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Last Updated: 09-04-2019

HUD Information


A simplistic yet bold hud for TF2 made to cut out a lot of clutter included that of the stock hud. Comes with a range of various vivid colors associated with both low health as well as ammo to make important information easily accessible and noticeable.

The new rayshud installer is now available! Download it here:

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


* omp - For motivating me to start making my own hud, occasional reference, and inspiration.
* m0re - Inspiration, occasional reference.
* povohat - creator of PVHUD, inspiration, occasional reference.
* My team - For dealing with me and giving me constructive feedback all the time.
* Flame - If it weren't for your guide, I couldn't have made this at all. Thanks a million, man.
* clovervidia - For the updated closed captions. Check his Steam Guide on CC here.

Special Thanks

and YOU, for giving raysfire's HUD a shot. <3


Reuploading the fix for the Cerbetica fonts not being rendered properly for some users.

rayshud v2019.0406
- Added Clovervidia's Closed Captions
- Added Show Stock Weapons checkbox to the Backpack page
- Fixed the floating TargetID health not being visible as Spy/Medic
- Fixed the game coordinator notification message not displaying properly
- Fixed PDA/Disguise panels breaking when a controller is activate
- Fixed the Mann Co. Store item tooltips not displaying properly
- Fixed the Sapper Item Effect Meter in Mann vs. Machine
- Updated the Matchmaking Dashboard, Rank Panel, Replay, Trading, Item Selection, War Paint, Backpack, Player Stats, Workshop, Arena Mode, Capture the Flag, Tournament, Voting, Item Preview and Notification panels

rayshud Installer v2.2
- Fixed existing rayshud-master folders being deleted without warning. Now, if the directory exists it'll be made into a archive file ( and a message will pop up notifying the user.
- Fixed an SSL/TSL issue when downloading rayshud on Windows 7
- Improvements and bug fixes to the backend code
- Updated writer indexes to work the latest rayshud update
- Updated the colorpicker to display a simplified GUI by default
- Fixed the installer GUI being open when tf/custom directory has not been set

User Comments

Glad to see one of TF2's most iconic HUDs return. Thanks for all the hard work, dude.

I just want to say thank you Rays for updating this hud over the years for us users that didn't know how to configure a hud of our own!

Thank you CriticalFlaw for keeping this hud updated for us!

Boy, I'm glad to see this being updated again.


As a HUD Developer myself, it is fantastic and nostalgic to see a HUD I used as base to be finally updated!

I'm glad to see this fantastic hud again, but I found a little bug. When you aim a target the health displays on left side of the screen


eve hud master race


Why the scoreboard default 6v6
How to enable 16v16 scoreboard


nvm didn't saw the toggle at menu screen. Thanks for good HUD Smile


some weapons textures are broken (like shotgun's texture) fix it pls


nevermind i've fixed it


thx for fixing 4:3

I don't understand how to get minmode working so if any of you guys can help me on getting it, it would be appreciated.

I would like my HUD to look like how it looks in the photos but when i downloaded the HUD, it just changed the fonts and nothing else.

how do i get the welcome back

how to get that cursor

any way to get the welcome back text on the main menu?

where is my profile icon in the main menu?


could u fix the casual countdown for 10 9 and 8 the size is different from the shadow.

Anyone having trouble with minimode?

Idk if there's a place to report bugs, and I'm too lazy to look farther than this page, so I'm just going to say it here. When picking up spells, the spell icon doesn't show up on the hud. It's really bugging me, so please fix it as soon as possible, if you don't mind anyway. Thanks!

just want to mention the main menu doesnt change. its still Normal menu... is there anything i have to do or is it a problem with the hud?

Nevermind i fixed it

could you fix the casual countdown and medic charge not having a shadow

Would prefer if custom crosshair used fog's custom crosshair

I like this hud but it's keep crashing for me.

For some reason I can't see the hp for other players as spy. Help?

RaysHud doesn't load correctly. I made sure I got rid of my old hud, and I used RaysHud once before and it worked fine, but now it has both a mix of RaysHud and TF2's default hud. If there is any fix please let me know. Smile

Great hud, used it for many years. The only thing that I think is missing is that right now you can't customize your ping limit in casual. There's no button to do that in rayshud, but you can find it in default hud.

The README says there is a "minmode" folder but there is no folder named that in the download..

yea unfortunately all it did for me was change the font and background...


This is one of my favorite HUDs of all time. Though it doesn't work when you try to close the "news" panel on the classic main menu. Also, the HUD would look nicer with ZimHUD control point icons.


"the casual countdown for 10 9 and 8 the size is different from the shadow." is still not fixed

I noticed a smallish bug that may be a problem depending on the situation. When I am alive, I cannot see my teammates' health, though I can see the health of friendly buildings, and can see the health when spectating and while dead.

try clicking on the date on the main menu

The Hud is broken for me and I'm on windows.Plus before I for some reason deleted it and now it won't work.

pls make it mac compatable

Not a big deal, but the campaign coin/thing next to your rank is a little off when you try to click it.

When you try to click the notification icon, it is covered by the menu, I can send a screenshot of what I mean.

Maybe you can add transparent viewmodels with it?

Why is the preview war paints button in the items screen gone?

So im in 4:3 1280:1024 stretched and i can see the xp bar but not the badge. And the notifications appear between the Replay/Option tabs.

The new item notifications window and war paint have been fixed as of the latest version. please redownload

it's a bit broken for me, might be the resolution I use

how do i put the damage done over my health bar?

Can't see my hp or ammo? Any help?

Just awesome,thank you CriticalFlaw for your hardwork!

why did you remove the console button ?

