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Help With All Backgrounds And Characters
I'm picking up where this left off: .

I know how to do multiple things relating to creating huds, but i'm at a loss for a way to just remove some of the main menu characters and only have some enabled.

I'm hoping to be able to completely disable a majority of the characters.

I'm also gonna edit a few of the Backgrounds.

I hope to leave a majority of the characters in-tact, but yet still remove the majority of them through code instead of just making invisible characters.

Can i get some help with this? I'm willing to throw someone a few refined metal for the help.
I've been having the same problem, but I figured out what to do.
Just like when you edit the chapterbackgrounds.txt, you need to access the characterbackgrounds.txt file.
There, just remove the lines of code referencing other classes than these that you want.
It worked for me personally, i only left engineer sprites, and nothing else loads, so... yeah... It worked.

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