Overwatch HUD

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TF2 HUD based off of Overwatch



There is a version of my HUD where you can have the health/ammo closer to the center of your crosshair. It is enabled by typing "cl_hud_minmode 1" into the console.

HUD is not compatible with 4:3 resolutions and Mac. I won't be adding support for these two any time soon, sorry.

HUD Features

Operating Systems Supported?




Mann Vs. Machine
Capture the Flag
Payload Race
Control Points
King of the Hill
Special Delivery
Player Destruction
Territorial Control
Robot Destruction


Custom Fonts
Custom Menus
Extra Scoreboards
HUD Crosshairs
Minmode Toggle
Custom Materials
Easy Customization


- jarateking - letting me use his centered targetids
- blizzard (obviously lol) - creating overwatch and making a really nicely designed interface
- rawrsor & nokk - helped out with answering some of the questions i had while making this hud
- humahuma & sentrionic - helped out with references and providing screenshots of certain elements


July 10
- Release
July 11
- Fixed symbol fonts appearing as letters and numbers
- Fixed the promo codes button showing up
- Fixed the KotH timer in Matchmaking to not show the frames of timers
- Fixed the team select background cutting off (thanks omnibombulator)
- Fixed the flare when selecting something on the menu showing up above the text (thank you omnibombulator, once again)
- Fixed not being able to use the alert button
- Moved build/destroy/disguise menus so they don't clip with the CTF elements
- Changed zpos of the ingame menu buttons so they're actually pressable
- Added ping to the scoreboard
- New CTF hud elements
- Fixed the matchmaking tournament HUD being jumbled up in readymode
- Fixed elements saying "if_matchetitive" instead of just "if_match" (caused by a shitty cut/replace job)
- Made the class model bigger in the class selection (thank you omnibombulator)
July 12
- Added overrides for 4:3, 5:4, fixes the tournament HUD and spectator tournament HUD getting cut off
- Added overrides for DirectX 8 users. Fixes the white ingame main menu backgrounds and class selection backgrounds.
- Fixed the medic charge meter and charge label's animations being swapped
- Made hitmarker symmetrical
- Re-aligned the freezecam so you can see it in different resolutions
- Re-aligned medic charge meter so it's the same position as the ammo
- Changed around the TargetID so it's compatible with more resolutions. Old one had too many bugs.
- 5:4 and 4:3 overrides for tournament panel fixes
- Added overheal colours in spectator tournament
July 14
- Added the map selection animations
- Fixed the casual menu for the map selection list
- Slightly adjusted freezecam position
July 19
- Fixed the crafting button
- Added low ammo animations
- Fixed the demoman sticky background showing up with a shield
- Made the colour of "EventColor" (dropping a med etc) to be orange instead of pink
Sept 17
- Made "eventcolor" (med drop, pyro extinguish display etc) orange instead of the original purple
- Edited payload and control point icons to be able to be used in valve servers, so you don't have to suffer the ugly stretched payload icons anymore :)
Dec 26
- Removed 4:3/5:4 support. Ridicule me all you want, but I see no reason why I should have to edit a file over 3 times every single time I make a change to the original file. 16:10 support is staying, but 4:3 is never going to happen. Use the older version of the HUD if you really want to use it in 4:3 resolution.
- Changed dx8 overrides to just override the blurfact VTF so I don't have to update multiple files every time I edit the HUD
- Adjusted a bunch of menus and changed the background
- Added a training and create server button. I don't know why so many people want this, but here you guys go.
- Added new animations/buttons from Scream Fortress '16 (I'm quite behind, I know)
- Added the Find a Game menu
- Added "create server" and "training" buttons
- Added class numbers for the disguise menu
- Changed loadout tabs to reflect the ones in Overwatch currently
- Added a bronze level border around the player, made it actually overlap the bottom half of the player model
- Adjusted scoreboard a little bit, changed the opacity of VS
- Adjusted colour of the timer

Oct 2 2017
- Fixed health animations not disappearing after death

User Comments

Nice! I was hoping that someone would make a hud of Overwatch!

cool and nice can you add a random button i play on thisld servers alot and they seem only let you join humans by random thanks

are you kidding me tf2 is not overwatch ffs :c

nimtra, thank you.

