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Completed Carrot HUD
[Image: ooc9g38.png]
[Image: 5qhJ7CA.png]

Howdy, it's Jarkin here

I didn't try to do anything too crazy with this hud. I didn't really go for something overly odd or bulky, and I decided I'd focus on something simple and clean, working with a white-and-green colorscheme and blurred shadows (though it's not that obvious in the screenshots, it looks pretty smooth ingame). The font I used in this hud was a slightly modified Source Sans Pro. The colorscheme I went with, the white and green, was roughly inspired by a local burger restaurant that tries to be a bit too much like Five Guys (pretty nice burgers though).

I'm sure someone's going to ask it, so the way you get your graphics to look like that is with a separate mod of mine, Clean TF2 (second thing).

Hope you enjoy!
Looks really nice! You've got a great color scheme and those shadows are awesome. Keep up the good work! Big Grin

Is the loose cannon/sticky meter supposed to be in the top left?

[Image: a27b58c474.jpg]

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