Is there a way I could keep the default main menu?

i cant see the contracker

Si I just installed my first HUD ever and this is the one I went with. I love it-- but I can't figure out how to fix this problem. It appears that the Spy Disguise Hud Indicator (the white outline of a spy) isn't showing up. Is that because of the HUD? How do I fix this? This indicator is super helpful for me because it gives me a visual que as to when I'm fully disguised...

Here's that the indicator should look like-- instead it's not there at all

Disregard the above question.. I figured out how to enable it, which is nice. The new question is how can I scale down the spy outline graphic so that it's not so huge??

needs to be updated to remove jungle inferno menu characters

Can you bring back seeker's crosshair? Just randomly disappear from the hud entirely.

Do i can customize this hud?
And how?


The right half of the main menu's friends panel doesn't seem to work (i.e. can't "select" any friends to invite to your lobby)

that's been fixed

can someone tell me how to change this HUD's background pic and if i can remove main menu characters

Hey my Aussy Minigun is Silver

The hp of my teammates wont show up even if they my crosshair is over them sometimes. It is my favourite hud so I hope this will be fixed soon thanks

Oddly when I go into the inventory to change weapons; hovering over the weapon doesn't show the info "box"- just the text of the item with no background; clashing with the items under it-- its very obtrusive and hard to tell what you're even clicking on in your inventory. A screenshot is show below:

Hopefully its not too hard to fix; I love the hud Otherwise. :3

rayshud is straight up the total best! No clutter, plain design but very effective, and gameplay elements are much easier to see.

rayshud is overall really smooth and good looking but you really really need to fix the intel location ui for ctf maps please

Great , i repeat, GRREEEAATTTTTTTT.
but it is not working so well with the matchmaking update, it doesent show the level, or the hud it self. (28/03/2018 update)

When I'm playing medic.. My team mate hp that I'm healing show half of the hp cross.. Not full of it. Nonetheless, great work CriticalFlaw! (≧∇≦)/

I'm Playing Scout And I'm Chaging Slot Weapon On Evil Milk And I'm see Missing Texture On Evil Milk, Fix This Bug Please, But This Hud Nice.

Missing textures are an engine bug, not HUD related.

What about my comment ^^^? Sad

It doesn't work on my pc I installed following the guides i searched on youtube but nothing worked

sometimes dont appear the ammo and HP

Tried everything nut still cannot get the HUD to appear.

the hud is broken

for not showing custom background

and menu screen
p.s am using windows 10

ammo and health don't work , when i hit something i get fps drop... etc

Hey, I love this Hud. There is one thing, could you upload screenshots showing the customization options? I'm too lazy to try them out Smile

So, when I go into my game using this, there are still aspects of the default hud in my hud, like the red/blu boxes and the health cross. Help?

Why is there no workshop button on the main menu?

I have problem with the hud. So when i launch the game there is a white screen at the menu. I can see casual rank, gamemode selection and quit button. So i delete it. Can someone help me fix this?

Thanks for the sneaky fixes, I really appreciate it. <3

Call me stupid, but where could I find the adjustments for 4:3 screen ratio with this HUD.


4:3 files have been merged into the base rayshud, they're not required anymore

How do I make the loading bars of the objects have those letters?

update screenshots

thanks for madeing thish hud one of better huds

please can you add support of the czech language to the menu, thank you

This Is Probably One Of The Best HUDs On This Entire Site.
The Menus Are CLEAN, In Game HUD Is Not Filled With Unnecessary things, And The Font Is Quite Nice Too.
If You Are Looking For A TF2 HUD That Is Easy On The Eyes And Looks INCREDIBLY GOOD, RaysHUD Might Be The HUD For You!
My Final Rating: 9/10 - It's Not The Best HUD Ever, But It's Close.
I Am Looking Forward To Future Updates For RaysHUD And Will Test Them Out Whenever I Can.

Can someone tell me please if there is a easy to make the ammo and reserve ammo change from green/blue to just white? I've been using this hud before jungle inferno and thought that it might look better this way.

Would be nice if the player model is shown on the HUD was in its original position. The only reason this comment is being made is because I don't know how to edit the hud lmao

On mac I cant use thincircle, I go to text edit and i put a 1 on visible and the other one below it, but when i go on to tf2 and type hud_reloadscheme it doesn't work, anybody have a fix?

@[LMAO] Spy dies in infinity war
Quote: "On mac I cant use thincircle, I go to text edit and i put a 1 on visible and the other one below it, but when i go on to tf2 and type hud_reloadscheme it doesn't work, anybody have a fix?"

Mate, sorry, just go look in the HUD features under the HUD Information tab, Supported Operating Systems. What is Mac marked with? It's a red cross. THAT MEANS THAT THE HUD IS NOT SUPPORTED ON MAC. And in all honestly, apple products s*** a large d***!

And just because I'm a nice man, before editing the file, QUIT TF2! Edit, SAVE it, boot up TF2 again. Maybe that works then. But in all honestly, read the fucking information tab mate!

Need help with the hud, upon clicking "Find a game" overlay doesnt fully extend full screen - (an averagely sized margin at the bottom.)


Cerbetica and Cerbetica Bold aren't working. I've tried getting help from a lot of different places and even edited the hud files themselves. Nothing's worked. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it!

All the text is slightly lowered for me, and basically, it cuts off because it's too low, do I only have this problem or more people are having it?

The issue with the font has been corrected. Apologies for any inconvenience.

customizations dont work? i put them in the ui folder and nothing changes?

You have to remove the -broesel, -cross, -minimal etc. tags from the customization files when you copy them to the ui folder

do i have to delete the original or should i join it with the customization?

You can delete the original, the customization folder has a copy of them.

how to change health and ammo colors?

What are the files that determine the passtime hud elements?


I liked but how I can put a crosshair like Uncle Dane?

i love the old menu feature, but please please please add a console button on it

does it work with controller




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