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Completed cliphud

Hey, I'm flatline.  This is my entry into the hud contest, cliphud. Inspired by bxhud, cliphud uses rounded borders along with tried-and-true formats to bring a new twist on a classic hud design style.

Current status: WIP

What's left?
-Main menu
-CP icons?
-MOTD/server-join boxes

This hud only works in:

4:3 may be explored sometime in the future but resolution optimization is just, terrible, awful, like killing puppies terrible.


Github download (AT YOUR OWN RISK):

Thanks for looking at this dumb post where I vomit words,

The class selection looks pretty neat, hope to see how this HUD evolve .
What's the medic panel looking like at the moment?

Either way, good to see you've finally submitted. Well done so far man.
[Image: 4be3c12fc4.jpg]

Also adding to the imgur album.
Adding in HudAccent value to customize several things like hud highlight menu color and all that. Currently only in use on the class select screen, (in order to get around valve's stupid bullshit with team colors). Default is a minty color:

[Image: 73fd5589c9.png]
[Image: e5784884e6.jpg]

[Image: 01f2de2ecf.jpg]
Version 1.1 released, which adds boxless HP as a customization option:

[Image: h8Shb2A.jpg]
Works great on 1680x1050 (16:10 resolution) except some minor font distortion most probably caused by its scaling - I will send you a screenshot later Smile
How can I turn off the crosshair included in this HUD?

EDIT: Fixed the crosshair myself Smile Here's the screenshot of the font problem I mentioned earlier: (you can see the font being distorted in some places)
and the screenshot of ClipHUD working at 16:10:

EDIT2: Another thing I've noticed is that the hit indicator doesn't disappear on screenshots.

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