The text ing the loading screen and in the death cam is glitching, also when changing class the background is white and so you can't really se the number of players using each class.

Can you provide a screenshot?


Oh my god, this is incredible! You're a truly talented HUD creator.

the HUD looks great but i don't know if it's just me who is getting this problem but the health doesn't show when i look at a teammate and there is a bar that blocks things when in spectator.

This is a great hud. Now TF2 have Overwatch H.U.D but Overwatch people can't have our H.U.D

Your TargetIDs won't show up unless you have this command set to 1:
"tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health 1"

I can tell a lot of work was put into this hud and it definitely shows, it's very nice, though it's not very practical. Because most elements are plain white with clear light backgrounds on many panels, depending on your resolution and brightness settings many things can be hard to see at first glaces.

oh thanks nimtra


I can't install it D:


You should make a Windows 98 themed HUD.
Cause it's fucking genius.

things i noticed that may need to be added/fixed
- Ping values in scoreboard not showing (regardless of settings in Adv. Options)
- Advanced options button (Am i blind?)
- Might be my side, but the icons in loadout are instead numbers and letters, but only for the Crafting, Backpack, Trading, and Item catalog

__ otherwise it is a great aesthetically pleasing HUD 8/10

im sry for my comment after trying the hud out its pretty good and i like it Smile can you make the scout picture when you play as genjy or samething?

hey the hud is awesome but can you make an option to make the playermodel sideways so you can more clearly see what the player is holding. it helps for spies who want to know

i like the hud make the health and the ammo thingy bigger and add the capping thingy so we know are we capping or not really just need some tweak and fix and the hud is good

If your loadout screen's symbols are showing up as numbers & letters, go to the HUD folder > resource > fonts and install the fonts.

I thought this was just a fun hud that was made only for fun and daily use, but it's surprisingly good.

I have a problem where I install the files but the screen doesn't look like anything that's in the screen shots, also the 'create party' button is out of place, the backgrounds are a lot different and so is the main menu. Someone please help me get this amazing hud working please! Smile

i've been waiting for this omg!!

can you add the mac version please?



I'm lovin' it!

I used it for a couple of hours, but the lack of the "edit loadout" button in class selection makes it unusable for me.

@Java that is most likely because of using DirectX 8 on TF2. Whenever I used this hud I had the same issue.

now i can actually play poor mans overwatch

My biggest problem with this HUD is that I cannot even see my Health or Ammo counters ingame. Any known fixes? I have no other custom files, just the overwatch hud master file inside my custom folder.

@shaedlr just press E in class select. lmao

@security camera i accidentally broke something. redownload and it should be fixed. my bad

yo my screen goes black when i join a new server or win a game

Yeah, you need direct x9. thanks for pointing it out kjin

9/10 best hud

so.. Beautiful!

I appear to be having a problem when using this hud and connecting to servers that pop up the motd adds or the like, in the situation that it disables the "forward"/continue button in order for me to be able to pass the motd and start playing, is there by chance a way that you could add back a button to the bottom of page to pass by this screen? otherwise the hud seems to work great, and i can use it on other servers just fine, it just doesn't work on servers that force the motd to open with sourcemod or the like.

Disabling html motds doesn't bypass the issue either.

download the latest version of my hud. you're running an older version that doesn't have that fixed.


Amazing HUD, to be perfect just to make the text red of life and armor when is ending! =D

Two words: Hell. Yes.

