on freezepanel
• Removed freezepanel callout ("A bit of you!")
• Decluttered "Contracts Available/Contract Inactive" panel
• Added hotkeys to charinfopanel to quickly close the menu (q)
• Existing hotkeys now detailed in README.txt
• Added support for transparent viewmodels
• Updated localization file overrides
• Updated captions

1.06 (UPDATE 2018-07-06)
• Simplified competitive scoreboard
• Properly aligned the server timer
• Properly aligned cptimer (cp_degroot)
• Repositioned teamstatus respawntime shadow

1.05 (UPDATE 2018-07-01)
• Removed deathpanel and skullpanel from teamstatus; repositioned, resized and animated respawntime
• Reduced overlap of winpanelbgborder and team names using certain characters
• Prevented stopwatch description label from appearing mid-game
• Properly centered conditions label in tournament ready mode
• Aligned arenaplayercount with roundcounter and removed old background
• Recolored sourcescheme and various matchmaking elements to better match the rest of the HUD/VGUI

1.04 (UPDATE 2018-06-11)
• Fixed KOTH timers cutting off at some resolutions in tf_use_match_hud 1

1.03 (UPDATE 2018-06-10)
• Updated tournament elements for both states of tf_use_match_hud
• Changed winpanel team names to be all caps
• Removed transparency from sourcescheme (server browser, console, etc)
• Cleaned up menu fonts

1.02 (UPDATE 2018-05-19)
• Added transparency to match status
• Added new rank up message for competitive
• Repositioned 3D player model to the left
• Repositioned disguise status to the left
• Repositioned heads icon slightly to the left
• Repositioned killstreak icon slightly to the left
• Realigned targetid killstreak icon
• Realigned Thermal Thruster icon
• Cleaned up some menu fonts
• Moved crosshair legends and weapon scripts to /scripts/ to declutter root folder

1.01 (UPDATE 2018-03-28)
• Updated info.vdf "ui_version" value to 3

1.00 (RELEASE 2018-02-05)
• Initial release

User Comments

Good Job

Great hud!

holy meme lord

Could you possibly make this Mac compatible in the future?

Could you make a custom home screen that would be great

This hud looks great! Can you make this hud available for Linux? I would love that, Thanks

Also more screenshots

Great in-game HUD, but it could really be improved by changing the rest of TF2's interface to better match the in-game HUD so it has a more consistent design.

This hud it like a fuc**n bomb

To hard to edit or i just bad or lazy lol

The best GUI around is back

Confirmed to work on Linux.

Hey, this hud is great! 9/10. It works 100% on linux Smile

it... it epic! IT VERY EPIC!

the update made game a lot better but it broke the mvm ui
so ill just usin the previous ver til it gets fixed. Thanks

@dont mind me
Thanks for pointing out the mvm ui bug(s), I fixed the revive screen I botched during testing
If there's any more bugs please feel free to reply here

Thanks to everyone here for the kind comments and great suggestions, I'll try implement more of your good ideas when I get the chance

To the 2 people who have asked so far: I don't have a mac or hackintosh to do OSX development, but it will always be on the wishlist

very nice HUD! a modern touch to TF2's HUD!

I like it but i dont have kill counter e.t.c

This Hud is great its giving me a fps and i really really like it

Damn, no more dev. support after October. Well, thanks for the hud Shredder!

Wait so is like the hud going to get updated for new tf2 updates or...?


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 30-09-2018

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