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Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
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Custom Fonts
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HUD Crosshairs
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Credits to The Riet/Rezulux for originally making the HUD, and giving me rights to keep this HUD updated.


quick fix for the blue moon update

User Comments

There is still allot of stuff needs to be updated

well if you know about things i need to fix please inform me i would love to fix them.

When you receive an item it will show a notification button but when i click on that notification button it doesnt open up i clicked it 10 times and it wont work and you missed the heavy vs pyro button, and it needs support for hud crosshairs, and the stream button when i click it the whole panel is black these are the bugs that i found so far il tell u if there is any bugs

Ok. The first one i've fixed but hasn't updated the hud files, the second one i can add that's not a problem. Although those are easy, i don't understand why my hud NEEDS support for hud crosshair. If you're going of the listings on this page, they simply asked if this hud uses custom crosshair. Since it doesn't i answered no therefor it's not listed as supported. The last one i don't understand because it isn't black for me. Therefor i don't know how to fix that. Thanks for the feedback though, i appreciate it. Smile

Hey man, I found a bug. This thing at the top pops up only when using this hud. - I have switched back and forth between default and this hud, but it keeps showing up. It also will not let me press any of my number keys to switch weapons, or pick disguises. My Steam ID is /id/atycari - If you could add me to let me know a fix or something that would be great, because I most likely wont check back here. Just here to report it.

me: Ohhh new hud i want to try that *Downloading hud then put on custom* *then start tf2* and joins server* me why.. my game Freezed!!!!

i have the same bug as deity... does somebody know how to fix it?

MrFrozenFreak just go in the hud resource/ui/ItemQuickSwitch.res then you find the "enabled" under "ItemQuickSwitchPanel" and change it from "1" to "0" and it should disappear Smile

Cate i don't really know what causes that, because you're the only one who has had this problem. I have updated the hud now for some small bugs, so it may be fixed now Tongue

thanks for helping Smile

Nice hud - would it be possible to add a modification so that the chat box is in the top left corner rather than the bottom left?

There you go (min norske broder Tongue) the option of chat placement is now in the updated HUD file Smile

uhm the Notifcation one doesnt work D: !!!!

hey @svoshdeman can you make 4:3 it makes high fps please Big Grin

1. which notifications? is it ingame or only main menu
2. i guess i could make a 4:3 but i don't know if it will happen in the nearest future, since school is starting again
3. tagging doesn't work here, if you want quick answers either send me a private message or go to the steam group of the HUD Smile

1. main menu notification diddin work on me last time while in july or june i guess that got fixed while you saw the bug notification wont work while you clicking and now after it works now
2. first then you are playing don even active the mini hud it will break on screen
3. and make sure you got the time making 4:3 version ok done

This is great, good job man

Thanks man, i appreciate the feedback Smile

uh ok the problem I have is that I cant change the loadout or the weapons in game and it takes 10 mins to change the loadout,other than that great work?I would like if you could look into the matter...I really like this hud and I don't want to use another one

I don't think that's a problem with the HUD, i think that's more on the connection between you and the steam inventory server. But if it isn't your connection please check with other HUDs to make sure it's my HUD causing the problems. I unfortunately can't give any better advice since you're the only one i've heard of having this problem.

Can you update the HUD to work with September 27th updates? (Rematch, XP notifications etc.)

The HUD is now updated Smile

i have the same problem as --deityッ. some help please?

just do as i commented under deity, i can't really do anything about it because there are so few cases. Therefor i can't find the reason, unfortunately.

I am wondering why I will see the game server ABCD that thing? Really blocking me.

if you could elaborate then i can hopefully help you, but from your comment i can't understand the problem you're experiencing.

Somehow when i click on the find a game buttom nothing happens at all
Pls man this is is so sexy and oyu fixed the majority of stuff but that needs to get fixed Wink

i'm sorry but i don't know how to help you, i don't experience this bug at all. All i can recommend is to google if anyone else is experiencing this, because i believe it's not the HUD that is bugging out.

Still waiting for 16:10 resolution...

Nice hud.Keep update

i'll try Smile

Latest Smissmas update broke map selections in casual.

can you update the dang hud?

updated Smile

Can you make the recharge font smaller? EX. the mad milk jar? it goes out the bar

i kinda like it that way, but if more people would like me to make the font fit the bar i'll make it


you can put a check on the linux version, it works with linux

i would love to say that it works with linux but i have neither the equipment nor proof to back up that statement with, pluss i can not guarantee that it will work with linux in all gamemodes.

for some reason the loadout screen is at the top of my screen in game i need help

I've updated the hud now, please download the hud again and see if you still have the problem.

Whenever I download it, it doesn't look like a zipped file but looks like the internet explorer symbol and when i try to open it, a window pops up asking me to open or save the file. I press open and nothing happens and save just makes a copy of it.
(im on windows

you should try opening the file with winrar.

Could you make the medic's ubercharge % number the same green as the bar when "Fully Charged" so you can read it in the 70% and up? And if you want, you can change the number back to white when "Fully Charged," you don't need to. I'm A Medic main that Off-Classes Engie, so if you put this in then I'll probably keep this hud. also the "Team Fortress 2" is cut off at "ss 2":
And I couldn't get a screenshot, but when I join a map the name of the map overlaps with: "LOADING". My screen resolution is 1600 x 900 if that matters.

made the changes just like you wanted, and the 100% being cut off. also fixed the teamfortress 2 being cut off, but unfortunately since i wasn't able to duplicate your experience with the loading overlapping i'm not able to fix it.

Hey, there's this bug that occurs whenever I use the bow for Sniper. There's another meter called "Bomb" which is above the bow meter. It perfectly matches up the meter fill-up for the bow.

bug is now fixed (kinda). There is no longer 2 bars atleast.

Thanks dude!

How do you make the tr_walkway and the tr_arena button work?

you have to have the right versions of the maps downloaded, the right version of tr_walkway is: tr_walkway_fix and the right version of tr_arena is tr_arena_rc1

where's the file that makes the tr_walkway button work? I want to have it open the tr_walkway_rc2 version. I already have notepad++ and am competent with it so I just need to know what to change.

Or can I just rename the map file?

renaming the map file doesn't work. It breaks the map.

the file containing the tr_walkway button is named gamemenu and is found in the resource folder i believe. To change the map you simply switch out the tr_walkway_fix behind "command" to your desired map.

The update broke the hud. and with the update I think the hud needs a new home menu. Could you fix?

i can fix it yes, but i haven't had the motivation to play tf2 lately. I will probably release a quick fix in the near future and then fix the hud as time goes by. But for now don't expect anything to happen to the hud in any fast pace.

When do you think you'll release an update? Also I tried the Jungle Inferno quick fix on the HUD, and it broke the ConTracker, Medigun bar, and the "You have recieved a new item!" screen.

Why, is it a .exe file?

There shouldn't be any exe files in this hud. I believe you've done something wrong if the hud file is exe.

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