For another version, I think the health and all of the essential information should be closer to the middle, I hate having to dart my eyes far left to check my hp. Otherwise, great hud

Can't wait for the update for the latest patch. Also, the I'm using it on linux and it works great! The only bugs I'm having are the same ones I'm getting on windows. Great Hud too.

you are a genius

itd be better if your uber charged up like the overwatch ulti's

Well there is a bug inn which i cant see my spy disguses so anyone know if that just me or an everyone problem i think its just me :/

Hey, I can't help but notice that you have this marked as only windows compatible. I would like to note that I am running ubuntu 14.04, and this hud works perfectly without any emulation in the slightest. All I had to do was install the fonts like normal, and drag the hud into my custom folder. You may want to update this page to let linux users know that this is in fact linux compatible (its also probably mac compatible, as almost every hud that is windows compatible is in fact linux and mac compatible. Honestly, not even sure why this site has those as options to set on the hud owner's page...)

I Love this Hund <3 u <3

Hey nimtra, I love your HUD, but I have a couple of problems with it. Right now, the spy disguises aren't quite showing correctly (always fixable) but I really had a bigger problem with how small the health and character are in the corners of the screen. It was a strain to look and I was dying quite a bit just because I couldn't easily see my health (I'm also a dumbass). Also, once in a while the red border when receiving damage glitches and stays on after respawn or in just random moments. I love the artistic style, and this definitely is similar to Overwatch, but maybe once these changes are made it will be a complete 10/10 Smile

you forgot 2 do da item catolog, i saw what you wrote der.

Make a mac version?

Looks great, but do you mind fixing the options button? For some reason I can't click on options or advanced options.

Actually, I found out a way to, but it would also be nice if you made it so that when you hover over an ally, it shows the percentage of health (like the way TF2 does with the plus sign)

its actually a pretty good HUD XD

Looks pretty good. Is there anyway I can add the overheal and hurt overlay on my other hud?

You seriously need to fix the MVM Hud/Scoreboard

True about that

Can't craft?

I love the idea of Animated Character Backgrounds! I know it would take a lot of work, but a lot of people would appreciate it, Also the scoreboard in MVM is all over the place in 16:9
Also could health bars be a thing? Or some customizability like toonhud has? I know im asking for a lot here, i just thought you could improve a lot on an already AMAZING hud, it seems as you have put a lot of time and effort (which you probably have) Thanks!

Very cool hud but here some thing I noticed with my computer (Mac Book Air)
- Most of the fonts example the main menu are kinda cut, so its basically half of the letters
- Some of the Icons like the payload lines in payload race are kinda merged together so thats also really annoying

Other Stuff:
My resolution is 16:9 , 1366x768
The fonts I am talking about are the overwatch ones the rest are fine
Overall good HUD and I look forward to your next creation

Awesome, well designed hud! It only has a little bug. The craft button not work, please fix this! Smile

Another thing some of the fonts are out of place like when you are loading maps

and some icons are not working (control points on payload)

Most of the UOI arnt working too

here are some major problems you might want to fix :
UI not working on both payload and CP in Casual/Comp:
Spy disguise UI not working:
Craft button not working forcing players to turn hud off whenever they want to craft:

inb4 all screenshots were taken in 16:9 resolution

I could care less about the MVM stuff, I'll be honest. I don't play that gamemode enough. I will definitely clean it up and edit it in the future but right now I really don't plan on it.

THERE IS A CENTERED VERSION for the health/ammo numbers. Turning on minimal mode (cl_hud_minmode 1) in console will turn this on.

