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A clean and fresh Team Fortress 2 Hud. Minimal elements provide the least distraction and quickest access to important information.

Paste into console: tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health 1

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HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization

Special Thanks

Everyone in my Discord for being helpful and active <3


v.0.5.7 (Good to be back - August 12th 2019)
- Edited the HudMatchStatus (top bar player list)
- Removed the skull icon
- Removed skull icon background
- Changed the font for top bar respawn timer

<<< ( BIG sorry to all of you for letting you wait. I was busy writing my final exams and i'm glad to say that i'm ready for some future updates <3 This one actually took me a long time. ) >>>

+ v.0.5.6 [April 23rd 2019]
- scoreboard fix for 4x3 resolutions (sorry)

v.0.5.6 [April 22nd 2019]
- MVM is now fully playable
- Font changes on the main menu (due to suggestions and complains)
- Removed unnecessary animations and files for better performance

v.0.5.5 [Mar. 8th 2019]
- some visual changes i guess :D
- the "quit game" button does quit the game instantly again
- Updated the 16x9 Scoreboard (was an older file)

v.0.5.4 [Oct. 26th 2018]
- changed the color of the personal stats to match the theme of the hud
- added dueling minigame labels to the scoreboard
- fixed a bug causing the %killername% to disappear sometimes

v.0.5.3 [Oct. 4th 2018]
- Medic %-label now has a dropshadow (easier to see)
- Cleaned up the HudMedicCharge.res
- fixed positioning problems with some elements
- Changed the color from the 'Streak' label when holding a killstreak weapon
- Further optimizations on the WinPanel

v.0.5.2 [Sep. 1st 2018]
- Reworked the WinPanel
- Changed font for 'Friends' on the mainmenu
- updated version number on the mainmenu
- Organized folders

v0.5.1 [August 13th 2018]
- Fonts are no longer needed to be installed manually
- Optimized text positions to prevent overlapping
- Added text shadows to the Frontier Justice crits
- Even longer names can now be displayed on the Scoreboard
- Cleaned up files

v.0.5.0 [June 13th 2018 - 10pm]
- fixed 4x3 files (some were still 16x9 due the editing)

v0.5.0 [June 13th 2018]
- changed background for the new fresh feeling of a new version
- removed the menu font customization
- moved down the map images on the loading screen
- further optimizations on the scoreboard
- chat doesnt move itself anymore
- you can now change the medal on the main menu from casual to comp and back
- you can now see the highest killstreak after every round
- fixed the MM text being cut of if you don't have a rank
- fixed the target id cutting off on to long names (still does on super long names)
- fixed the multi queue showing an 'U'
- added a MultiQueuesManageButton to leave either MM or Casual when queued for both
- cleaned up fonts (removed unused)

v.0.4.9 [May 15th 2018]
- added the lobby chat to the main menu (top left corner)
- moved the last dmg / healing done between health and amo (easier to see)
- updated readme file
- updated version number on the main menu
- reworked the scoreboard
- KOTH timers are now there where they should be
- Reworked the chat box
- Moved chat box to the top (moves down itself sometimes, don't know why)

v.0.4.8 [April 14th, 2018]
- Ingame Queue 'Close' button is now visable and clickable (ingame pause)
- Reduced the size of the 'Resume Game' button to be able to close the Ingame Queue
- Moved the Ingame Queue icon to the top right
- Reworked the TargetID (Heath is not longer being cut off when floating above a player)
- Removed the Text shadow from the Target Name (was necessary for the Health fix)
- Reduced the size of the TargetID health

