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Magnum HUD [BETA]

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Last Updated: 08-07-2016

HUD Information


Highly experimental hud that does things no one else thought possible.
Made to supply added functionality, be intuitive to use, and look decent too.

Beta currently, to get things out in the open but some things still need work on.
Requires dx9 and resolutions are hit or miss (1366x768 works for sure, other resolutions may not and are a work in progress).
Font used is a modified Open Sans primarily.

HUD Features

Operating System Supported?
Resolutions Supported?
Miscellaneous Supported?
Custom Fonts  
Custom Menus  
Extra Scoreboards  
HUD Crosshairs  
Minmode Toggle  
Custom Materials  
Easy Customization  
Gamemodes Supported?
Capture the Flag  
Control Points  
King of the Hill  
Mann Vs. Machine  
Payload Race  
Player Destruction  
Robot Destruction  
Special Delivery  
Territorial Control  


J_ͣ_ͬ_ͣ_ͭ_ͤ King

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Made by JarateKing

Special Thanks

Thanks to: devamar, Quartz, Sir Villeta, wiethoofd, knuckles, clovervidia, kermit, qualx, omni, joshuawn, stochast1c, rawrsor, face2face, thesupremecommander, matt from medhud, whayay
For anything from design tips, to some materials, to some neat technique, to being cool


1.0.4 - speedfixing fixed for MYM
1.0.3 - more resolutions mostly
1.0.2 - 1920x1080 support + fixes
1.0.1 - font hotfix
1.0.0 - beta release

User Comments

best hud ever

I really love the concept on this hud, but as soon as i loaded in the numbers for my ammo and health were very distorted, like there were 3 different numbers overlapping.


best hud ever

gorgeous hud. make sure you guys install the fonts

The issue with needing to install the fonts should be all solved now, sorry about that guys. If you're experiencing the issue now you should redownload.

this huds installation is new I've never seen it before (tell me how to install someone help meeeee)

seb4astian: unzip the zip into your custom folder, so that you have the _MagnumHUD-master folder (not zip) directly inside /tf/custom/

On 1600x900 resolution ammo font is cutted in the left sight, and weapons with no secondary ammos are REALLY cutted, almost everything is broken in terms of health and ammo, but menu is perfect.

Anti-virus sees a virus in the zip file, procced with caution

Marchallmo: that'd be either hlextract.exe or fart.exe it's picking up, which are both for _update.bat to update files. They're legit, but you don't need to use them if you feel uneasy about it.
Cubekol: I'm going to guess I didn't really fully fix fonts, though they're working on my end. I'll look into it.

Damn. If only you made it simpler...


besides font issues, the chat needs to be more as it covers things up for engie and spy. Also chat also covers achievement tracker. This can be fix by off setting the chat, or engine and spys status for builds and the achievement tracker. Besides bugs I like what you did with the time and how the stopwatch empties as time passes and I also how you did medic's uber. Captions also seem to be broken as I only seen one so far. On switch maps the twitch menu gets shown so that's another bug. Console prints these on map switch KeyValues Error: LoadFromBuffer: missing { in file resource/UI/..\..\cfg\magnumhud.txt
D . Their is also no win panel. Also I like how parts of the hud are team color. Also it would be nice if you added the other scoreboard stats in. Class select seems to bug out on ctf/mannpower maps(on map load), all I see is the class select and a black screen and passtime hud is broken. Comp rank list is broken. console shows part of main menu when its open. There's no taunt menu. Other then that nice hud.


Thanks for all the work Rexen, though I should clarify a few things:
Captions work fine for me, I don't know what the issue'd be there. What's being printed to console is not a problem, it's a side-effect of something that's entirely intended. Console is supposed to be transparent, but I'm planning on turning that into a customization. Past that, that'll be a good reference post for todos.

After the update it's really better, but there are still some bugs
I made an album of screenshots :

Love it!

Ah I fix the cc issue. Turns out I had it set the wrong option

Also you might want to add cc for calling spy and medic

u should reduce size of killfeed rest is fine

My English isn't very well, please don't care my grammar mistake. Well, after I download this hud , it is wonderful but I cannot see the ammo, the place that is should be ammo change to English letter 'b'.Also, when I select map, the arrow bottow '←'and '→' change to '?' sign.Please tell me what wrong with my computer,are people these symptoms appear or only one?

Please, I seem to have a problem revving Heavyweapon's Minigun. It glitches out, or bullets are shot with a 1 second delay, please do fix. PLEASE! I REALLY LOVE THIS HUD!

Can you add option to disable motion blur?

Heretic: unfortunately motion blur is needed for refracts to work. The strength of it should be set to 0 though, so it's visually not there, and should only be a tiny hit to fps.
really now?: idk that doesn't sound like anything a hud could cause
Mr.Cow: the 'b' should hopefully be fixed. I'll look into the arrows issue.

is it possible to make the hud color only blue?

aka Not team colored and stuck to blue

I really like this HUD, especially the point that you put boxes around health/ammo/über (after using Hudas I ALWAYS have to have boxes around those things). But I don't think it will replace my modified version of mkHUD.....

amazing and groundbreaking hud!

There Is A Error.
How Can I Fix This?

As much as I love the HUD one thing I don't like is the main menu i'm sorry if I sound negative but only in my opinion I really don't like menus that are in the middle of the screen, but not my decision and its okay if you ignore me I just wanted to get that out there :3

Red01: that was added as an option in customization
☠dash[TH]☠: If you're using dx8, you need to be using dx9. It sucks that refracts need dx9, and what you're seeing there is a refract material, but it's just too useful as a hud dev for me to not use them.
Okay: I'm thinking of making an alternative main menu as a customization option, but I'm still working on the design. I can't give any guarantees for when it'll be out.

