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My personal edit of broeselhud_blue.
Hit me up on the steam group for updates, assistance and bug fixing:
And don't forget to look at readme.txt and customization.txt for information.

HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


Doodle's resource page and users

Special Thanks

Shoutout to my friends for giving me initial feedback and suggestions


*Last update 04/08/2018*
- Minor tweaks
- Restored most of the matchmaker menu to its original state
- New class menu (removed resolution fixes as it no longer breaks)

*New entry to customization.txt
As of March 28th damage numbers color resets to red for most people on startup due to the new color slider in advanced settings
Add this to your autoexec to prevent this from happening:

hud_combattext_red 255
hud_combattext_green 255
hud_combattext_blue 255

User Comments

this hud is very clean

ive just seen the pictures and i already like this might be better that smeshud!

Very beautiful hud my dude

This is a beautiful and well made hud.

very sexy

i would rly like it if u put minitoggle and it will minimize the numbers and the number will be in the middle of ur screen just below ur crosshair i would like that but its a well made hud gud job

I was in tears after eating my sanvich, but this is my new main hud.

it didn't work Sad when i start team fortress 2 it gave me default hud can you please fix it

this looks like a good hud bearnut and im gonna test it out to see if it has any flaws if thats okay with you

@(?P.B.G?) Startthesummer That'd be much appreciated, thanks for stopping by

@MarioPauls Could you detail on how you installed the hud? I'll take a guess and say you installed the 4x3 fixes alone, you're supposed to install bearhud_final first and then merge the content of 4x3 with the content of bearhud_final

Looks good, good job Big Grin

This HUD is amazing! Great work Smile

Nice HUD, Bearnaut

Nice HUD but it will be awesome that you can add the remaining elements for the rest of gamemodes. Also, in casual mode the scoreboard doesn't show the casual medals. If you could fix this will be great!

Anyway I like it Big Grin

Looks lovely. However, I haven't been able to get it to work and it just shows the default hud. I've seen what you said earlier, but I can't really interpret what you mean by "mix the contents."


wow, so beatiful hud and THIS IS REMAKE OF BROASELHUD OMG

Please make something for competitive or at least leave it in, I hate being in a game with silver ranked players and not being able to tell; unless that's a feature that's there.

@Memable.gif I see now I could've made the instructions clearer. You have to install bearhud_final first then copy the resource folder from 4x3 onto the resource folder in bearhud_final.
@DAN-KEE I haven't gotten a chance to get working on the competitive UI due to issues currently outside my control however I can and will restore the scoreboard medals as soon as I can.
For now I can't do anything as I'm out of town for a few days but I will be back soon enough. Thank you all for your feedback.

@Bearnaut so far i havent found bugs in your hud.i gotta say this is a really well done hud!you dont see that many huds that dont have bugs . <3

Hey nice clean HUD but there is no competitive seriously. I'm a competitive player so why there is no competitive.

@[SMS] Leaky |
I'll take this opportunity to explain why I haven't done any edits to the competitive UI: As far I'm concerned there isn't a way for me to visualize the competitive hud elements that aren't in the main menu so I can't change what I can't see unless I enter a competitive/casual game and do the edits while there's a game going on, which I can't do because my internet is so bad the matchmaker cannot place my anywhere. Take my word for it, unless there's a way I don't know about, those elements are going to remain unedited for a while.
Also just to clarify, when says something isn't supported it doesn't mean the elements don't exist, the competitive ui is there but it's not edited.

@(?P.B.G?) Startthesummer
Thanks for the inspection my dude, it's nice for me to see things are working for everyone. I'm home now so I can get back to working on updating.

As long as the competitive mode works (which it should since I think is the same as broesel blue right?) its fine if you set it as supported!
Same thing with mannpower, player destructions ect, you didn't edit the modes ui but still they are supported and you can play them without crashes or missing parts.

I was not aware of that, thank you for the headsup my dude :> I will change that now

Weird. After installing this, everytime I eat a sandvich/beef, a voice track plays. The words I could make were: "That sandvich sure is yummy!

Okay, but is this included?

Nevermind. Found it.

i love this hud. it is very clean but however there is one thing that needs to be fixed.
here is the thing.
if i click on the competitive button to play competitive it gives me my contract screen... same thing happens when i click on contracts.
so is this something you messed up while making this hud? or did i install it incorrectly? i would like to see a fix on this becouse i like playing with this hud but i can't play in competitive. anyway i apreciate your work

i see. i didn't notice the comment you placed.

Holy embarrasing, I don't know how I let that one slip lol sorry about that, it's fixed now

also @bearnut can you add me on steam ?i think you are a pretty cool dude

@(?P.B.G?) Startthesummer
Sorry mate I stopped adding random people a while ago

so, this hud wont work for me. suggestions?

@no steppe on pepe
Can you described how it won't work? Also did you look at readme.txt?

Hey, i love this HUD, BUT pls say me how to change the loadout & backpack background (i hate it in white colour)

@NBP is d MVP
Sure thing man, the process is a bit tedious but I'll walk you through it.
The files that control those backgrounds are:
BackpackPanel.res in Resource/UI/econ/
ClassLoadoutPanel.res in Resource/UI/
CharInfoLoadoutSubPanel.res in Resource/UI/
statsummary_embedded.res in Resource/UI/
ItemSelectionPanel.res in Resource/UI/
I think those are all of them, if I missed any please let me know.
Open each with a program like notepad, wordpad or notepad++ (I recommend the last one) and within the first lines of text in every single one of those files you should find the following line
"bgcolor_override" "135 135 135 255"
To change the background color just put in a different value (RGBA format), for example "46 43 42 255" is the default color so it would look like this:
"bgcolor_override" "46 43 42 255"
Do this while tf2 is closed otherwise you won't see the changes. Don't forget to save changes.
Hope it helps

It's fixed
Thanks for help me, I see a little troubles in the HUD with the constructions, maybe you want to change them (like sentry has no draw or it's in the same place as the chat, move it a bit more down maybe can help).
In MvM maaaaybe, are a bit annoying the transparent buttons (on my opinion) of cancel, accept & refund (maybe put a little border), i play a lot mvm so i'm a little perfectionist.
I try to feedback & hope you got some ideas for have your "perfect HUD"

what is the font?