+ v.0.4.7 [April 10th, 2018]
- Moved the time receive under the round/server timer
- Removed the huge black bar that you got when you have full uber
- Moved the respawn timer in tournament mode* (was in last changelog as well but got changed here)

v0.4.7 [April 8th, 2018]
- New Readme file (easier to understand)
- Added Mainmenu Font customization
- Added shadow to the TargetID Name (easier to see if you don't use a TargetID BG)
- Added necessary files for the Ingame Queue Status
- Added map Images on the loading screen
- Added a file to fix a name, medal, etc. positioning problem after a casual round ended (thx to Donell)
- Removed the medal and level status from the playlistentery
- Removed the transparent viewmodels support (was causing problems on some maps. 'koth_Sawmill' for example)
- Removed the greyish bar on top of the screen
- Changed TargetID Name Font
- Changed the button colors for 'Find A Game' 'Disconnect' and 'Resume Game'
- Reworked the 'Join Now' button after queueing for a casual/comp game
- Reworked the tournament-setup panel (Each Player Setup)
- Reworked the tournament-setup panel (Team Setup)
- Reworked the tournament timer
- Reworked the stream list
- Moved the contraker and twitch button to the bottom of the screen
- Moved the respawn timer in causual/comp
- Moved the respawn timer in tournament mode*
- Moved up the 'Quit' and 'Leave' button to fit into the shaded box that pops up after clicking 'Find A Game'

- Fixed a positioning issue with the Round/Server timer and the Ready/Not Ready UI
- Added necessary files that were added with the most recent update
- Moved the weapon name and player name "Spy while disguised" so it doesnt overlap with the Health anymore due font changes
- Changed the ingame pause menu font to match the main menu
- Rank Medal is now clickable. yey :)
- Updated the Readme file

- Hud is ready for the most recent update
- Hud is now supporting Transparent Viewmodels
- Added backgrounds to some fonts to make those easier to see
- Font Changes on the MainMenu

v.0.4.4 [Small Update]
- Mostly visual changes
- Reworked the Classselection (Now with Blu/Red stripe)
- Reworked the Scoreboard (Added a shaded line for spectators - Spectators were hard to see before)

- You can now see your respawn timer in casual
- Moved the last DMG done to the left - was overlaping with healing numbers
- Healing Numbers now have the same font as last DMG
- The Mute, Report and Vote buttons (ingame) don't have a white box opening up anymore
- Removed unnecessary files

- Reworked the Spy Disguise Panel - not overlaping with the enemy Name anymore
- Reworked the Freezecam Panel - now in the middle of the screen and nicer to look at
- Moved the last DMG done above the Health so it doesnt overlap with the Health while beeing buffed
- Minimalistic changes on the Scoreboard - added text shadows
- Ingame Store is now fully usable - some buttons were not clickable
- New and Fresh mainmenu background

- Selecting resolution for the Hud is now more self explaining
- Added avatars to the scoreboard
- Added the War Paint button to the backpack menu
- Reworked overheal and healing numbers (now blue)
- Removed the greyish overlay on your personal stats (while joning a server)
- Repositioned the 'Loading' text (while joining a server)
- Repositioned the map name and map type so they won't overlap each other anymore
- Fixed a bug causing the main menu overlay being visible when receiving a new item
- Fixed a bug causing the backpack pages overlap with the page buttons when you've got more then 17 pages

- Hud download file file is now .zip (couple of people had problems with .rar)
- The main menu is now showing the casual EXP bar, your level and your name
- Updated version number on the mainmenu
- Reworked the main menu UI
- Removed the backpack background ( to many bugs )
- Reworked the Target ID - fixed a bug causing the last number being cut off
- Reworked the personal stats (when you're joining a server)
- Reworked the background (when you're joining a server)
- Reworked the Map name and 'Joining' text (was overlapping with the top
- Removed unnecessary fonts
- Moved the ingame chat (bottom left now)
- Fixed a bug causing the Medic Health overlapping with your own health when he's healing you
bar of the game)
- Damage numbers are even bigger now
- Removed the MOTD label

