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Completed edisHud
Hello, I'm FireStarW, "creator" of sweetHud , and 6v6 spectator main. Creating new hud pieces for sweetHud was really fun so I decided to make a hud from scratch for this contest.

This is edisHud, which if you can decipher the name, is meant to have everything on the side in panels. The idea partially came from quake huds and the bowsser5 edit of CBHud that uses gradient panels (which I considered using but decided against it, partially so only my own things were used)
The fonts used in the game are the lovely Ubuntu fonts.

[Image: bVueD2E.jpg]
[Image: sd0dIpw.jpg]
More screenies

For usability purposes, the health cross is by the crosshair, since most of us are probably used to custom huds placing things by the crosshair.

I've managed to get all the core in-game ui done, as well as class select, team select, and the scoreboard, and plan on making this a complete hud, as well as making a minmode that removes the background panels. There are two options, a class image/model panel if you like seeing your hats, and an option for moving the health cross to the side, keeping the center of the screen completely unimpeded.

Download edisHud from it's github page (edisHud is technically optimized for 4:3 res, but all that is affected in other resolutions is the scoreboard and vertical alignment very slightly)
Feedback is welcome.
Did the spy disguise panel
might redo it to be even with the other panels though
Back from vacation and did some things:

Started on the minmode and am now using a blur outline on some text
[Image: 522922E4EB341824D9173658EB714C211DE31CDE]

Re-did spy disguise panel, the icon is to indicate you are disguised
[Image: BDFF8D9E7BDDBD43637269955A0C09586C303F3B]

Scoreboard is now not ugly outside of 4:3
[Image: 66140CD68E758EDDDE78B6C58D0749153B91241F]

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