@Disturbingly Fuzzy Waffles
i have never tested this hud on linux before, but I will definitely mark it as compatible with linux now. thank you.

unfortunately mac seems to render fonts differently than windows/linux does, so as a result it fucks up most of the fonts i used in this hud. (see emma's screenshot)

animated backgrounds will make the HUD filesize fucking huge. i don't want to do it since the hud (when extracted) is already around 50 megabytes. i also have ZERO experience with animating things, and i'm sure it would turn into a disaster. tf2 huds are only capable of so many things, and i'm sure there's a filesize of how big the vtf can be before it breaks.

for the health bar, i will be making a version with the health bar within the next week or so. the creator of medhud/mannterface has created one for me to use in the hud. I just need to tweak it and actually add it to the hud. it should be up soon though

turn on minimal mode to see the health and ammo closer to the center of your screen. hud_reloadscheme will fix the red border showing up every once in a while, that's a tf2 issue that i cannot fix for now.

are you running on a mac? IIRC mac doesn't render fonts the same way as windows does, which makes the font fuck up.

i fixed the crafting button. custom control point and payload icons will not work in valve servers or sv_pure 1 servers (same with servers running TFTrue)

custom control point and payload icons will not work in sv_pure 1 (basically valve servers and TFTrue servers)

spy disguise UI isn't supposed to show the classes. my thinking there is that if you know how to install a hud, you should know the order of classes, especially when the class order is shown in the loadout menu and the class selection menu. however, the "disguising as blue/red team" text should be there and doesn't seem to be showing up for whatever reason.

i fixed the crafting button in the newest update.

Yeah when I first downloaded the HUD the supported stuff didnt show up so i didnt really care but it should be fine thx btw!

Are you thinking of making the HUD capable of running on mac cause almost everything are fine just in a wrong place and whatnot

Can you add the training button?

no can you add the "Make a Server" button

i don't own a mac. no i won't be

@this guy

@nimtra that sounds awesome! some things i'd like to see in the new update is: Bots menu? And some way to remove the console thing in the top left, or maybe you could just tell me what code-lines to delete

Would it be possible if the medi-gun could charge up like the Overwatch's ultimate like Pyne has said? It'd be pretty cool, y'know.

Also pls implement the bot training option back in.

Yoo the items menu that nobody looks at isn't edited to full extent. Yes i'm calling you out lol

you have literally put cancer into tf2

@doctor crimson Hey if people want Overwatch HUDs in tf2 let them

i appear to be having a problem, the huds half on, the font is different as well as the text chat colors are different the items screen is sota different but everything else stays the same help?

Bugs currently:
- Training Option has been removed.
- The spotlight item's background & text is glitched.
- The Demoman's charge meter is not cleaned well. (The charge meter doesn't fit well with the sticky bomb's HUD, perhaps he can move the counter up or charge meter down.)
Benefits currently:
+ It is a good minimalistic HUD (like Overwatch).
+ You will love the HUD for being so clean. (perhaps nimtra can add a clean version of this hud)
+ Overwatch Hype My Dude.
Downgrades currently:
- No animations. (nimtra has stated that he can't animate well and it will make the file super huge, which maybe is a HUGE downgrade for you.)
- Still a work in progress and things are still not refined/smooth enough.

update it for mac

Can you please add a random team button, most of the servers i play are a bit glitchy and need you to click random team.

It's beautiful but the random button is missing

Also, another downgrade:
- It doesn't work on Mac due to the problems of rendering text.

nimtra pls make bug list/update list
- The spotlight item in Mann Co. Store is currently glitched, most likely to not having a a background indented yet.
- There is no random button for the HUD yet, but looking at the problems referred above; might as well add numbers (hotkeys to class select) to the classes.
- No training option, but most likely no one will ever touch that button.
- Demoman's charge meter interferes with the sticky bomb counter.
- Rendering problems with text on Mac. (nimtra still has not decided what to do about this current situation. Speculation, most likely he may replace the fonts for Mac.)

How do i make a server for me self i can´t find the button where is it?

@Mr.Pyromania Open the console if you dont know how to open the console i'd recommend you to watch a tutorial how to open console type this in the console *map <any map>

Is there a way that this could have a larger amount of people on the scoreboard? 12 v 12 is kinda hard when you can't even see your entire team. lol

@GEWOON_IEMAND I asked the same question the answer was that the creator did not have a mac so its hard to make the HUD on a windows then implement it into a mac

@Misery Ikr lol

@Misery There is, you just have to scroll down the scoreboard to do so.

