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Completed FKHud

Hi, here's my hud. It's missing some elements but i plan on finishing it completely in the future. The hud is based off of CSGO.
[Image: 6rv8mnj.png]
[Image: 5qjtrNH.png]
[Image: wqxCcQL.png]
Shoutout to jarate for some of the vtfs
added more screenshots
I beg for a training option. Nice hud overall
Really Beautiful Hud but you forgot the Ubercharge panel.
Sorry for your 4 th Sad, A another time Wink
Just one question,Can i upload it in ? (I will put you well on in the credits and will clarify that I am not the author just the uploader)
This is a fantastic HUD, but it's missing Mann Vs Machine elements (including the option to even join a Mann Up game from the menu) and the ubercharge panel.
needs a training on the main menu.
It does not seem to include the backgrounds on the menu and the mouse cursor as the preview image in the OP post shows.
Is there any way to have the chatbox in its default position?
nice job
This HUD is incredible I can't believe I've only just found it, did you ever post it to or etf2l? If so I must have missed it.

My only issue that I'd prefer the scoreboard below the crosshair instead of over it, is there a way to move it? I tried changing "scores" ypos in scoreboard.res but it didn't appear to do anything. I have no idea what I'm doing Sad

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