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Completed OrigamiHUD
[Image: EDU53RS.png]

Hi, I'm Rawrsor, creator of MintHUD and other unfinished projects that I'll probably never get around to. So, this is my entry, a HUD called OrigamiHUD. It's a minimal/stylistic HUD that features large readable health/ammo numbers and animated low health/ammo indicators. So far it's only been tested in 16:9 on Windows, so lemme know if there are any bugs!

//To Do
-KOTH Timers/Objective panels
-A lowered version (not enough time/patience at the moment)



Font: Advent Pro and Roboto Slab by Google (

Icons: Various icons by Various artists (

Anyone who's helped me along the way with the little questions I've had! : )
Added all counters/item meters and the medic HUD and added a grey bit on the ammo box to make it feel less empty

<screenshots moved to main post>
i think you should make the gray bar on the ammo also team colored for more consistency, but it looks pretty nice

Got some low health/ammo indicators workin. Not much else has changed, fixed the demo charge meter, going to be doing TargetIDs soon.
Updated main post with download/other links. Added in damage numbers and the targetID stuff
Oh man that looks great, i'm really looking forward to the future of this HUD. Perhaps try and reposition the killstreak-counter? It looks messy with big numbers.
Make a lower version.
Very nice job, will there a lowered version, and will there be support for training mode? Smile
Nice man! Quite like this design but maybe make the ammo vertically centered? Ammoinclip number seems to be to close to the top making me feel cluttered. Maybe look into that grey bar below hp number into being a HP bar? That could look nice. Colour changes depending on hp level (Only 3 colour changes available but still might be a nice addition Smile GL!

Sneak peak of main menu looks awesome and keen to see how this finishes Big Grin
Changed the size/position of the Killstreak/Heads/Crit numbers and added the scoreboard.

<screenshots moved to main post>
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