It's cool! 8/8 m8

I do have some complaints, though. First of all, the font color in the server browser is too light and you can barely see the words in the game box. Second, the class menu uses the low resolution early game build models to represent classes, which is strange. Lastly, if playing as spy, the disguise menu is completely removed and could be a hindrance. Other than that, this is one of the best HUDs I've ever seen. Good job.

@Asian Good tips

Bugs (updated 24/7/16):
- The text shadows for the names while looking at players are glitched. (They are off to the right.)
- The spotlight item in Mann Co. Store is currently glitched, most likely to not having a a background made yet.
- There is no random class selection button for the HUD. (possibly make "numbers" for the classes to situate hotkeys to class select.)
- No training option.
- Demoman's charge meter interferes with the sticky bomb counter, but only when the player plays normal demoman (with stickybomb launcher), then plays demoknight.
- Rendering problems with text on Mac. (nimtra still has not decided what to do about this current situation. Speculation, most likely he may replace the fonts for Mac.)

Bugs (updated 24/7/16, again):
- The text shadows for the names while looking at players are glitched. (They are off to the right.)
- The spotlight item in Mann Co. Store is currently glitched, most likely to not having a a background made yet.
- There is no random class selection button for the HUD. (possibly make "numbers" for the classes to situate hotkeys to class select.)
- No training option.
- Demoman's charge meter interferes with the sticky bomb counter, but only when the player plays normal demoman (with stickybomb launcher), then plays demoknight.
- Engineer's Pomson meter interferes with the metal counter.
- Rendering problems with text on Mac. (nimtra still has not decided what to do about this current situation. Speculation, most likely he may replace the fonts for Mac.)

I really like this HUD for two reasons! One being that whole "TF2 = OW" joke and how compact alot of the elements are.

My only complaints would be the overlay when healed (the heal symbols are distracting) and the chat appearing so sharp it stabs my eyes (probably small text shadows).

great hud over all but i cant create my own server .

Rip tr_walkway_c2

I have a problem with the hud , the start up with SUIJIN on it works but when it loads , the main menu is normal , i made sure i uninstalled all my other huds but the menu still looks like classic TF2.

Can't see what power up i have on mannpower mode

can't see what i have toggled on in advanced options

can't see what i have toggled on in advanced options

Someone add the 2!

how can i get rid of winning screen?

Bugs (updated 30/7/16):
- The text shadows for the names while looking at players are glitched. (They are off to the right.)
- The spotlight item in Mann Co. Store is currently glitched, most likely to not having a a background made yet.
- There is no random class selection button for the HUD. (possibly make "numbers" for the classes to situate hotkeys to class select.)
- No training option.
- Demoman's charge meter interferes with the sticky bomb counter, but only when the player plays normal demoman (with stickybomb launcher), then plays demoknight.
- Engineer's Pomson meter interferes with the metal counter.
- Still no indicators for buffs and debuffs (Mad Milk, Bleeding, Jarate debuffs, Mannpower, and Banner buffs.)
- Rendering problems with text on Mac. (nimtra still has not decided what to do about this current situation. Speculation, most likely he may replace the fonts for Mac.)

@MrMunchkins The TF team has apparently removed the "create server" button, and an alternative for now is to use the console. (map tr_walkway_rc2)

Thank you Ana_ I was looking for the training option... pls add it ;(

@Vizor go into the overwatchhud-master/resource/ui and delete "winpanel.res" from the folder

- The TargetID is meant to be used with ""tf_hud_target_id_disable_floating_health" set to 1.
- I am not going to be editing the Mann Co. Store panels. I will leave them as stock because it's a menu that I never use.
- Just press R.
- Nobody is going to use this feature.
- Fixed already. Re-download the HUD and it should be fixed.
- I will get to fixing the Pomson meter soon, currently I am busy with other things
- I'll be fixing that up soon.
- For the font issues on Mac, I won't be providing any support for Mac unless somebody can give me a computer with OSX on it. (Which won't be happening any time soon)

@nimtra Thanks for the reply!

haw i can play with bots or lunch my own server
HELP pls

Love the Hud! Only issue ive been getting is that the ending casual leaderboard wouldnt load in so i was forced to exit out and lose all my xp. Besides that really solid hud!

i love the hud, but i have a problem, i cant read anything in the main and loadout menu, the words are like '' sc... sold... pyro demom... hea... and the shadows and effects in the main menu are not in the correct position, can someone help me?

