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HUD Donations! Send donations to your favorite HUD developers.
I've made quite a few changes to the site today, which were posted on Twitter (you should follow that). One that wasn't mentioned was being able to donate to HUD developers for their HUD contributions, because I wanted to make a bigger post about it.

If you've ever thought "Dude, I love this HUD. I wish I could give something back to the Developer for putting time into it", then you're in luck. If that luck is you paying real life money to a real life person. If you've never thought that, fair enough. I guess.

If the HUD developer has enabled it, users can now donate to them via the Donate to Paypal button, which you can find on the More Information tab on any of their HUD submissions. Users have the ability to donate as little as they wish, as to not force a fixed rate. Donations can only be done by Paypal currently, but TF2 item donations may come in the future.

The nice thing about this is that doesn't take any kind of commission for these donations. All the money (minus Paypal fees) goes towards the HUD Developer directly. doesn't see a penny of your donations. Unless you donate to any HUD that I've submitted. There's no way to avoid that.

Developers: you can enable Paypal donations by going to your HUD page, clicking the Update/Edit HUD button and filling out the appropriate form fields. However, is not responsible for any chargebacks that may happen through donations, and are not responsible for any issues you may have through yourself, the donator, and/or Paypal.

This may not be a permanent feature, however. We'll just have to see how well received it is and the feedback we get.


EDIT: Donating to a HUD Developer directly does not give you a special status on, as donations don't go through us at all. Thought I'd clear that up now rather than get more questions about it.

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