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Ability to follow HUDs
The ability to follow HUDs would be pretty rad.

HUDs are constantly getting updated, whether it be bug fixes, new features or new game updates. No one is always posting updates in the Releases section of the forums. Being able to 'subscribe' to your favorite HUDs would make keeping up with them much easier and would influence people to update their changelogs/screeenshots. 

This could be achieved in a variety of ways:
  •  from updating the 'Your Profile' page forthis feature
  •  creating a bot for the website to send you PMs (which could also have a lot of other interesting uses)
  • or simply subscribing with RSS/Atom 2.0
Because I'm not a web designer, in fact I'm just starting to learn JavaScript, but you guys run a good website so I think you're up to it.

Kyle Williams
Supersonic2041 | a Medic main

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