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Improved default HUD

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Last Updated: 29-03-2018

HUD Information


This is not a HUD in its usual meaning, but some fixes for standard Team fortress 2 UI, adding HP numbers on target IDs, small Übercharge value label near the crosshair, popular custom crosshairs, etc. — see screenshots for more info. I do it for myself, but maybe someone will find it useful too.

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


Omnibombulator for this excellent site, community

Special Thanks

To all Improved default HUD users


v 3.9 (March 29, 2018)
– Updated to support recent TF2 updates.

v 3.8.1 (October 22, 2017)
– Various "under the hood" fixes.

v 3.8 (October 21, 2017)
– Updated to support The Jungle Inferno Update.

v 3.7.1 (January 31, 2017)
– Updated to support recent TF2 updates;
– Added Australian-loved "seeker" crosshair;
– Updated Server control panel for ETF2L Season 26 maps support;
– Various "under the hood" fixes.

v 3.7 (December 22, 2016)
– Updated to support recent TF2 update;
– Various "under the hood" fixes.

v 3.6 (October 22, 2016)
– Updated to support recent TF2 updates;
– Fixed Bazaar Bargain head counter doesn't show in minmode;
– Fixed FPS drops in some situations when Hit Indicator is enabled (by the Wiethoofd method);
– Various "under the hood" fixes.

v 3.5 (September 28, 2016)
– Updated to support recent TF2 updates;
– Added full model control ability in the Loadout — see screenshot. It allows you to zoom, rotate, change model and spotlight positions;
– Fixed Demo UI button not showing when Server Control Panel disabled;
– Updated Server Control Panel to support ETF2L Season 25 maps;
– Various "under the hood" fixes.

v 3.4.1 (August 6, 2016)
– Fixed respawn timer in competitive mode;
– Fixed Dead Ringer "Feign" counter being overlapped by Diamondback "Crits" counter — see screenshot.

v 3.4 (August 2, 2016)
– Finally supported basefiles system, it should make HUD more easily customizable and unbreakable to the next Valve updates. Read the updated FAQ for more info;
– Checking the enemy uber is much easier now — see screenshot;
– Various "under the hood" fixes.

v 3.3.1 (July 15, 2016)
– Updated to support recent TF2 update;
– Now uses a manifest file for animations.

v 3.3 (July 9, 2016)
– Updated to support The Meet Your Match Update;
– Slightly changed the MainMenu layout: Control Panel enabled, Control Panel disabled.

User Comments

I just installed it but it seems that the crosshairs don't work. I just have a huge "b" in the middle of my screen.

Hey, PhilTheHeadset!

Please, install fonts from idhud-master\resource\fonts\ folder into your OS (right click on font file → install)

does this hud have the "on the bright side" messages enabled? thanks!

my pastas be expensive,

Like the default one.

what happened to full 3d rotation in the loadout viewer?

Visions of Beyond,

Loadout in default HUD supports the X-axis rotation only, I did not change it.

The HUD is placed on top of the regular HUD


Can you make a screenshot?

It doesnt show my kill streak, and the counter for how long till you spawn is covered by the UI on top, pls fix


Where exactly it isn't shown? On TargetID or near health in the lower left corner? As for the covered spawn timer, I'll fix it soon.

IS there meant to be a Kill streak counter somewhere on the screen because if so I dont see it anywhere, but apart from that this HUD is great.
I would just like the killstreak counter fixed


Do you have any killstreak weapon? Because killstreak counter only shown if you have one.

Oh no I do not have a killstreak weapon, but could you please add a killstreak counter then?
I also noticed that when I was using the diamondback with the Dead Ringer they overlapped eachother so the "Crits" was over the "Feign" counter so that is something you could fix, thanks for your time to clear things up for me

Quick Question:
How do I get the killsteak counter in the bottom corner of the health like in the first picture and not in that big box because I do not like it like that


Go to the Advanced Settings and check "Enable Minimal HUD". You also can open the in-game console, type "cl_hud_minmode 1" and press Enter.


1. Killstreak counter will automatically become visible when you use the killstreak weapon.
2. I'll see what I can do.

The vaccinator resistance select does not show up in the hud at the moment for me

I will change some things, but It´s really nice. I´m main Spy and works nice, and for medic to. Keep it up ^^

How do I toggle minmode?


"cl_hud_minmode 1" in to console.

hey, can you fix an issue where it doesnt show the number of heads that you have using the bazaar bargain (in minmode)

While playing with this HUD in MVM I got massive FPS-drops. These drops only occur when medic's shield hits an enemy.