Can we get a scoreboard that shows more than 9 people? lol

This hud is great! But..... it needs to be on MAC!!!!!

Dunno how to instal it, I don't get effect as on screenshots, can someone help me?

Just put the whole ''overwatchud-master'' folder in: Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom

i like this HUD over all, but my buttons "opions", "advanced options" and especially "exit game" button dont work !!!! using 64 bit win 7 ...any help pls ????

I can't open it as archive...

there's a bug where the spy disguise kit does not show,so that means I have to memorize witch class is what number

I know this thing keeps poppin' up, but could you please port this to the Mac OS? It looks amazing, so everyone, including Mac users, deserve a little piece of this awesome pie.

I cant craft stuff using this HUD :/

Is there a way to remove the health and damage graphics that pop up on the hud? I find the red damage streaks and health symbols distracting. Also, what about training and making your own custom server?

Is there any way to extract the hitmarker out of this HUD?

Anyway you could add in the training feature?

any way this could be for mac?

Training Option:
"- Nobody is going to use this feature."
Mac Issues:
"- For the font issues on Mac, I won't be providing any support for Mac unless somebody can give me a computer with OSX on it. (Which won't be happening any time soon)"
quoted by nimtra

That's a fantastic HUD! A crosshair to use with the hit marker would be good with it

How to play single player on this HUD???

Who ever created this hud should be permamently banned from here - go be ow f*g somewhere else. This is tf2 website !


can you change up the the spy up? the spytron seems different

I have downloaded your HUD, but the results I got differed from your screenshots you had took.

add create a server plz

I love how You deleted my comment - what are you afraid of ?!

Could you add the "create server" button to the menu please?

Is there a way to extract hitmarkers, or where the hitmarker file is?

Could you make it compatible to mac?

I've been through the entire folder of the hud like a hell hound looking for a prey but no luck in finding the hitmarker file(s). Anyone know?

Could you add the "Create Server" button?

Otherwise great hud!

Training Option issue:
"- Nobody is going to use this feature."
Spytron issue:
Nimtra expects you to know the classes for the HUD, don't be lazy, memorise the numbers for each class.
Random Classes issue:
"Just press R"
Mac Issues:
"- For the font issues on Mac, I won't be providing any support for Mac unless somebody can give me a computer with OSX on it. (Which won't be happening any time soon)"
quoted by nimtra
Create Server issue:
map <map_name> in console.

- Engineer's Pomson meter interferes with the metal counter.
- Still no indicators for buffs and debuffs (Mad Milk, Bleeding, Jarate debuffs, Mannpower, and Banner buffs.)
- No HDR, filters appear as the checkered error/missing texture overlay. (Could be me.)
- Vaccinator's HUD is broken.

Other gamemodes issues:
- The Halloween Bumper Car HUD is broken. (I don't think this hud will fix it anytime soon.)
- MVM Scoreboard HUD is also broken. (I don't think this hud will fix it anytime soon either.)

just reply when you are going to fix the bugs or gamemodes issues.

Just wondering any way to make it further from your crosshair?

Honestly, there are not much huds for macs. And if you could make this hud for the mac, I would eternally be grateful because 1. None of the huds that are for mac are updated for the last major update 2. theres literally 5 mac huds. 3. i really like the text on overwatch and It would look fucking great on tf2 especially on mac. Pls Nimtra, Make it Happen!