@NBP is d MVP
No problem my dude, I'll see into those things you mentioned when I get a chance.

Font is KG Sorry Not Sorry Chub

Chitoge <3

what is the font used in this hud im in love with it

ima be honest here i didnt quite like your hud but the font is amazing. i want to use this font in toonhud but i dont know how to put this KGSorryNotSorryChub.ttf in there can someone help me?

ima be honest here i didnt quite like your hud but the font is amazing. i want to use this font in toonhud but i dont know how to put this KGSorryNotSorryChub.ttf in there can someone help me?

That's fine my man. Regarding toonhud I believe you have to put in the font's name instead of the file's name on the fields where you want the font to be used so it should be like this:
I also think you must install the font before doing this. I hope it works.

Broken link was fixed just now, sorry about that :/ I don't know why dropbox wouldn't work so I uploaded the file to

Please make this available to us Linux users, it looks very clean.

My problem with the bear hud is that the change class menu in game is broken, hud looks good but the change class is broken please help me!!! The Spy, Engi and Pyro won't show up in the menu!

Here's a little extract from the readme.txt included within the .rar, it's a bit redundant but I believe it is explainatory enough:
If you play on 4:3 aspect ratio, install bearhud_final first then copy the resource folder within 4x3 and paste it onto the resource folder in bearhud_final
If you play on 16:10 aspect ratio, install bearhud_final first then copy the resource folder within 16x10 and paste it onto the resource folder in bearhud_final

If enough people request it I'll look into it

Thanks for dropping by

Good job bearguy

This hud fits the style of game TF2 goes for; a goofy, sort of childish, and westerny. The font helps the hud feel more suited for a game unlike these other ones that try to go for the professional look and. Good luck with the continuation of this hud, and I hope to see more!

Can you add a 16v16 scoreboard option?

I can, but this is one of those matters of how many people would like it so it may have to wait a little while :/

Sure. I can wait. Smile

I want to like this hud, but it has some kind of sloppy things like meters overlapping each other on demoknight and health when you mouse over people being cut off. The worst though is that it doesn't show the cart or point progress for the map which means I have to uninstall this hud.

Yeah that's my bad though the missing payload/cap elements are strange since they've always worked, nevertheless I will work on it, hopefully everything will be on place by the next update which will be done soon

I can't edit comments... my comment early came off perhaps rougher than I intended. Over all it is a beautiful HUD, there are a couple little nuances but speaking with Bearnaut directly he's a super cool guy and really responsive.

Hello dudes and dudettes, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates in the last 3 weeks, I've had 0 motivation to get anything done and there's really nothing else around it. Seeing that there is a big update coming along that is bound to break some things I'm going to take advantage of it to not just add support for whatever new features are introduced but also fix a couple elements that have been requested a little while ago (backpack quality borders, closed captions, etc).
Thank you all for your feedback and your patience, and again, I apologize for the lack of updates.

update is live boyos, thx 4 patience

would be great if you can put transparent files in the default huds file. Cant set the config and scripts correctly myself and already took me hours.

Seeing that overtime a bit more than a few people have asked something reffering to transparent viewmodels, I'll look into it for the next update

can you plz fix the bug where the time is not showing

Could you be more specific, maybe take a screenshot?

Could you make a centered version, like the min mode version is the centered and the default is the default version basically?

Sorry man, I don't have any plans for that, not for a good while at least

Is there any way to change the positioning of the model in the bottom left corner?

yes there is, head over to hudplayerclass.res in resource/ui/ and mess around with "classmodelpanel" although it can get a bit confusing so you may wanna try this video by rays

i love this hud <3

is there a way to change the font of the hud? i like the hud layout, scheme and general aesthetic but the font really ruins it for me.

This should suffice
if you have any more questions feel free to leave 'em here or in the steam group

did this hud get upgraded for jungle inferno_?

and is the main menu image stuck as the one shown in the preview image or can we change it?

Yes, the hud is updated for jungle inferno and yes the main menu image is the same for everyone though if you want to change it I can show you how to.

@Bearnaut it's not working

can you specify what isn't working? make sure you're using the most recent version and that it is also properly installed

As of 12/21/2017 I will be moving out of my country (at long freaking last) to Chile. I'll be focused on starting my life over in a completely new enviroment so of course this means I won't be updating my hud nor be as active on steam as I could for an uncertain amount of time. Wish me luck!

I don't know why but when I extract it shows all of my files, so I guess this some kind of guy who likes stealing your personal information.

@Specific Classes
Uh, care to elaborate a little more on that please?

crosshairs dont work (for now).ill try to fix it myself but if anyone know how to fix itll be awesome.
the crosshairs just dont load properly so it looks like purple and black checker pattern

Nice job Big Grin

@(its not me )
Try installing the fonts before loading the hud, that may be the cause of the issue.

Does the hud show damage above health or anything like the sort? Thanks!

@GoodGuyG4 It does


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

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Last Updated: 08-04-2018

If you're unsure how to install a HUD, check out our installation guide to help you through it.


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