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Using git/github as downloader/updater

Most of the people who are going to use HUDs will download a ZIP from github and extract it. To update it, they're going to fetch another ZIP from github and extract the updated hud out of it.

That cycle could be heavily shortened by using the proper tooling now that the hudmakers widely accepted git+github as version control and hosting.

Using a git client would let you cut this process down to two simple steps: One fetch for the current repo into tf2/tf/custom will install it, and any updates can be fetched directly from the directory.

It's what I already do because I've been using git for a while and know about it, but I feel some tech-savvy people could learn about it through a guide and easily catch on.

I know git can be painful sometimes but the commands used are simple (git clone, git pull), the only problem I could see intervene would be trying to pull after modifications were done to a file (say, for customization purposes), that forces you to learn more commands (status, checkout, etc).

Anyways, that's how I use it, I feel it would be cool if more people were to use it, just an idea I had and wanted to throw out, and it seems just like the place to do it. I would write a quick guide about it, but I have no idea how git works on windows. Last I heard there's a good github GUI on it, that would help the process greatly.

Thanks for reading my rambling

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