I really like this hud but the game lags when I'm damaging with pyro. Any suggestions? (does not happen with default hud)

This hud plummets my FPS when damaging with a pyro flamethrower too though with these last few updates it made it totally broken, drops to 10fps or lower. I disabled damage number and sound ticks but it didn't fix it sadly

I tried another hud and noticed it was smooth as butter when dealing flamethrower damage.

This needs a fix OP


I'll fix it soon, thanks for the report

Riverrick, Baro, Frosted Syrup,

Looks like Valve broke damage events. Try to disable it — open "\custom\idhud-master\scripts\hudanimations_manifest.txt" and comment the line #15 (add "//" symbols before), then save the changes and restart Team Fortress 2.

Commented line must looks like:
// "file" "scripts/hudanimations_tf - hit indicator.txt"

this hud is ded

Hey eniere dont forget to keep update the hud

I love this hud, I never liked to personalize my game's, but this is nice, very detailed. But can I suggest something?, You could highlight the Heals more with green color? Sometimes I don't know if I'm healing or hurting because I play with music.

Sorry for my very limited English, thanks for this Hud.


I'm not sure that I understood you right. If you want to change damage/heal numbers, you can do it easily just by editing the \idhud\resource\ui\huddamageaccount.res file. Open it and change "PositiveColor" (healing) and "NegativeColor" (damaging) values to another colors in RGBA format.

For example, you can use next values:
"PositiveColor"       "20 255 20 255"     // Stronger green color for heal numbers
"NegativeColor"     "255 20 20 255"     // Contrast red color for damage numbers

Note. All of the above is valid only for numbers that appear near the target. If you mean the numbers in the lower left corner, the color is there will always be the same for the heal and for the damage both.

I've been wondering if the demo playback and server control panel could be moved, or if there could be one version with the control panel and one without. Either way, thank you for reading and for making this great hud.


Unfortunately it isn't possible to make these panels moveable. But you can easily disable the panel. Follow the link: — and just do the opposite. It should be disabled by default, but sometimes I forget to do it :-)

Thank you very much! And, thank you again for such a punctual reply.

how come i cant see last damage dealt on top of my health??

Nooby | |,

hud_combattext 1

I like it except for one single detail: I can't see health % of my Team Mates. As a Medic Main, it is nice to be able to quickly see what the percentage of my heal Target is. In this HUD however, I can't see that well. I mean when I heal someone, there is a white cross behind the number, but it doesn't show how percentage well. It just basically shows "This class has a lot of health or a not a lot of health." As a result I have to pay closer attention to how much health the target has and what I'm healing (the latter being harder if I'm trying to heal someone who is basically overlapped with someone else. So this is just me, but I suggest adding the picture that the default HUD back, or maybe add a health% to the side of the health number. Other than that though, as I said, I like the HUD.

It looks like the same TF2 default hud which is fine but it would be better if you put the health near the center of the screen so players don't have to look to the bottom left.

I cannot install this hud on my macOS.


What exactly is your problem with that?

I did everything according to instructions but hud did not load

I'm download HUD using Safari which download as extracted files. Fix this after downloading HUD as archive using Chrome and extract HUD files to the "custom" folder.
Eniere, thanks for the help!


You're welcome!

Is there a way to remove the clutter and move the ammo and health?

This hud creates lag with the damage text, FPS Drops, when I get high damage or score multiple hits really quickly.
i.e. sticky detonating and playing pyro/engineer

I dont know if its my computer or the hud but in the man-co store the last strange map filters on the latest 3 halloween maps are that purple and black chess board.

Amazing HUD tho!

≡ ⌐ ⌐ □ ⌐,

You need to open original \scripts\hudlayout.res file (you can get it by GFCScape) and change HudPlayerClass and HudAmmoWeapons "wide" and "tall" parameters to "f0" and "480". Now you can go to \resource\ui\, find same named files and change it positions on screen as you want. Some of these files not included in my HUD, so you need to change original files. It gonna be hard if you never edited HUDs before. Check this guide first:

Nice M3M3 Dave,

Do you use custom hitmarker?


It looks normal for me. Try to verify game files (it may fix missing textures problems):
Steam > Library > Right click on "Team Fortress 2" > Local files > Verify integrity of game files…

It doesn't show mvm loot. Please fix this problem as I play mvm regularly.

I think i might have found a fix for the lag with hitnumbers.

Hitmarkers in custom huds causing fps drops
Custom huds available here on might offer hitmarkers and have flashing crosshairs when dealing damage, blinking and fading damage numbers or other implementations of the event DamagedPlayer animation.

