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sel's hud

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Last Updated: 26-04-2020

HUD Information


A minimal HUD by sel.

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


creator: sel

Special Thanks



more fixes

User Comments

like it

thats it....

When I try to open the file it tells me that the archive is either in unknown format for is damaged.

Am I the only on having this issue?

nope i am too ^

I'm trying to fix it but in the mean time you can find a working link on my steam group.

Sel you dont have to fix it, it is due to not downlaoding the entire file. Either the net dropped or something but you need to redownload with a better net

Wait actually no, its the huds problem, im talking about a different issue, sorry guys]

Can you show more screenshots of this HUD?

There isn't much more to show. As it is the only major changes are the the menu and the in-game UI as that is what you see most often.

I love the hud,but I can't see players health number so I can heal them,when I play medic.I play on 4:3
Just a great hud all around,I realy love it

Thanks for the feedback. I'll try to get that fixed as soon as i can. Glad you like the hud.

No problem man,if you want I can try to help,can I add you on steam so we can talk

Hello how do i change the size of the kill feed?
it's a bit too big also the chat is pretty big it's covering my screen

Sel, how do you get your weapon lower like that, i thought it came with the HUD

In advanced options look for minimal viewmodels

Perfect HUD

Hey sels, How can i customize my crosshair? i've seen the crosshairs and i chose one, how can i use it? And btw really nice simplistic hud ty

Hi, if you go to scripts/hudlayout.res you should see a block titled "crosshairs". In there change the character next to "labeltext" to the character next to the crosshair in the image file.

Lovely hud but I wanted to ask if the scoreboard could be enlarged so player icons and casual/competitive badges would show on the score board

Hey Sel, how can I change the fonts? I would like to change them to Lobster, so if it's possible, that would be great.

I absolutely love this HUD. I spent a long time trying to find the right HUD but couldn’t. This HUD works well and looks amazing. My only request would be increase the size of the scoreboard, in my opinion it doesn’t show enough. But this is a very small problem otherwise the HUD is completely perfect!!!

Can you please update for Jungle Inferno?

hey there, thanks for updating the hud. one problem i found was that when you are playing koth the numbers a bit mixed up. its not really much of a problem but it is still annoying

Thanks for letting me know, this has been fixed in the latest version Smile

Sel, this is hud looking so great to me, but i have some problems with it. Can I make the scoreboard show all 12 people on my team? Can I make scoreboard a little bit broader? And the last - Can i make kill log little bit smaller?

This hud is really nice, but I really think the class selection screen and scoreboard needs tweaking, maybe It's just me that I don't like the class selection screen as well as the scoreboard.

it's not bad but you need to update some more the interface for more originality and enlarge the numbers

This looks great

This looks really great, I really liked the style but it feels unfinished on some part:
-The team selection screen is just the default one, hope you add it soon.
-The health and ammo looks really small IMO, hope you either add option or make it bigger.
-Might just be your taste, but I prefer the killfeed being the same size as the default one.
-When I used a shield, I don't see a bar for it so I can't tell when it's available.
-The loading screen only has the default picture.
Just my iffiness with the HUD, but overall I really loved it and hoped to see it better next time.


Why is there a little dot that surpasses my crosshair?

Overall 9.5/10, amazing hud, recommend it for small hud users.

and you should tweak the scoreboard/team selection.

and fix the little dot or option to remove it.

Hope you know what im talking about!


I don't see charge bar, can you fix it??

I like it! It's very simple and you can see more with the fonts small!

I have tried my very hardest to change all the fonts to "TF2Professor" but it will not have any of it :C Please anyone can help me? Perhaps i can send you the altered HUD and see what's wrong... I'm dying here!

i like the simplicity of the hud but the background and menu layout is fucking garbage and holding me back from using it, please do something about the menu Smile

The person above me is drinking a lot of soy sauce, anyways this hud is good and perfect for what I need so, 10/10 thanks Sêl

how to customize backround! so low pixel backround. the class picker is not my cup of tea but ill get used to it. its great because i like small numbers UI! and also anothe rproblem WHERE IS MY RANK. i see my xp and rank and stuff but i dont see the tf2 logo cricle with wingy stuff, you know what i mean! you level up you get a new image of it and you can click it and it makes noises. and the casual competitive thing near the name! is there a way to move it because its like covering my long name lol. overall its amazing but i want more freedom please

lmao the default hud is better

Mind letting me know your configs please? i can't find it anywhere and masterconfig messed up my tf2 .v.

hud works completely fine, no problems for me. just wondering how to disable the crosshair? i went into the files and tried to get rid of it but it just replaced it with an offcenter "u"
wondering if there's any way around that

also i love how close to the crosshair the health and ammo is




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