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HUD Installation for Linux
This is the Installation Guide for the Linux Operating System
Click here for the Windows Installation Guide
Click here for the Mac Installation Guide

HUD Installation for Linux

Before doing anything else, locate your Team Fortress 2 folder. It should be found in ~/.local/share/Steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf. Here, you should create a folder named custom. This is where our HUD files will be stored.

The next thing to do is to download the HUD you wish to use. Be sure that the HUD you are using is Linux Compatible. Usually, they will come downloaded in a compressed .zip, .rar, .7z or another compression file. You'll then need to extract the file, which is explained here.

Locate the newly extracted folder. Inside, depending on how the HUD has been packaged, you will always find 2 folders named "resource" and "scripts". Some HUDs may come with other folders, such as "materials". Copy the folder that "resource" and "scripts" are located inside (not the resource and scripts folders themselves) and paste it into the tf/custom folder.

Make sure all folders are named in lowercase, as UPPERCASE letters are unsupported by Linux.

Now, load up your game. If done correctly, you'll be greeted by a nice, new HUD!

This guide could still do with some images! Contact omnibombulator if you wish to supply them.

Still having issues? Feel free to post any problems you are having in this thread!
My steam folder does not have anything except a folder called ''logs''
(08-04-2018, 04:28 PM)ROCK SALT Wrote: My steam folder does not have anything except a folder called ''logs''
ok so I figured it out. I might post/edit some pics on this guide.
what do i extract rays hud file into to i dont think i got 2 files
[quote='ROCK SALT' pid='4179' dateline='1523597910']
[quote='ROCK SALT' pid='4123' dateline='1523201300']
My steam folder does not have anything except a folder called ''logs''

Go to your file manager and make sure your hidden *(folders named .filenamehere -as in there is a . at the start of the folders name) folders are showing, I believe you are looking at the wrong folder since steam is automatically installed in a . file if you are using commands from the official steam forum.

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