@J_ͣ_ͬ_ͣ_ͭ_ͤ King . How do u get the Health to change to 2 different colours when low? Please tell me or add me on steam. Thanks :) Actually can u add me I think I could get some great advice from you :)

I love the look of it but at the moment the bugs make it unusable. Also is there a way to make the kill feed smaller and inconspicuous.

Jarate king I was sorry kind of i accidently killed my mind like i shot it out

Will there be future support for dx8, as well as 16:10 resolution? I might just be dumb regarding the resolution issue, but I'm mainly going off of the HUD page where it states that 16:10 resolution is not supported.
Great HUD though. Love the design. The exact thing I've been looking for.

Sorry! Didn't notice the resolution folder within the zip.

Greetings. I absolutely love your HUD - everything from the color scheme to the Ubercharge meter, but I was wondering: is there a 'call vote' or 'mute player' option available? And if so, where can I find it? Mic spam can be a considerably bothersome issue without it...

This HUD is amazing, aside from a few issues.

The transparent lines between ammo and health counters ( - the missing textures) let you see through the viewmodel, and it's really jarring.
The kill feed is waaay too big for my taste, and if kills happen quickly, can cover a quarter of the screen. Possibly add an option to make it smaller?
Also, not sure if this is on my end or not, but the competetive/casual matchmaking screen is broken completely.

Oh, nevermind about the MYM, my HUD was barely out of date. Thanks!

Is there an alternative main menu? I like every aspect of this HUD except for the main menu though.

This is one of the bests HUDs that I have seen.
I just wanted to report this bug with the uber indicator
The check mark appears before the uber is ready and there is a white rectangle inside the ubermeter.
I agree with the comments about making the killfeed smaller and with the engie building icons overlaping with the chat.
Beside of that, thanks for this amazing HUD.

I'm using it at 1080p with the 1080p override, btw.

I'm also having some issues, including the one which Sam described. They mostly involve the bottom indicators being weirdly centered, having odd borders, or odd transparency.

dude, hats off man, i havn't seen a hud with an auto-update. truly this hud is amazing so muhc creativity, thought and meeting what everyone wants; so good job man. i do have 1 problem tho navigating the main menu is hard i cant read stuff and i really have to look for what i need.

How about minmode HUD style?

Please make it compatible with 1280x720

1440x900 support pls?

Can you change some of the fonts? I seem to have a hard time seeing them

I found another issue too, there seems to be a bug with the squares that tell your health and ammo

Repeated crashing and broken names, fix please?

This is propably the most beautiful hud I ever saw - but can't use it bc it's kinda broken.

**All loading icons (like ubercharge and life) are wonky - even after changing resolution files
**And lack for support for 1280x720
**News and Hevi vs Pyro are broken too
**Beside K:D:A ratio there absolutely lack of rest of information (like healed point, domination etc)
**Can't make voting, mute, report - those buttons simply don't exist
**Even tho the minimalistic main menu looks great - It would be nice to be reminded that I still am playing tf2. Mayby put at least logo or something there ?

9/10 Gonna wait for update <3

K: D: A*

I really love this HUD it's defiantly my favorite. The only thing is that the killfeed is quite large. Most of the time it's fine but sometimes it can take up the whole screen and it really annoying-

Updates coming anytime soon?

When i shoot somebody it freeze my game for like 0.5 seconds

It reminds me of the now outdated Hudas Iscariote

hey, I think that the hud is great but when I attack someone it starts to lag my game for a brief moment ( please respond and fix) <3

Lags when I hit someone, this is the most beautiful hud I've ever seen and I really wanna use it.

1366x768 is the only resolution I can get to work fully, my native makes it bugged out and it doesn't really render well.

I recommend to move the chat lower because it overlaps with the engineer buildings.. :/ So I can't play as engie. )': Pleaze fix

And when I taunt the bottom left isn't transparent.I think it's a bug

to fix the lag, just go to the hit event and comment out the code, and for resolutions just change it in the hud folder.

if u dont know wheres the hit event well its called DamagedPlayer. its in the scripts/hudanimations_magnum
and u search for it there then u delete that part of the note u save it and done

This Hud always lags me when i shoot someone. I've even removed it and the lag was gone. I fell in love with it as soon as i saw but that lag though

Also, the ubercharge meter is always off when in the single digits and it will crash regardless when the server changes maps

For some reason I get a massive split-second framerate drop whenever I shoot someone

I absolutely LOVE this HUD, but for some reason whenever I shoot someone it'll give me a huge framerate drop and it goes back to normal. There's another guy called "The Jest Invest" who said he has the same problem. Please help fix this because I really want to keep this awesome HUD!

Whenever you deal damage there's a frame drop. I don't have any custom hit sounds that could be causing this and turning off damage text and/or hit sounds dosent fix it.

This is a great HUD. The "beta" aspects of the HUD definitely show, I think most of the issues were addressed my Nexen, but I would definitely use this HUD in a finished state.

My game always freezes for a split-second everytime I hit someone. Does someone have the same issue?

Pls, add 1280x720 resolution(((

Hi dude, cool HUD i like it too much, but when i shoot or hit someone it lags (frozen screen) and i dont like that, pls fix, and i'll reinstall it

Anybody else unable to see their taunts? that is a big problem here
If you'd fix this, I'd rate perfect

Beautiful HUD, the best I've ever seen. Is there ANY way for it to work in DX level 81? I really want to use this, but my config won't allow it.

Crowed, Bad Start up menu. Please fix or make a separate spaces

I love that hud but it's making lags .

so can you use minmode or not i would really like to know

It Doesnt ;-; work king ;-;

oh it requires Dx9 ;-;

can u make one for Dx10 Plz King :3

doesnt work at all

it hasn't been updated for a while


J_ͣ_ͬ_ͣ_ͭ_ͤ King


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