- Changed Color for damage (more visible i think)
- Added Background for Character setup, backpack, crafting, and item selection.
- Added more 16x9 and 4x3 files to customize (killstreak and spectator)

v 0.3.2
- Added/Changed necessary files for the Contracker
- Added PDA button to the Mainmenu
- Added Twitch button to the Mainmenu
- Removed unnecessary files
- Fixed an issue causing the Map-Change background overlapping with some other elements
- updated the version number on the Mainmenu
- hopefully fixed an issue causing the Hud File being corrupted for some users. (Im using WinRar version 5.50 and it works perfectly fine for me)

v 0.3.1
- Added new font to the Hud (UKNumberPlate)
- Added 4:3 and 16:9 Spectator overlays
- Bigger font for damage numbers
- Changed font for Health and Ammo (now bigger)
- Fixed not being able to see the Vaccinator charges
- New TeamMenu* overlay (*when you select a team)

v 0.3.0
- Ready for the Jungle Inferno update
- Click on 'FesHud' button for motivation ;)
- Complete new main menu overlay (now works with the Pyro Update)
- gamemenu.res is now doing its job (you don't crash anymore while joining a server)
- New Main Menu Background
- Some small font and button positioning changes
- The weapons: Bazaar Bargain, Air Strike, Eyelander now have the 'Heads Collected' counter at the same place.
- New 'Report Players' button Image (old one didn't show anymore for some reason)
- Removed the Casual experience bar on the main menu (placement issues) -> you can still get it back in: resource\ui\mainmenuoverride.res under "RankPanel" (default numbers are still there)
- New Console toggle button (some players can't use the console after the Pyro Update. Just click the 'Console' button on the main menu and you'll be fine)

- Added Mute Players / Report Players / Call Vote Buttons again
- Added 'Streak' text to the Killstreak counter
- Medic uber is not longer overlapping whith the healing targetID
- Vaccinator UI bug fixed
- New Medigun healing UI
- New Spectator Overlay on non Valve Servers (such as servers)
- New DemoSpec Overlay (for watchig Demos)
- Fixed a main menu bug causing the 'Find A Game' Buttons being out of sync
- Ammo in reserve and damage numbers have the same color now
- Hopefully fixed the Bug causing the main menu background picture being corrupted for some users

- Fixed a bug that caused the Playermodels in the item selection menu were not being visible sometimes
- Fixed a bug causing the ItemQuickSwitch being visable after joining a server (and not going away anymore)
- Fixed some bugs in the Backpack Panel
- Removed unnecessary 'Delete' and 'No Action' Buttons
- Added Page Jump Buttons in the backpack
- Added Restore & Save Map selection buttons in Casual (thx to Forry)
- The Scoreboard can now display max.12 players instead of max.9
- Spy Disguise Status is not longer overlapping with the 3d model of the enemy player

- Made a complete new main menu UI overlay
- Fixed some main menu UI bugs
- Weapon quickswitch menu is now between health and ammo and has a grey background now.

v.0.1.7 Public release
- Moved Health and Ammo a bit more to the Bottom corners
- Moved the Killfeed to the Top right
- Changed the Main menu background to a forrest picture

User Comments

i got windows 10, so I can't download it Sad

you are not alone dude Sad

File is corrupt?

probably but he linked another dl on his steam profile if you wanna try it

In the pictures..How did you make your tf2 look like that?

@{A.P.G} If you mean viewmodel of the weapons then he's using minimal viewmodels.

The hud isnt workin pls fix also im on windows 10 if that helps

The hud isnt workin pls fix also im on windows 10 if that helps

woops twice

any way i think its a real clean hud but yeh it aint workin for windows 10

It should work with Windows 10. Im using it on Win10 as well

make sure the file is in: Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\

@-SRank- No i meant the evironment of the game like the walls and the models of the skin details it looks so low res i wanna know how he (or she) did it like that

Im using a FPS config

Thank you for telling now all i need is the name so i can download it myself

Is there a 16v16 scoreboard option? Or is the scoreboard itself 16v16?

no sorry just 12v12 maybe 13v13 but not more

Man how to mute players in this hud

Hello I was wondering on the next time you update your hud if you will be adding a custom crosshair pack with it?

I really love the way this HUD looks! Will you be able to be available to us Linux users?

¿where is the store?

I can't install it on Windows 10 >Sad

@ReeqoGaming: I’m using/developing this hud on win10 myself. Make sure you place the correct folder in the right search part. has an installation guide if you’re unsure.

If i wanted to change the hud a bit, how would I be able to do it? I just had the idea because it says easy customization.thanks.


