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Ding ding, we've got hitsounds. Also; some updates.
It's been a while friends. Let's cover some things.

A little while ago, I updated to be a Secure website (SSL Certificates and all that stuff, boring back end junk). However, this actually affected other websites I've made, as I run my sites off the same server. and were straight up considered insecure, and would not let visitors view them without hassle. Oops.

Alongside this, I actually accidentally deleted the entire of, including the database. Don't ask me how, but assume it's because I'm a super genius. To rectify this, we'll start again, and we'll start by hosting Hitsounds on

From today, you'll see a "Hitsounds" tab on the navigation bar at the top, next to "HUDs". The submission system is extremely similar to the HUD submissions, so if you've submitted a HUD before, you'll know the score. If not, it's real simple, so no stress. It's basically the same as the submission system for, although I don't think it looks as nice.

The major difference between submitting a HUD and submitting a Hitsound is there is no queue for Hitsound submissions. This means when you submit a Hitsound, you'll see it on the front page instantly. No waiting for me or Wiethoofd to accept (or more recently, decline) your submissions; it's all automatic for Hitsounds.

So, feel free to upload Hitsounds to your heart's content, and please leave any Feedback about the Hitsound Directory you have in the Site Help & Suggestions forum.

Alongside Hitsounds, I'm also working on a Configs Directory. This won't be out for a little while, so it's worth keeping an eye on my Twitter (@omnibombulator), because I'll likely post updates about that there.

The search function sucks. It's horrible. This is going to be a small section, but basically I'm working on sorting that out. Just thought I'd let you know.

I've had to disable the Contact Form because I've got 295 emails I haven't read and almost 275 of them are spam. This'll be coming back soon, so if you need to get in contact, message myself here or on Twitter. I should be getting a spam-free option up and available quite soon. Sorry about any inconvenience to those trying to get in contact with me.

I basically don't play TF2 anymore. Which is sad, I know. Blame Wiethoofd for lack of previous Update posts. (Sorry Wiet)

And that's about it gang. Enjoy the new features!

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