It is a very nice hud... despite you removed create server and training button... Pls update this hud and add them! 8/10

Some things wouldn't load, like the payload's and the capture point's progress. Other than that, best HUD I've ever seen, 10/10

The Catalog and Spy Disguise menus are not fully edited (With the Spy, you can't tell who you are disguising as unless you have the number keys memorized)

why i can't click option, quit game, avd. option ?

It's nice and all.. But there are things that should be there
The Create Server button
Training button
Still nice, 6/10 Please fix these if you can.

Good , but , who are the '' training '' option?

Come on Mods, everyone is asking for a training option!

i'm not adding a training option, and i'm not making it mac compatible ever since i do not have access to one.

this HUD is missing so much but its a good HUD

Great hud only thing i would change is a create a server button and training

if this hud isn't overwatch hud is will be THE BEST HUD EVER

Hey i need help fixing the HUD i cannot see my disguise options.

Help, Cant vote match quality at the end. Sad

Wheres the Training and Create a server ?!?!!

update pls

Great HUD. Textures, background, everything. However, I cannot locate the create server option. Do you know where I can find it?

This is the most unique HUD ever. I just wish it came with hit and kill sounds, along with Overwatch-styled TF2 menu music. That, and I want the lack of a Spy Disguise HUD to be an option. I love the tactical advantage it gives me.

where the fuck are the updates?

Can you please add training mode?

Will this ever be made mac compatible?

I love this! It makes you feel like playing Overwatch but you're really playing TF2! (I don't have Overwatch, so the people who don't have Overwatch should download this HUD if they have TF2.) But anyways, nice work! Also, i used to have mkhud for a few months and it has started to get old for me, so i decided to get an Overwatch HUD like this one. Thank you! :3

Can i use this hud on 4:3 resolution?Pls answer me.

hey, i got a suggestion, make the engineers on the thumbnail for casual have gibuses and pyrovision
or atleast an option to make that happen

Great hud, really like it
Two suggestions:
1. make the newly added bronze medal reflect the players colour level in casual/comp
2. make transparent viewmodels (optional or default, I don't really mind)

other than that great HUD keep up the good work

@Rudolphllux no.

I give this hud a 10/10. It's very well done and very similar to the one in Overwatch. There is a small issue with it though. Everytime after spawning on death, there is a chance that the hitpoints number will remain red and the red fade on low health will show. It'd be much appreciated if you could fix this problem. Thanks, and awesome hud!

1) That's not possible. You can do a lot with HUDs but this is not one of the things I am able to do.
2) I'll eventually add it if there's enough demand

The health numbers and the red fade will sometimes do that. As far as I know there is no way to fix that, that's one of TF2's numerous bugs. The only way to fix it temporarily is typing "hud_reloadscheme" in the console. Your game will freeze for a couple seconds, but the health should be back to normal.

This is a great hud, but it doesn't work "fully" for me.
When I try to use the hotkeys for going back for example, it doesn't work.
Or the chat box is the default one but lime green which is a pain in my eyes.
The loading screen and such don't show up like in the screenshot and more.
Am I stupid or does this not work for me?

Overall pretty nice job. I'd rate 9/10. I made some changes here and there to make the hud more personal (changed the backgrounds, class icons etc.)

Ok some changes that needs to be done with this HUD.

1. Don't make the game selections take up the entire screen. This makes it difficult to view the main menu screen for when you want to mute or report players, or disconnect from a server because you have to press Back to see the damn menu.

2. Don't blur the end game screen so much and have the Scoreboard HUD appear instead of having to press TAB to bring it up, make it so you can TAB once and it brings it up at the end game and make it disappear when pressed again.

3. if you're going to include a custom crosshair that's like the one from Overwatch, you should probably think about adding something that will turn off the default in-game one.