Damaging to a lot of players/bots in a short timeframe or dealing a lot of (small) damage instances to the same target (pyro flames/mvm medic shield) can cause severe frame drops, as each damage instance will trigger the animation event, causing them to stack and thus make you drop frames. After thorough analysis by sigsegv (recommended read) and being pointed in the right direction, Wiethoofd did some testing with StopAnimation and StopEvent animation triggers and figured out the correct way to have damage hitmarkers without causing massive frame drops because of the damage event stacking, without having to comment out existing code to disable the animation.

Renaming the old DamagedPlayer animation to (for instance) HitMarker and calling the renamed event from the DamagedPlayer event instead, should prevent the game from stacking the animations and not cause frames to drop. Adding an additional StopEvent just before calling (another) instance of the same animation event should make sure there are no duplicate/stacking events causing any issues. Just make sure to start another event shortly after stopping it with StopEvent.

Simplified example of old hitmarker event possibly causing fps drops:
event DamagedPlayer { // Blinks Crosshair for 1/10th of a second red and reset to white
Animate Crosshair FgColor Red Linear 0.0 0.1
Animate Crosshair FgColor White Linear 0.1 0.1

Animation sequence without StopEvent:
// Start 'hitmarker animation'
event DamagedPlayer {
RunEvent HitMarker 0.0
event HitMarker { // Blink Crosshair for 1/10th of a second red and reset to white
Animate Crosshair FgColor Red Linear 0.0 0.1
Animate Crosshair FgColor White Linear 0.1 0.1
Improved animation sequences with StopEvent (optional but recommended):
// Stop any 'hitmarker animation events' before starting another
event DamagedPlayer {
StopEvent HitMarker 0.0
RunEvent HitMarker 0.01
event HitMarker { // Blink Crosshair for 1/10th of a second red and reset to white
Animate Crosshair FgColor Red Linear 0.0 0.1
Animate Crosshair FgColor White Linear 0.1 0.1
Use the aforementioned code as examples to fix existing DamagedPlayer animations events (while moving animations to use the hudanimations_manifest.txt setup).

I really like this HUD, it;s one of my favourites. But I only have one issue, everytime I play Pyro and W+M1 someone the game dips to fps like 16 when I regulary have 60. I have no issue like this when I'm using any other HUD. So I am now asking for you to fix the issue in the future, thanks.

I'm a person who's really into the original hud, so THIS hud is the best thing ever for me!

Is it possible to enable transparent viewmodels on this hud?


I really like this hud but when I have a killstreak weapon active, it has the box around it instead of it being text. Is this a new change?


Oh wait i found a solution by reading the comments, my bad! (Just go to the Advanced settings and check "Enable Minimal HUD").

Question. How do you use the Custom Crosshairs?

is there anyway to get the uber under the crosshair onto a different hud?

Can you update the HUD to be compatible with the Jungle Inferno Update please?

How do I change the damage number colors?

Thanks for updating the HUD! Lets me not have to get a different one, heh.

Yay! The mod was updated!

I wish the big annoying disguise animation got removed

Don't know if this is just for me but sometimes the hud breaks in the following ways:
1. Text box is lowered randomly and it cover the health and player model in the bottom left.
2. Can no longer see health of allies.
Don't know the cause of this it just seems to occur randomly but hopefully this could get sorted out.

Hi. Sorry to be a bother, but I'm finding that sometimes the HUD's lower right corner sometimes disappears, making me unable to see things like ammo, clip size, Ubercharge, shield meters, and etc. I was wondering what you can suggest for me to try to fix this?

@Moow58 Thats just TF2 being buggy. Type hud_reloadscheme into the console when it does or bind something to it.

Hello, I've been getting used to the default HUD, so I wanted to try out this HUD. However, when I load the game, the main menu becomes all white and buggy-like.

All I did was move the mainmenuoverride.res from the "basefiles" folder into the main ui folder. I've even tried removing it, but then the game wouldn't load to the main menu.

Is there any way to remove the Spy disguise fade in/out animation?

updated for blue moon?

Can you make a version where the objective elements (cap points, cart progress, etc.) scale while using min mode? Thats's one of favorite features of the default hud. If you don't want to I understand.

Hey its like Serious Martin HUD but when i use it. it just like deafult hud nothing changed. someone help me

Might be a dumb question, but how do you access the "new" crosshairs that are included with this HUD? (The so-called popular ones). Thanks!

are you ever going to update this again?

How to remove the second Ubercharge bar?




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