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Completed BelleHUD
Yo what up, I'm kermit. I'm the co-creater of JayHUD (that used to be listed here) and have made various little edits of other huds for friends. I'm here to give you BelleHUD, a HUD I've only been working  for two weeks or so so it's a little rough around the edges. The in-game ui should be fine to use though, the menus and such haven't been customised much at all yet but I'll get round to that.

The HUD was originally based off of an idea I had when I saw an old version of CBHUD(I think), and decided to roll with it. The in-game ui is based off of this idea, where one shape, in this case a triangle, in the middle acts as a health meter, team indicator and the part I'm most proud of, an uber meter. The HUD is relatively minimal which is how I personally like my HUDs to be.

A few things to note is that the HUD has only been tested on 1920x1080 (16:9) windows so there may be a lot of issues in other resolutions. The triangular health meter sadly only works on dx9, the uber meter is ok to use on any dxlevel though. These refracts also kinda cut off parts of viewmodels, not by an awful lot but I understand people may be put off by this.

Enough talking, here is a download to the HUD: GitHub Download

Screenshots can be found here: Imgur Album

Shoutout to Jarkin for giving me pointers for getting the refracts how I wanted them.
Shoutout to Qualx for the uber meter.
Credit to whoever made PVHUD for the target IDs and to anyone else I may have forgotten.
This HUD is so interesting that I'm actually going to switch off of noto to use it. I love the triangular health "cross" and really my only issue with it is that I'd rather have the damage in the scoreboard closer to the kills, but that's mainly a personal preference since I main demo.
(29-05-2015, 11:24 PM)B.romine Wrote: This HUD is so interesting that I'm actually going to switch off of noto to use it.

Kermit you're ruining me.

Good job on the HUD though, I always like to see something different!
For anyone that checks these forums I've updated the HUD for the new update.

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