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Completed MonoHUD
Hello guys, i'm tnm, i usually edit huds for my personal usage, but this time i tried to build my own.

The hud is called MonoHUD. It is inspired by devamar_10 material design hud. The main idead behind creating this GUI was to build a rather default-lookish, but still attractive HUD. The hud utilizes black&white colorscheme. It is fully supported in 16:9 and 4:3 on Windows.
[Image: 2MuFTWh.jpg]
[Image: RbLVIJN.jpg]
[Image: lULCJ4F.jpg]
[Image: ppcN9O9.jpg]
To-do list: Arena Stuff, MvM stuff, anything else i screwed up.
More Screenshots

Looking for your feedback.
I like the way you've done the charge bars, with the name to the side and then the bar next to it.

Looking good so far, thanks for your submission so far Smile
This is looking really really good Memeproof!
I can't wait to the see the future of this HUD.
Those charge bars are amazing, looks really clean and minimal. I' m liking where this hud is going,
Keep up the good work!
Very minimalistic, and as the others said I love what you've done with the charge bars, good work!
Updated main post.

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