4. Again with the end game screen, when the team loses it goes black, this is related to issue #2.

Hello, i am a chinese,i am happy to see you make this hud and i like it very much, when i see you updated,
damn, so good! but i add this hud before you updated this hud (when you send this hud here first time ) , and i try to add this new to my tf2, ( i didn t delete that older beta ) now it doesn t work, when i geting tf2, it still
old beta, ( i cant see create srever ) can you tell me how to fix ? (i am sorry, my english is not good )

OMFG this hud is awesome!!!Finally creat server come back!

- ̗̀ᴀʟᴋᴀʀɪs ̖́-

1. No
2. I'll leave it just how it is. If you don't like the blur you can completely disable it by going to the overwatch hud folder and opening up "dx8-overrides". Merge the materials folder with the materials folder in the original hud folder.

Having the scoreboard appear when a team wins is not possible.

3. Are you smart? "crosshair 0" in console.
4. The screen is supposed to dim, it shouldn't be going pitch black. Is that what's happening?

maybe you can add the overwatch explode thingy it looks better, like when it explode it shows the animation, pls do that C:

There 's no [] See stock weapons only button. Is this just a bug for me, or something that wasn't made yet?

This hud is a meme. I strongly advise using it for anything more than that.


1. this just annoying then if you're gonna keep it like that.
2. Don't get smart mouthed with me, I didn't know there's a command to hide the in-game crosshair.
3. This is what's happening yes. It just black screen at the end of a losing round, and joining a new game at the class selection screen.

Very nice hud

i like your efort

I like it but what I find annoying is that every time in in spectating mode and I got the main screen there's no shop and I really would like to look at the new taunts and stuff like that.

Nice hud.Keep update it

Can u update it cuz when I'm in-game and when I go to the menu there no button to buy stuff cuz normally go in the tf2 store to look at the stuff I can buy.

How can I turn on the health bar?

Is there a health bar option? I would really like that, because it fits with the Overwatch aesthetic (and quite frankly something that is missing from TF2). If you could make the health bar work and look like it does in Overwatch, it'd be probably one of the best HUDs out there.

this is i pretty good hud, i like it c:

Hey, can you please add a 32-Player scoreboard as a custom option? That would be great!

wow great hud but i really wish that the class choosing wass really looked like in overwatch

hey its me again nvm the class choosing but pls the kill feed make it look like overwatch

I have a problem every time the sentry shoots there are red crosses flying everywhere can help, please.

The, half will not I put in the custom folder of tf2 there I enter tf2 and hud does not appear and help me please!

how do i remove the badge thing behind the character on the bottom right hand side of the screen? i just wanna see my character, the badge is just distracting.
is there a way for me to remove some files, that is blurring the screen when the round ends?
i love your hud but i want to adjust it to the way i want it.


Please add a 4:3 aspect ratio version PLEASE

tengo un problema y es que la interfaz se ve grande, y se ve todo cortado pero lo demas bien si alguien pudiera arreglar mi problema

Hey why isnt it showing a Compressed Folder?

Hi @nimtra, i like the suijin background ( latest version) how i can download ????? Pls help me i love the suijin background!


make 4:3 version pls


why is there no training mode?

PlEs Pr0Vid3 ScRRen Sh0Otz Of Tf2

Can you please update the HUD? It doesnt work anymore :/

hud will b updated by end of this week

jungle infenro fucked it up

You should update this HUD to be compatible with the Jungle Inferno Update. Please!


The hud is really consistent, convenient and good looking. The thing you shall improve imho is the background quality. And please, update it :c


Please update this hud

I have a problem:
I download this hud i extract it and it says file is corrupted i re-download it and the same message popped up
help me!

HELP! i download the file extract it in custom, open up tf2. i see the OW hud loading screen, then when the game finished loading, i get the regular TF2 hud
thank you in advance


If you like the look of this HUD, feel free to try it by downloading it. Just click the download button below!

Download (8.31 MB)  

Last Updated: 10-03-2017

If you're unsure how to install a HUD, check out our installation guide to help you through it.


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