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TF2 HUD Updates for late October, 2016 - ScreamFortress 2016

Merasmus has been keeping the hud editors busy ingame from writing this post with contracts, but after finishing a bunch of them it is time to catch up with the changes that were made to the Team Fortress 2 hud files this ScreamFortress event.

Modified Files:

[Image: tIZ0IBe.png]
Buttons added to Casual Lobby Panel highlighted with new

Summary of changes
  • Tips button in Casual Lobby Frame
  • Restore & Save Map selection buttons in Casual Lobby Panel
  • Main menu changes for ScreamFortress backgrounds and items, removal of Pyro vs. Heavy
  • Contract panel button in questitempanel_base now selects map in Casual Map selection (mm_casual_open) instead of opening Quickplay
  • Removal of progress bar behind completed contracts total

Relevant commits to the TF2 source files
Enjoy the ScreamFortress event!

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