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Query support
It'd be neato if you all could add support for querying the site for application purposes.
So someone could request and it'd send all of the huds on the site with all information about them like project link, description, name, things like that in json format. Example of one hud, yayahud:
 "name": "yayahud",
 "description": "yayahud is the next generation of yahud and takyahud, keeping with the original guidelines without just being a carbon copy updated just for compatibility.",
 "lastupdated": "07-02-2016",
 "download": "",
 "changelog": "No Changelog has been submitted.",
 "developer": "yttrium",
 "developer_steam": "",
 "developer_private_message": "",
 "developer_twitter": "",
 "developer_paypal": "",
 "external_repository": "",
 "external_site": "",
 "screenshots": "",
 "steam_group": "",
 "special_thanks": "bluee for being awesome, doodles for his reference list, rays for providing good gun mettle changelogs, hypnotize for keeping it updated for the matchmaking beta, mana for the tf2basehud repo which is invaluable",
 "credits": "whayay for yahud, takram for takyahud",
 "rating": 5,
 "downloads": 314,
 "views": 1920,
 "gamemodes": {
   "Tournament": true,
   "Competitive": true,
   "Mann Vs. Machine": true,
   "Capture the Flag": true,
   "Payload": true,
   "Payload Race": true,
   "Control Points": true,
   "Attack/Defend": true,
   "King of the Hill": true,
   "Domination": true,
   "Special Delivery": true,
   "Arena": true,
   "Player Destruction": true,
   "Mannpower": true,
   "Territorial Control": true,
   "Passtime": true,
   "Robot Destruction": true,
   "Halloween": true
 "misc": {
   "Custom Fonts": true,
   "Custom Menus": true,
   "Extra Scoreboards": true,
   "HUD Crosshairs": true,
   "Minmode Toggle": false,
   "Custom Materials": true,
   "Easy Customization": true
 "OS": {
   "Windows": true,
   "Mac": false,
   "Linux": true
 "Resolutions": {
   "16:9": true,
   "16:10": true,
   "4:3": true,
   "5:3": false

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