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Example Submission Thread
So, as an example, your thread should look something like this.

- The name of your submitted HUD should be put as the title!
- You can post a thread, even if your submission isn't completed. This is good for feedback. Once completed, edit your post and change the Thread Prefix to Completed

What you'll definitely need:
- An introduction to your HUD. Talk about it. What it uses, why it uses it!
- Screenshots. Show us what it looks like!
- Supported resolutions. 16:9, 4:3, etc.
- Once completed, a working download for your HUD. Check the Contest Rules about how to upload your HUD (Section 3).

Other useful things:
- An in-progress version of the HUD. Including a download for people to try out before it is completed is extremely good for feedback.
- Talk about your influences! What influenced you to make your HUD look like this? Another HUD? Another game? Something not game related at all?
- What about yourself? Who are you? Are you entering just to scrub the floor with everyone else? Because you're passionate about HUDs? Because you're bored and have nothing better to do?

So, check the post below on how your submission could look! You can make it look as eye catching or as boring as you like! Just make sure you add enough information to make your submission relevant.
Hey there friends, my name is omnibombulator. I create and edit HUDs as a hobby and I also get mad at video games.

This is my submission, exampleHUD! It uses Roboto as it's primary font and revolves around small boxes. It is fully supported in 16:9, and untested/unsupported in other resolutions.

[Image: kgicbxo.png]

You can view more screenshots here!

I'm looking for as much feedback as you're willing to give me! Here is a download if you wish to try out the HUD so far!

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