Looks Very Nice & Clean. Thanks fstiv_ for this HUD.

pretty gud 10/10

The hud file was in the custom file and it showed the normal Hud.

But anyways,good luck with adding the Jungle Inferno Update.

does not work with the updates of these months and does not load :'v

I'm unable to open the hud files. I continue to get the error here and I can not figure out what I do.I have used the hud in the past and figured it out but I'm unable to remember what I needed to do. Help would be appreciated.

Sorry if this isn't the place to say it, but how do you have no shine on things and have weapon skins? I've been looking for so long now

where is the replay button?

This hud is Awsome but it lacks updates

File is corrupted i cant open it

Work fine for me - are you using WinRAR? @JJkuba007


File is corrupted

@KenyZx i have the same problem too

Works fine for me too.

I have some problems:
- Post-game screen, all the text is in one place (can't see anything).
- If you trade an item and you recieve it, you can't accept that you got it in homescreen.
- Many listing options (like choosing hitsound) don't work at all. When you press the arrow to choose nothing happens.
- The loading text that comes to screen when loading into the game is partly hidden under the party, play and exit bar on the top of the screen.
- (This one maybe just for me) The hud makes my games performance drop a lot.

Although this HUD is really nice looking and it's really good for competive (minus that FPS drop thing)!
Really well done! Hope you fix the issues I had. :3

I download your hud but it tells me that the file is damaged,
download it five times

No respawn timer, probably need to add that.

The file won't open, it says it archived.

@SouauoS pls use winRAR or 7zip

I cant fuckingdownload the hud its so good I wanna use it

By the way, if anybody doesn't know, this HUD works on a 16:10 ratio. I think. I haven't had any problems with it so far.

What do i do with the 4x3 file? If i play on 4x3

Is there supposed to be a respawn timer? I don't see it... Also, when playing as spy, the disguise's health is obstructed by the disguises name and model. The scoreboard also glitches, like when the game finishes and everyone's stats are squashed to the left. However, I feel this is the best HUD I've used so far. I especially liked the rainbow flashing when uber is ready. Keep up the great work!

Seems to be a good hud,it might need some changing in the main menu.

this hud don't works :^(

Dang, I kinda liked how you would change the background based on the season or something. Or maybe you never did and it was just a coincidence that during winter the background changed to a snowy forest scene. I wouldn't know, I'm just a pitiful crackhead who thinks yellow snowmen are funny.

@fstiv_ Pls update the hud. Sad

@Bananowy Dealer: Done

@fstiv_ thx.
P.S This is my favourite hud.

@fstiv_ thx.
P.S This is my favourite hud.

Great hud.
It works 100% on linux, but i had to install all the fonts first.

Nice thanks for telling me Smile

gr8 m8 I r8 8/8

i keep seeing flashing white boxes and lines, how do i fix this?

this hud is vey beautiful, but i dont know why i cant use the hud, because i dowloaded but it doesnt work ( i put in them in the rigth folders

@Mi Ganso :v I’ll add you on steam to help you

@fstiv_ i accept your request

@fstiv_ could you make version with transparent viewmodels please? would be great!

@Mario Cat:
since v0.4.7 [April 8th, 2018]
- Removed the transparent viewmodels support (was causing problems on some maps. 'koth_Sawmill' for example)

This is the HUD I'll be using for now on, but I found a minor issue. When you level up after a casual match, the 'Level' goes on top of the amount of xp you currently have which makes it harder to read. Other than that, I think it's a great HUD.

Does this hud works with custom overhauls and/or reanimations?

Does this hud works with custom overhauls and/or reanimations?

What fonts is the HUD made of?

How do you use min viewmodel?

tf_use_min_viewmodels 1

Feshud v0.5.7 rewritten for UberUpgrades Mode
Displays Full Values of:
- Your own Hp
- Healed Teammate / Healer HP
- Teammate HP (only up to 5 numbers)
- Deathscreen HP
- Buildings HP
- Spectator's Player HP

- MVM ready up Check fix
- Spectator Bars Fix




If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 12-08-2019

If you're unsure how to install a HUD, check out our installation guide to help you through it.


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